[Update] Drama around Rattlesnake & Speed

posted by HolyMaster,
Yesterday Speed Gaming's former manager Marco A. Fernandez announced the shutdown of Rattlesnake on Speed' Gaming's official website. This would have heavily affected both the MLG Champion Speed as well as the Chinese squad of Rattlesnake. This statement has been declared false by the organisation, who decided to fire the manager.
Rattlesnake has released the following statement in order to react to the accusations and assertions (translation by gosugamers):
1. Speed's previous manager Mark delayed the payment of to the players, and has been fired during the course of MLG. Speed Gaming is an organisation that strongly believes in protecting the players' rights and benefits, and Mark's actions have caused a lot of anger in the team. Whatever Mark has publicised over the course of MLG (including the Speed Gaming twitter) is nonsense.
2. Speed will arrive and meet their fans in China at the start of december. I believe Speed Gaming will become an integral part of the Chinese scene, and become good friends with the other teams in developing Dota in China.
3. Speed Gaming will continue to be sponsored by Speed Private Limited. towards greater success. We condemn the lies and accusations that Mark has posted on Twitter and other websites, and reserve the right to identify who is responsible for this debacle. We hope you fans will continue supporting us!

It looks like the fans of Speed Gaming and Rattlesnake do not have to worry about the team's future afetr all.

Original article:

In a long article on Speed Gaming's website, Marco reveals his side of the story. He blames the clan's demise on its boss 'Weir'.

As for now, the contracts are no longer valid and players are free to choose what they think is the best for them (...). This project got destroyed by a greedy person, who thinks he can do what he wants, because of the money he owns. (...)
But from this moment Speed Gaming and the entire project planned is no longer working with Weir the Owner from RattleSnake I had already offered him full refund of his investment while I will continue with the project same as working with the previews investors who had interest in the project or even directly with the sponsors.

A first reaction from the players followed quickly. EternalEnvy tweeted 'dont worry about what Mark posted guys'. Right now many people are accusing Marco of lying. It is still very possible, that Speed & Rattlesnake will continue to exist in their current form.


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