Arteezy's comments on stream about Kuroky trigger heavy community debate

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Over the last couple of days, the twittersphere has been rife with speculation over the reason behind the departure of Arteezy from Team Secret, after the Canadian indirectly placed the blame on de Kuro S. 'KuroKy' Takhasomi for his decision. The comments made on stream started a chain reaction, with several other players wading in to contribute their insights, leaving the future of Team Secret very uncertain.
Team Secret's line-up during TI5

In the wake of the incredible decision by Team EG to release ca Kurtis 'Aui_2000' Ling, the fires burned strongly on both Twitter and Reddit thanks to the fuel from Arteezy stream transcripts. The Canadian, who was announced to be making a return to Team EG after leaving suddenly at the end of last year to join Team Secret, admitted on his stream that it was an "enormous mistake" to leave EG in the first place.

Arteezy then went onto thank all of his team-mates with the exception of Kuroky, the player at which Arteezy directed the brunt of his frustration. "I could have tried harder to bring out the best in S4 and tried to ignore my hate for Kuro. I could have done more, but I blew the fuck up. And I fucked up and I may have contributed to the loss at TI. But shit happens and you learn from it."

He went on to say that he was not the only one unhappy about Kuroky within the team but that: "the public perception of me - a cocky, teenager kid - and the public perception of Kuroky as a humble dude, super nice guy, whatever he is. Logically, it's very easy to see where everyone's coming from when they pick a side. That's why it doesn't matter for Real Talk because you've already made up your mind."

Arteezy admitted the "finger pointing" looked "pretty bad" but was not as serious as it looked

The comments triggered a response from Kuroky, who admitted that he did not play well in the team's last two games which made Arteezy frustrated, and that he can understand that he is a young and emotional teenager who needed to vent his frustration after TI. However Kuroky hoped that Arteezy could reflect on the whole situation in a few months and comprehend that you win as a team and you lose as a team claiming that Arteezy with all his anger was looking for a scapegoat.

With the stage now set for all-out drama war, the community delved deeper into the friction between the two players, with many public figures left lost for words at the chaos that ensued. se Ludwig 'zai' Wåhlberg also decided to give his two cents on why Reddit is toxic when it comes to these kind of topics due the lack of moderation, which he believes can lead to misinformation spreading exponentially.

"What I’m trying to say is that there are no quality controls for information and news that finds its way to Reddit and there is a lack of objective reporting on situations because there is a substantial lack of facts, because most discussions have no interest or regard for facts as they are purely speculation and theorizing."

The /r/dota2 mods tried to lighten the mood with this little addition

According to Zai people using Reddit should be aware that "users upvote whichever post they deem reasonable, and user A who just recently formed his opinion based off player A’s post now has 600 upvotes and has the most visible post next to the player on the subject." Opinins are influenced by upvotes on Reddit probably stronger that they are influenced just by facts.

The Swede avoided discussing the Kuroky vs Arteezy saga, but did close by saying: "Arteezy is not from what I’ve read and seen, wrong on any of the matters he’s touched on. All in all, the things I’ve seen him write or talk about are not false, nor are they heavily biased but they are mostly true. Much of Kuro’s statement is misleading and only serves to shift the blame away from him." Arteezy's blind honesty was also back by the coach of Team Secret, ca Theeban '1437 / Rose' Siva.

Regardless of who is to blame in this scenario, which most likely will never be clear, Team Secret are now down to 3 players following the return of Arteezy to Team EG and the decision by Zai to focus on his studies. However, if the Team Secret Facebook post and Zai's recent tweet (below) are anything to go by, it would seem a safe bet that the Swede could be one of the team's substitutes for the upcoming Majors. The future of the remaining three players is now uncertain, in particular after recent uproar, but Team Secret stated that they "will have more to announce later in the month."

What do you think will happen to the rest of Team Secret?

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