Quantic picks up xGoSu

posted by Jaywalker,

Quantic Gaming has picked up the American Dota 2 team as their squad. ca Josh 'PAINTITGOLD' Amos, us Steven 'Korok' Ashworth, us Josh 'LaStHiTMaGiC' Price, us Michael 'Mikey' Wunsch, and us Jung 'Solara' Hur will be playing for Quantic in future competitions.
Quantic has stated that Korok will be playing as the carry, PAINTITGOLD and LaStHiTMaGiC will play solo lanes, Mikey as support and Solara as the jungler.

Mikey was kind enough to give joinDOTA the following statement regarding his new sponsors:
Being accepted as Quantic's Dota 2 roster is nothing more then a dream come true. Such a prestigious team picking us up was truly an honor, and we will do nothing but work hard to maintain Quantic's status as a dominant brand. To all teams - be prepared!

This pickup will mean dropping their previous Danish squad lead by dk Mikkel 'miGGel' Berg who from now on will be known as dk DD. What will happen to miGGel and co. remains unknown.

[B]Quantic Gaming team roster:[/B]

ca Josh 'PAINTITGOLD' Amos
us Steven 'Korok' Ashworth
us Josh 'LaStHiTMaGiC' Price
us Michael 'Mikey' Wunsch
us Jung 'Solara' Hur