coL and iG join The International

posted by Mantis.,

The names of two more teams that will be participating in [B]The International[/B] has been released by Valve.
Another Chinese powerhouse, cn Invictus Gaming, who previously had participated in [B]The International[/B] held in Cologne, Germany, have made it onto the list. They join their fellow countrymen cn DK from the Chinese region.

On the other end, us compLexity Gaming, the newcomers to the competitive circuit who managed to take the entire community by storm with their flamboyant game-play, have been invited from the North American region. Together, iG and coL take the tally of invited teams up to six.

The invited teams so far:

cn DK
cn Invictus Gaming
ua Natus Vincere
my Orange Esports
au Absolute Legends
us compLexity Gaming