ESL Chinese Qualifier announced

posted by Vekus,
As the ESL One Frankfurt comes closer and closer, the qualifiers to each region begin to determine who will compete in the biggest European DOTA 2 event, and who has to stay home and watch. Information about the Chinese qualifiers has just been released!

All of the 8 teams in the qualifiers were directly invited, as there wasn´t enough time to hold an open qualifier, however there is no doubt that the invited teams are the best China has to offer. They will battle each other in a single elimination format from May6 to May 13 with each match being a Best of 3, with the exception of the Grand Finals which will be a Best of 5.
The winner will go to Frankfurt to compete for the $150,000+ prizepool, while the 2nd and 3rd place will have a second shot at the Asian qualifier.

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Invited Teams

cn CIS

cn DK

cn DT

cn HGT

cn invictusGaming

cn LGD

cn NewBee

cn VG


May 6

13 SGT(7 CEST) - Newbee vs LGD
13 SGT(7 CEST) - DK vs DT

May 7

13 SGT(7 CEST) - iG vs HGT
16 SGT(10 CEST) -VG cs CIS

May 8

13 SGT(7 CEST) - Semifinals

May 12

16 SGT(10 CEST) - 3rd Place Match

May 13

16 SGT(10 CEST) - Finals

Playoff Grid

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