Community unlocks new game mode!

posted by Venediction,
In less than a day, the Dota 2 Community has not only surpassed the TI3 Prize Pool, but has done so in record time! Hence Valve has unlocked the 6th Goal Reward for not just compendium owners, but all Dota 2 players! No it's not the Techies, but it's the next best thing. An all new game mode: All Random Deathmatch!
Image Credit: Wykrhm Reddy

Thanks to the innovative new Leveling system, Valve has gathered over $5.2 Million US Dollars for The International 2014! The same amount which took over six weeks to reach last year, was overcome in less than 24 hours. Most would attribute this spending spree to the purchase of points for leveling up the compendium. These point purchases also contribute 25% to the prize pool.

Every 100 points will increase the Compendium level by 1 and while points can be earned entirely free of cost by completing the objectives within the Compendium itself, some people would rather not rely on their pro-Dota know-how or sheer luck in order to get some of the amazing benefits of a high level Compendium!

Points are your friend, money is not

Point Perks

Unique new Immortals at every 10 levels
Upgraded Battle Points Booster
Custom In-game Effects
Bonus Loading Screens
Limited Time Special Visuals
Level 4, 24 and 41 unlock alternate styles of the Lieutenent Squawkins Courier
Level 50 Unlocks alternate Mini-Pudge Courier style (if goal is unlocked)

Kunkka's First Mate, Sqauwkins

All Random Deathmatch

Most probably, the format of this new game mode will closely resemble that in DotA and while the name itself should make it self explanatory, here's how we expect it'll work: Every player will be assigned a random hero at the start of the match and upon death he or she will be assigned yet another random hero. The game can be won by the traditional means of destroying the opponent's Ancient, or by killing the opponent a certain number of times.

Which of the remaining goal rewards are you aiming for?