Metagame 6.81: a look back

It's not time to throw 6.81 in the 'ol memory bank with your kindergarten teacher and basic algebra just yet. With the patch over, it's time to look at all the data--so here is the most comprehensive draft and meta analysis of the patch ever assembled in one image.

READ THE ABOVE IMAGE FIRST (if you want to understand most of what you're about to see)!

The image above is the legend, explaining every nuance of the chart below. Take in as much or as little of it as you see fit.

You can click on any image, including the legend, to enlarge and enhance!

For those with 4:3 monitors or who have trouble reading small text, opening the image in a new tab will allow you to zoom to its full dimensions (which are enormous).

A brief note about this data: due to a clerical error on my part, one of these weeks is actually data for 9 days (#16, representing the dates August 12th - August 20th). If you just want to see draft information without the percentile or game number information, you can click on "just drafts" to remove the stars. The final few days of the patch are not included in the week-by-week (because I wanted to keep all sample sizes at least seven days long), but are included in the general stats on either side and below, including game hours and total patch winrates.

All information was farmed from except where manually researched from game records or tournament websites. Enjoy!

All DataJust Drafts (no stars) Metagame (complete) Metagame 6.81 (simple)

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Edit: somebody requested earnings without TI4. Here they are: