Air out of RisingStars

posted by Sun_Tzu,
Earlier today the owner of cn RisingStars announced on his QQ account that solo mid player cn Yu Xiao 'Air' Yin would be leaving the team, being the first of the second tier of Chinese teams to take part in the shuffle.

Air has been with the team since the days of DT^Club.

Since adding former cn ViCi Gaming offlaner cn Xun Tao ' XTT' Xu to their roster not long ago, the team was able to secure a third place in the RedBull e-Sports Champions League, the teams greatest achievement to date. The removal of Air indicates that they may be making place for an already negotiated replacement, although who that might be is as of yet unknown.

RisingStars Roster

cn Zhang 'xiaotuji' Wang
cn Peng 'Super' Su
cn Si Long 'XDD' Liu
cn Xun Tao ' XTT' Xu