Kabu leaves RattleSnake

posted by Tezzeret,
cn RattleSnake's offlane player cn Kai 'Kabu' Zhao just recently announced on his Weibo account (Chinese Twitter) that he has left the team. His future in competitive Dota is currently unknown.

L-R: XiaoLuo, Icy, Kabu, Lanm, SagM

Translation of microblog:
I left the team. Good luck to my brothers in arms. Icy, SagM and XiaoLuo

Interesting to note is that his microblog makes no mention of teammate, cn Zhicheng 'Lanm' Zhang hinting that he may have already left the team prior to Kabu's microblog although no official announcement was made.

RattleSnake was the last team chosen to play in The International 2013 after defeating fr Quantic Gaming with a 3-1 score in the wildcard match. However the team was unable to make much headway in the prelminiaries of The International going 3-11 and finally being eliminated in the main event after losing to us Dignitas

Former RattleSnake Roster

cn Yinqi 'Luo' Luo
cn Kai 'Kabu' Zhao
cn Zhicheng 'Lanm' Zhang
cn Peng 'Icy' Wang
cn Li 'SagM' Lo