EMS One Fall Cup #2 ends

posted by chrissibaldi,
Another week of dota is over as the second cup of the EMS One Fall Season finished moments ago. This week's edition included International 2013 participant eu Fnatic, who looked to qualify to the groupstage by winning the cup. However, it went not out as expected, as they drop out in the second round of the tournament against the boys from rs One (ex-Infernity.RS) in a fairly one sided game. They will try their best in the third cup, which will start next Monday, 16th of September at 21 CEST.

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The second big surprise of this weeks cup was the placement of ru Virtus.Pro, who were handled as one of the favourites to take home the win. But after losing to the up-and-coming swedish team se Team Property BB2, they came in last. Since they didn't participate last week, they are not even part of the top ten on the Seasonal Ranking at the moment.

Contrary to all the upsets, there was not only one team pun intended able to repeat the promising performances, they recently showed: Team One kicked Fnatic out off the tournament, and continued flawless their way into the finals. There they took on the other team that starts to reveal their full potential: ru Team Empire arguably had the tougher way to the finals, but they did not make it look hard against se 4FC and fr aAa even though they played with ua Andrey ' alwayswannafly' Bondarenko as a stand-in.

In the finals the Russian came off to a great start in both early games, going up 4-0 in the second one before the creeps even spawned. Since they were able to expand their lead, Empire closed the series with a convincing 2-0 victory and qualified themselves to the groupstages. There they will get to face the three invitees se The Alliance, ua Natus Vincere and de Mousesports aswell as last weeks winner dk Flip.Sid3, who might however participate with their new potential line-up.

EMS One Fall Cup Standings

#Team NameCup #1Cup #2Cup #3Cup #4Total1rs One (ex-Infernity.RS) 50751252fr against ALL authority2550753fi Team Menace5025754fr 3DMax5050-se Team Property BB22525506ru DPWZ2510357eu Fnatic.EU-2525-se 4 Friends + Chrille-2525-ru Team EvoPlay25-25

Cup #2 Grid