Sign ups end for MSI Dragon Battle #8 - 150 teams join the fray

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After a little break the MSI Dragon Battle is back to offer the rising stars of the European scene an occasion to challenge the big guns. Whether it was the ressurgence of Alliance or the strength of Mineski, last wek we witnessed what is possible in the Fall Major regional qualifiers for a team refusing to give in, and you and your friends may relish this opportunity to play against established teams in the playoffs. Update: Sign-ups have now closed.

For those unfamiliar with the MSI Dragon Battle it is a 3-day competition, with the first two days reserved for an open qualifier to determine the 4 teams to progress to the main event. These four teams will then join four directly invited teams which will be announced on the 23rd October just ahead of the playoffs with a 2,000 EUR prize pool for the top 2 teams up for grabs. The tournament is to be played on European servers but is not restricted to only European teams, so anyone and everyone is welcome to sign-up for the qualifiers via the link below.

Sign-up your team for MSI Dragon Battle *Sign-ups have ended*

Day 1-2 (Open Qualifier) - 21st and 22nd October
Day 1, 18:15 - Round 1
Day 1, 19:30 - Round 2
Day 1, 20:45 - Round 3
Day 1, 22:00 - Round 4 (if more than 256 teams sign up)
Day 2, 18:00 - Round of 32
Day 2, 19:15 - Round of 16
Day 2, 20:30 - Round of 8

Day 3 (Playoffs) - 23rd October
18:00 CEST – Quarterfinals
19:00 CEST - Semi Final 1
20:00 CEST - Semi Final 2
21:00 CEST - Grand Final (Bo3)

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