NS and Dread leave Darer?

posted by Mantis.,
Soon after the SLTV StarSeries finals concluded, rumours circulated in the community about the possible disbandment of ua Ivan '[B]Artstyle[/B]' Antonov led team ru Darer. The team only managed to place fourth in the offline finals held in Kiev, Ukraine, which many felt was not good enough for players of their calibre.

According to the speculation, it was observed that there was some kind of dispute between ru Yaroslav '[B]NS[/B]' Kuznetsov and ru Sergey [B]'God'[/B] Bragin relating to NS's ex-girlfriend, Olga.

However, in a statement on his own VK page, NS dismisses the defamatory claims about his former partner, and to revealed that he Andrey '[B]Dread[/B]' Golubev would be taking their leave from Darer:

Guys, please, stop meddling in the relationships and problems of others. I was planing to leave Darer not long before the StarLadder finals, but I had to finish playing in the tournament, the horrible game simply finalized my decision. Stop blaming an inocent person for the team's breakup. Olga (aka KozaDereza) is a beautiful and wonderful person, who doesn't deserve the crap that is now being written about her, she did absolutely nothing for this, she has nothing to do with it, so please don't drag her into this. Dread and I were unhappy with ArtStyle's game, ArtStyle was unhappy with us, we got a different offer and responded to it while trying to not disturb the group that we played in until now. I want to wish Darer good luck in the future, but about us you'll be hearing in near future.

His statement would imply that Darer is now currently left with only three players, and what NS and Dread decide to do still remains to be seen. However nothing official has been released yet, therefore all this is remains unconfirmed.

Darer Roster

ua Ivan '[B]Artstyle[/B]' Antonov (Captain)
ru Sergey '[B]God[/B]' Bragin
ru Alexander Sergeevich 'Santa' Koltan