Reminder: Only ONE day left to sign-up for MSI Dragon Battle #6

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With MDL and MLG both going down on over the weekend, many of us are itching to get playing, especially after seeing Secret's ruthless victories. With the jDL Season 6 winding down the MSI Dragon Battle #6 is a good opportunity to keep your team in shape, with sign-ups for the open qualifiers now open for all teams ready to take the leap of faith through the single elimination grid.

There are rewards for the four teams who make it out of the qualifiers, a place in the main event alongside four invited teams. However, with confidence and morale low across the tier 2 landscape, now is a good a time as any to strike while the iron is hot. The main event has a prize pool of 2,000 EUR, with 1,500 EUR going to first place and 500 EUR to second place. Basically Unknown who won MSI Dragon Battle #5 and #6, disbanded in the wake of the TI5 qualifiers, meaning it will be time to crowna new champion.

Invited teams to the main event
ua ScaryFaceZZZ*
eu Mamas Boys*
ru Sqreen's Squad

Sign-up your team for MSI Dragon Battle

Day 1-2 (Open Qualifier) - 9th-10th June
Day 1, 18:15 - Round 1
Day 1, 19:30 - Round 2
Day 1, 20:45 - Round 3
Day 1, 22:00 - Round 4 (if more than 256 teams sign up)
Day 2, 18:00 - Round of 32
Day 2, 19:15 - Round of 16
Day 2, 20:30 - Round of 8

Day 3 (Playoffs) - June 11th
18:00 CEST – Quarterfinals
19:15 CEST - Semi Final 1
20:30 CEST - Semi Final 2
22:00 CEST - Grand Final (Bo3)

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