Starladder moves LAN Finals to Romania, no more visa problems?

posted by iamshockWave,
StarLadder is back once again and this time with a different venue for the LAN finals following continious visa problems at recent events. With a base prize pool of $80,000 and travel supports to teams, the organizers hope that the event will bounce back from the lacklustre Season 11 finals, which crowned ru Team Empire the winners.

Shortly after the StarLadder Season 11 finals, StarLadder caster, V1lat made the promise that that was their last even in Ukrainian soil and that they were looking to host their next event somewhere in Europe. Now StarLadder has teamed up with Dreamhack and they are hosting their Season 12 finals in Bucharest, Romania during Dreamhack Bucharest from the 24th to the 26th of April.


This year the qualifiers for the European region will work slightly differently as the teams have to play in two groupstages to make their way to the LAN finals, while in the rest of world the qualifiers are similar to previous editions of the event. More info can be found below.

Europe + CIS

16 participating teams
2 groupstages
Online: 13th of March - 6th of April
4 teams go to the LAN finals


8 participating teams
Groupstage and playoffs
Online: 9th of March - 28th of March
1 team goes to the LAN finals


8 participating teams
Groupstage and playoffs
Online: 16th of March - 24th of March
2 teams go to the LAN finals


8 participating teams
Groupstage and playoffs
Online: 16th of March - 1st of April
1 team goes to the LAN finals


The base prizepool for this event is of 80 000 dollars and travel support for the teams attending. The prizepool can be increased by purchasing the DotaTV ticket that will be available soon, and it will include a set for Slardar that can be seen here.

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