Main SEA qualifier invite list for ESL One Frankfurt, 12 teams and single-elim

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With the main EU qualifiers for ESL One Frankfurt now well underway, it's time for SEA to begin theirs. Eight invites teams divided into two levels will join the four best teams from the open qualifiers, which include Meracle'ssg 5eva*. Heavy-weights my EHOME Malaysia* and ph Rave* are among the invites, but with single-elimination format on the table, one false move could spell the end.

The stakes of the SEA qualifier for the ESL One Frankfurt will be much higher than for their European counterparts, with only 12 teams in with the chance to qualify, and a single-elimination bracket to work their way through.

The eight invited teams were split based on their performances at recent events, with Level One invites such as au Can't Say Wips* and ph Arcanys* joining the four open-qualifier teams in round one. Level Two invites on the other hand, join in round two, meaning the likes of my EHOME Malaysia* and my Invasion eSports* would only have to win three matches to qualify for the ESL One Frankfurt 2015 in June.

The event which is to be hosted in the Commerzbank-Arena already has a base prize pool of $250,000, making it a highly lucrative prospect for the SEA team able to make it to the main event. Matches start on Thursday 26th March. (full schedule below)

Participating teams

Qualified teams (join in round 1)
my Underminer
id Rex Regum Qeon
sg First Departure
sg 5eva

Level 1 invites (join in round 1)
au Can’t Say Wips
ph Mineski
th Mith-Trust
ph Arcanys

Level 2 invites (join in round 2)
ph Rave
my Invasion eSports
kr MVP Phoenix


The schedule for the first matches is as follows:

March 26th, 18:00 SGT (11:00 CET) - Mski vs. RRQ
March 26th, 21:00 SGT (14:00 CET) - Trust vs. FD
March 27th, 18:00 SGT (11:00 CET) - CSW vs. Udmn
March 27th, 21:00 SGT (14:00 CET) - Arcanys vs. 5eva

April 4th, 18:00 SGT (11:00 CET) - Ehome vs. Arcan/5eva
April 4th, 21:00 SGT (14:00 CET) - MVP vs. Trust/FD
April 5th, 18:00 SGT (11:00 CET) - Invasion vs. Mski/RRQ
April 5th, 21:00 SGT (14:00 CET) - Rave vs. CSW/Udmn

Don't forget we have the joinDOTA ESL One Hub as our own little matrix of information about the event.

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