Purge to S.Korea with his clique Zephyr

posted by SuperCletis,
Team Zephyr comprised of YouTube personality Purge, Blitz, Bamboe, Eosin and a mystery man by the name of Corey revealed that they have moved to South Korea to participate in the Nexon Sponsorship League.
Team Zephyr's announcement video

PurgeGamers fans were awakened by some exciting news yesterday: Purge - alongside longtime Dota friend, Blitz, as well as Eosin, SexyBamboe (previously of Mouz/EG fame), and Corey Wright (dota nickname pending?)--have all joined together in beautiful, wintry Suji, South Korea in Purge's newest attempt at being part of a successful DotA2 team. The Team Name: Zephyr is not a sponsor reference; the Zephyr is the West Wind, and the name was chosen by the five team members.

The team made the announcement through a vague YouTube video(above), and then a clarifying tweet by Purge (among others). Purge also gave a quick tour of their new lodgings which you can take a look at. The team has begun qualifiers for the Nexon Sponsorship League, competing against 15 other teams for 5 qualifying spots.

Team Roles

1. us Corey (Hard Carry)
2. us Blitz (Solo Mid)
3. nl SexyBamboe (Offlane)
4. us Purge (Jungle/Support)
5. us Eosin (Hard Support)