ESP: A new amateur league is born

posted by Venediction,
Eat Sleep Play Gaming has announced the creation of a brand new amateur league which will run for four seasons over the course of a year. At the end of the season one the top 6 amateur teams will play in a single elimination bracket alongside Team eu Sigma and world Speed Gaming.

The The Electronic Sports Professionals League Season 1 will open for sign-ups on the 12th January with matches starting on the following weekend. The tournament will be casted by the ESP Broadcasting Team and streamed live on their official website.

The yearlong League will consist of 4 Seasons, each 3 months long. In each of these months, there will be 3 Weekly Series that will include a typical single elimination bracket and end with a best of 3 Finals for $100. The Winner of each Series will be awarded League points that will be aggregated when choosing the top 6 teams + 2 invited professional teams (eu Sigma and world Speed Gaming) who will play in the Season Finales.

The Europe based event organizers have set up a total prize pool of $23,600 ($5,900 per season) that will increase with 50% of the revenue from the ticket sales, each priced at only $4.99. To better encourage the sale of the Season One pass tickets, ESP is offering a free one of a kind Courier that changes appearance according to the side it’s on, with every purchase of the ticket.

Introducing Vaal the Ancient Construct, the official courier of
the ESPL.

Do you think the ESPL will help bring in some talented fresh blood?