How much money did the TI5-teams make in the past year? We'll tell you*

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For many teams success is likely not only defined as winning tournaments, but more importantly making a living. Dota 2 has grown substantially since it's inception, and so have the prizepools. So how have this year's International teams faired since TI4? We take a look at the winnings for all teams involved in this year's main event, to get a perspective on who had a good year. (Image by Keterok@DeviantArt)

In terms of prizemoney TI has always been in a class by itself, setting new and immense records each year. However, counting on your success in one tournament a year might be a bit unreliable. So here we are to see how teams have done throughout the rest of the year. For the purposes of our graphs we've excluded DAC because the prizepool for DAC would have heavily distorted the graph with the first place prize being twice as high as any team's yearround earnings.

Update: Due to popular demand here is the table with DAC prize money included:

The Usual Suspects

eu Team Secret, us Evil Geniuses and cn Vici Gaming were the top earners this season, each representing a different region. With Team Secret's recent win streak they've managed to push themselves in the lead, but only by a mere $11,056 compared to EG. All three teams managed to qualify for the vast majority of tournaments they participated in this season, although the coveted number one spot was a bit like musical chairs between the three..

Team Secret's run of success recently has been highly lucrative - (Image: BTS Flickr)

One Hit Wonders?

cn LGD-Gaming and cn Newbee still both managed solid earnings around the mid $400,000. For both these teams, however, nearly half or more of these earning came from a single tournament with LGD winning $213,360 by finishing first in the third season of i-League and Newbee taking home $325,000 from the World Cyber Arena.

China and Europe both have about 40 per cent with EG taking another 13

Inconsistent persistency

The next group of teams is almost entirely European, with the expection of cn Invictus Gaming. The well known Chinese team is joined by world Cloud 9*, ru Team Empire, ru Virtus.Pro* and ua Natus Vincere. These teams are the last to make a decent living of their prizemoney. Cloud 9 is sitting atop this group with just over $400,000 while Na'vi sits at the bottom with just over $200,000. Generally these teams have qualified for a large number of tournaments this season but failed to bring home the gold when the prizepools were the biggest, often finishing second or lower. Many of them do have a few wins under their belt this season, but only in the smaller tournaments.

Update: Here is the region piechart with DAC due to popular demand.

Notable Absentees

There are some very notable absentees looking at prizemoney as well. The now disbanded SEA ph Rave* made $107,895 or $260,762 if you include DAC. The only absent former TI champion se The Alliance made $171,028. Other European heavy weight se Ninjas in Pyjamas* made $161,391. For China the most notable absentee is cn HyperGloryTeam* who made $156,819, ahead of both CDEC and EHOME. For the Americas the only notable absentee is world Mousesports* '14-15 who made $116,402.

TI Teams Prizepool no DAC

eu Team Secret $624,686
us Evil Geniuses $613,630
cn Vici Gaming $577,233
cn LGD-Gaming $480,929
cn Newbee $424,730
world Cloud 9* $410,614
ru Team Empire $274,579
ru Virtus.Pro* $271,858
cn Invictus Gaming $242,206
ua Natus Vincere $213,989
world Fnatic $117,131
kr MVP Phoenix* $104,219
cn CDEC Gaming $86,256
kr MVP HOT6 $45,817
cn EHOME $35,727
ru Vega Squadron $32,533
us Team Archon* $7,139
us compLexity Gaming $4,001

TI Teams Prizepool with DAC

us Evil Geniuses $1,897,788
cn Vici Gaming $944,135
eu Team Secret $899,863
world Cloud 9* $563,490
cn LGD-Gaming $526,792
cn Newbee $455,305
cn Invictus Gaming $364,507
ru Team Empire $274,579
ru Virtus.Pro* $271,858
ua Natus Vincere $259,852
kr MVP Phoenix* $134,794
world Fnatic $117,131
cn CDEC Gaming $116,831
cn EHOME $81,590
kr MVP HOT6 $45,817
ru Vega Squadron $32,533
us Team Archon* $7,139
us compLexity Gaming $4,001

*Numbers are to the best of our ability and may variate depending on exchange rates etc.

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