Rising stars TNC overthrow defending champions MY in Corsair Gaming Arena

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my Team Malaysia* were the champions of the Corsair Gaming Arena #1 when it launched but being one of the most succesful SEA teams and even upsetting the international all star eu Team Secret during StarLadder XII, wasn't enough to defend their title. A new star was born today, when ph TNC Pro Team came out of the tournament, all guns blazing, as its new champions.

Drow Ranger pivotal to TNC success
TNC's hero of choice on their road to victory
TNC is a Philippino team that was formed some time in February and unexpectedly defeated well-accomplished SEA teams such as kr MVP Phoenix* and kr MVP HOT6 during their run in the Corsair Gaming Arena #2. Both TNC and Team MY defeated their opponents in a convincing fashion, allowing the two to face each other in the finals.

In terms of heroes, the star of the show for this tournament was Drow Ranger who was heavily favoured by team TNC.

Many teams such as us Evil Geniuses have experimented with the hero with little success. TNC on the other hand, first picked the blue beauty for ALL of their games, save the 2 last games in the finals where MY banned her.

One of the biggest factors of TNC's success over Team MY was the drafting. TNC pulled out brilliantly versatile and well rounded drafts that were prepared to deal with anything the Malaysian squad sent against them.

Team MY did manage to get a superior draft in game 2, with my Chong Xin 'Ohaiyo' Khoo's big bad Batrider having double the gold of Gnoj's (TNC) mid Sniper in the mid game.

In the deciding game 3, we saw the return of carries long forgotten on both sides; Outworld Devourer for TNC and Lifestealer for Team MY. Despite my Fadil Bin 'Kecik Imba' Mohd Raziff best efforts on the Lifestealer, TNC once again pulled out a draft advantage that the Malaysians simply could not deal with, earning them the title of the Corsair Gaming Arena 2 champions along with $1500.

In game 1, Team MY replied to the Drow first pick with a Sniper and Venge in hopes to best her by kiting. They create a lineup based on picking off heroes and getting objectives afterwards.

TNC's draft on the other hand seem more well rounded, being especially adept at counter initiations and teamfighting.The Filipino team laned brilliantly against the Malaysians, putting the Storm in the jungle who would otherwise have an awkward lane against sniper and let the AA mid instead. Storm farmed surprisingly well in the jungle, managing to get level 6 within 5 minutes unhindered.

With TNC's solid counter-plays against Team MY's ganks, the Malaysians were out maneuvered and outnumbered in every corner. Earthshaker provided too much control while Furion would come in to give TNC a numbers advantage. All these factors allowed TNC to snowball out of control and eventually close up game 1 of the best of 3 series.

Respecting their performance with the hero, Team MY banned the drow. They then picked up Ohaiyo's infamous Batrider. TNC however did an interesting Meepo pick, who was intended to counteract the single target focus of Batrider and Clockwerk. The tables have turned in game 2 as MY dominated the laning stage to the point where their offlane bat had double the gold of TNC's carry Sniper.

To add insult to injury, MY also stole TNC's stacks, denying a means to come back from their horrid laning stage. It was Team MY's turn to snowball out of control; they conducted ganks consecutively against TNC with the help of their outstanding initiation heroes. These factors were especially devastating due to the fact that TNC's heroes required farm to be effective, leading Team MY to put game 2 to a close, forcing a deciding game 3.

Respect bans came from both sides as Team MY banned Drow once again while TNC banned Ohaiyo's Batrider.This match highlighted the carries of old ; OD for TNC and LS for MY who have had little spotlight in the Dota 2 scene over the last few months. Team MY dominated the early game garnering a clean 5-0 advantage in kills . However , things started turning sour after a failed gank attempt on TNC's OD with MY's Tiny Wisp, who fed OD a double kill.

Before long, midgame had arrived and it was time for the teamfights!It was extremely difficult for the Malaysians to kill the TNC heroes. They counter initiated the Axe blink with Astral Imprisonment and Undying's constant heals. Even the mighty burst damage of a tiny was not enough to finish anyone off. This, paired with TNC's superior teamfight lead to the Malaysians being outlasted and eventually losing teamfights.

The Malaysians were valiant but simply could not best the Filipino's superior draft. Whenever it looks like they can get an important kill, their prey escapes by the skin of their teeth and when this happens, the hunter become the hunted. After a series of teamfights the pattern became obvious; MY used too much resources and accomplished too little.

With TNC's dominating presence in the teamfight, they managed to get the mid meele rax at 27 minutes in. MY's final attempt was to have Tiny Wisp separate team TNC by split pushing and taking a fight with numbers as their advantage. Even without the Earth Shaker however, MY crumbled towards the still powerful teamfight of OD Witch Doctor and Undying, closing the tournament with Team TNC as the victors.