ADVERTISING: suspected of match fixing

posted by HolyMaster,
kz, a known and established team in the western scene, has aroused suspicion about possibly manipulating their match against ru Relax in CIS Carnage 2014. The betting site Egamingbets has canceled all bets on this match due to a high probability of match fixing.
Unfortunately we have to cancel your bets on the match vs Relax. The problem is that several people made deposits with the purpose of making bets specifically on this match, and after it finished they asked for cash out. After careful examination of the match records our analysts came to the conclusion that the probability of the match fixing is very high. The fact of the several rare coincidences happening in one match makes us cancel all the bets.

The CIS Carnage administration has subsequently removed from the tournament in order to investigate the case. Indeed the Kazakhs played a very unusual lineup (including Axe, Pudge, Bloodseeker) in the first game of said match. The team explained this with a low motivation due to extremely high pings.

We did not lose the game on purpose. In the first game we were faced with a high ping situation after the picks. So we did a remake, but it didn't help, and we played with 330 ping. Pudge can't even hook someone and we played to the end. The second game was pretty close.

No one from our players did bet against ourselves. We simply we did'nt train after StarLadder XIII (Last match was at Jan 5th), and this tournament wasn't key for us. We also talked with pingee today, and the matter is closed. Now we are not disqualified, we are left from this tournament under agreement.
- Urazbayev 'Mantis' Yernar, captain of

In spite of initially disqualifying, the administration does not hold a grudge against the team. While it is still removed from the competition, investigations on the case will not be continued, and an exclusions from other competitions is not recommended at the moment. An invite to future editions of CIS Carnage seems possible as well.

There were these statements from betting sites about suspicious bets on behalf of, with implications of match-fixing. I've had a chat with their captain and eventually we both agreed that this whole situation stinks and we both came to conclusion that they should leave the tournament as this whole incident brings a bad atmosphere to the whole competition. So they left the tournament. I'm not going to follow up any accusations regarding those bets - it's up to betting sites to provide proofs regarding their statements if they want to do so.
- Ivan "pingeee" Nikiforov, organizer of CIS Carnage

At this point will not be banned from joinDOTA competitions until proven guilty.