iG swaps Zhou for TongFu's Hao.

posted by Tezzeret,
cn Invictus Gaming's former carry player, cn Yao 'Zhou' Chen has found a new home after just two days of being booted from the team. He will now be joining cn TongFu while cn Zhi Hao 'Hao' Chen will move to iG, effectively initiating a player swap from the two teams.

Zhou(far right) to rock the TongFu's signature red jerseys soon

iG made the big reveal on their Weibo account (Chinese twitter) regarding the player swap. According to the statement, the two player's contract will be swapped until it expires at which both players are free to sign new contract with their new teams.

The two teams have also partnered up to develop new products in the future, meaning we could see my Hock Chuan 'ChuaN' Wong's face on TongFu's porridge series like we see with cn Pan 'Mu' Zhang (Image link).

Translated statement by iG:

iG and TongFu have reached the following agreement: Former TongFu player Hao (Chen Zhihao) will officially join iG starting today; meanwhile iG.Zhou will join TongFu. Both players' will swap until their contracts end, and the players have the right to sign a new one. This agreement was established together by iG and TF. iG will partner with TF to develop new products in the future.

Invictus Gaming current roster:

cn Fei Chi 'Ferrari_430' Luo
cn Jiang 'YYF' Cen
cn Hong Da 'Faith' Zeng
cn Zhi Hao 'Hao' Chen
my Hock Chuan 'ChuaN' Wong

TongFu current roster:

cn Pan 'Mu' Zhang
cn Zhao Hui 'Sansheng' Wang
cn Jiao 'Banana' Wang
cnYang 'KingJ' Zhou
cn Yao 'Zhou' Chen