Puppey: We face-palmed but kept playing

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ua [B]Natus Vincere[/B] as many considered the best team in the world managed to take centre stage in the Grand Final of The Defense as they came back from a 2-1 deficit to overcome dk [B]Quantic Gaming[/B]. Over the course of the six hours broadcast, we have seen lag issues, questionable decisions by both teams and priceless bug errors which sparked thousands of laughters all around the world.

With the conclusion of an epic tournament comes an epic interview. Today, joinDOTA has for you an interview with the brains behind the highly successful team, ee Clement [B]'Puppey'[/B] Ivanov. Puppey is known for his roaming, jungling ability, and not to mention his strategic insight to the game which has led Na'Vi to countless victories including The International and ESWC last year.

In this interview, we will be focusing on the games of the Grand Final. Some of the highlights of this interview include his feelings on the lag issues that hampered the Grand Final, his questionable Warlock pick in game one, and the burning question, has the era of Anti-Mage come to an end. Read on as we go inside the mind of Puppey.
[B]Hello Puppey. You have just won the biggest online Dota 2 tournament to date. How do you feel about it and more importantly, how do you feel to lose that one game advantage in the first two games and coming back from the deficit to win the championship?[/B]

I feel tired and a bit confused. The tournament as a whole went smoothly for us, but in the grand finals all kind of chaos happened. Overall it does not matter to me that we lost the first two games, what matters is that we won.

[B]Since it has been a while since you guys played against Quantic, how do you think Quantic has improved over the past couple of months?[/B]

In the past week Quantic understood something very important in Dota which is the strenght of team work and full force fights. I hope they will not stop improving so we can keep the high level games coming, plus destroy the Chinese when they come (smile).

[B]Everybody sensed that the match-up is trouble from the get-go. Both of your teams like to utilize the same strat which is the lane control and tower pushing. What was the plan to go about this prior to the games?[/B]

Pick lots of pusher and fighter heroes and outplay the enemy.

[B]In all four games, you guys banned Dark Seer. Is that just because you hated playing against it or does Dark Seer just win games? [/B]

Just hate playing against it. It just wins games and a big turtle hero.

[B]On the other hand, Quantic banned out Holy Knight in all four games too. Is Holy Knight really such a big part of Na'Vi that it warrant that four bans?[/B]

Chen opens up a lot of possibilities, this hero is the most versatile support hero. If a team really loves this hero, it is best to not let them have it.

[B]Let's go in to a little bit more details about the games that were played yesterday. What exactly went wrong in game one?[/B]

Everything was fine the first two loads. When we loaded for the third time, we started losing all our lanes and lost all our map control and towers. Sand King and Leshrac had difficulty blinking because of the lag. That's what went wrong I think. We didn't really care, we did not want to whine in-game or force any more delay, since it's not Quantic's fault that this is happening. We wanted to end this game and re-schedule since it was unplayable.

[B]Do you think Valve resolved the lag issue in a timely manner? How do you think they should resolve the problem of people connecting into private games when you have training or boot camp?[/B]

They did resolve it in a timely matter. Private matches should not be viewable at all. For starters they have to make the servers stronger so it can handle this type of traffic and then they have to divide the private matches into live games and practice games (practice ones are unable to be viewed).

Puppey in Dota 2 Stars Championship in Kiev.

[B]What was the idea behind the Warlock? Whose idea was it to go for the unorthodox pick?[/B]

I thought Warlock would work since none of their heroes can kill Anti-Mage. Ultimate and slow combination to make Broodmother stand in same place so Anti-Mage can rip them apart.

[B]When Quantic realized that Anti-Mage was getting huge, they quickly forced the team fight and they won battle after battle. Why did you guys still insist on bring the battle to them and why not attempt to turtle it?[/B]

Because Furion, Windrunner, Mirana, and Venge outcarry our heroes. In reality, our heroes would not get any stronger when we start fighting. Anti-Mage had all of his item slots filled so we just used him as our tank to force fights.

[B]Seeing as how these four heroes are able to outcarry an Anti-Mage, do you think you guys got outdrafted?[/B]

Don't get me wrong, when I said that those 4 heroes can outcarry an Anti-Mage, I mean games that would typically last over 60 minutes. In 30 minutes game, Anti-Mage is better than them. It is because Quantic's heroes were less reliable on game strategy so all those loads and lag dont really matter much to Windrunner, Mirana, and Furion who just farm their lanes in oppose to ours which we have Sand King, Enchantress, Leshrac, and Warlock who have a very important task to protect the Anti-Mage

[B]When the third Roshan was killed, a bug occur and the Cheese did not drop. What happened there and how do you think that affected the morality of your team? Do you think it's game changing?[/B]

We all basically face-palmed and kept playing. It affected morality and the game.

[B]Regardless of that, your team still managed to win that big battle and have the Aegis. In fact, the battles became even more in favour of Quantic after the Aegis. Why is that?[/B]

Buy-back on Furion can be counted as an Aegis, if not better.

[B]Did you think the Warlock pick worked out well? [/B]

No it did not. He needs an aggressive line-up of either pushing or fighting. Farming isn't included.

[B]Moving on to the second game, this game just came out extraordinarily bad for Na'Vi. One of the most notable we saw from you guys was the Anti-Mage who was doing relatively well in the early game bought Hand of Midas instead of the more mainstream Vanguard. In my opinion, that led to a lot of his deaths when Quantic came rumbling into towers. Was that part of the plan?[/B]

I really hate remembering the games not because there were even one instance in where Dendi had to reboot his computer and by the time he returns, his hero had died. If the games would go normally then I could tell you what went wrong but since it did not, I am really not sure why we lost. A gun to my head, I would say we lost because we simply had nothing to fight them back. They had too much brute force in early game so they just destroyed our barracks by going all-in. We had 0 range heroes to fight back.

Puppey and Na'Vi in ESWC 2011

[B]In a short post-game interview you had with Toby on the livestream, you mentioned that Dendi got really angry dropping the first two games, is that true? Did that gave a positive reinforcement to the team or did it create more tension between teammates?[/B]

When the 3rd game started, he felt that there was no lag on the server or his Internet, which obviously meant that he was ready to show anyone what he is made of. We encouraged him to feel strong, no tension between teammates whatsoever.

[B]Let's move on to the third. This was when Dendi supposedly got angry. Invoker somehow managed to make it into the pick phase and Na'Vi picked it up immediately. Although most people have said mass Arcane Boots, Mekansm, and Pipe easily counters Invoker, what was the thought going into this pick?[/B]

Pick heroes which can win map control such as Enchantress, Night Stalker, and Invoker. Disabling them from going into their own woods and simply out-farming them.

[B]Dendi ended up not playing the conventional Tornado EMP combo and instead went for the Exort build using Forged Spirit, Cold Snap, and Ice Wall. Do you think this build is more viable for competitive Dota now?[/B]

Yes it is.

[B]Do you think the draft won you guys the third game to tie up the Grand Final or did you outplay Quantic?[/B]

I think we played better mid-game, which got us a rax at bottom. Both teams had good picks.

[B]The fourth game on the other hand was one-sided towards your team's favour. However in this game, Quantic were the ones going out of their comfort zone with the Anti-Mage pick. This is very unorthodox of Quantic and were your team prepared to go against the Anti-Mage?[/B]

Since I let it slip by me during the 2nd pick phase, I was fully prepared to play against it.

[B]Was Rikimaru your "preparation"?[/B]

No, but they made themselves very vulnerable to him, so it became the perfect pick.

[B]Assuming that they banned Rikimaru, which Quantic did not, what would have picked instead as a counter to Anti-Mage?[/B]

I honestly did not really bother to counter him since everything was going as planned. We would deal with him regardless of the Rikimaru.

[B]Anti-Mage has lost every game for the team he was played in, the burning question is, has the era of Anti-Mage come to an end?[/B]

Not really but he might not be worth the first pick anymore. He might drop from the early pick.

[B]Everybody was very hyped up with the addition of Outworld Destroyer into the captain's mode prior to the Grand Final. Why do you think it did not get picked up? Does it not fit with the current meta-game of Dota 2 (or rather your team)?[/B]

He is a situational hero. You can build strats around his aura, but he is not a reliable pick. Maybe in time he will start getting picked, but not now.

[B]So, what will you be doing with your share of the cash prize?[/B]

Spending it on whatever I feel like (grin).

[B]What do you think of the coverage of The Defense by joinDOTA? [/B]

Very professional, I hope joinDOTA stays forever.

[B]Did you re-watched some of the game footage in the VoDs - such as the crow bug in the fourth game?[/B]

Of course! Nobody should miss the epic laugh of Toby in the 4th game with the courier bug. I have not watched any VOD nor replay of those games.

[B]We heard that instead of doing last minute preparation, you were tuned in to our two hours pre-game special. How did you enjoyed it?[/B]

I always watch Toby's stream and the pre-game special was a nice thing to listen to. Also Ryze's girly voice was pretty good too.

[B]What would you like to see improved in the pre-announced The Defense 2 coming up in the near future?[/B]

I want every tournaments to be faster. I enjoy the "maximum one week" tournaments the most, but faster pace is all I want to see improved in The Defense 2 for now.

[B]With the Chinese and Asian scene starting to pick up Dota 2, would you like to see more of the Asians in upcoming tournaments? After all, Valve did mention that they will be selecting the teams based on their accomplishment in Dota 2 Beta.[/B]

Online no. OnLAN yes.

[B]Thank you for a long, long interview Puppey. We'll let you get back to your training. Any last shoutout?[/B]

No problem, oh we won't be playing Dota till next Sunday (smile). It is time to relax for a while. Shoutout to KuroKy!