22 April
18:00 CEST
Natus Vincere

The DPC Show is ready to inform you about all things Dota 2

posted by NanaKrustofski,
For the new Dota Pro Circuit 2021, Dan Offen started his own The DPC Show to discuss all recent events and matches with various Dota 2 personalities. The next episode is right around the corner.
The long awaited DPC finally kicked off on 18 January and all pro players are battling each other relentlessly for a spot in the next Major. With 6 regional leagues and an Upper and Lower Division each, there are nearly countless games going on every day.

6 regions, 12 divisions, 96 teams, 1 show to combine them all

In this overflow of exciting Dota matches, it can be hard to follow everything and stay informed about stand-out players, results, interesting matches and cool plays. But there is a solution: you can simply tune in to The DPC Show from the one and only Dan Offen (who you might know as our beloved host from the Position 6 Podcast).

The DPC Show is a weekly format on YouTube where Dan discussed the latest events in the DPC with various Dota personalities. The next episode takes place on Monday, 25 January and features the following guests:

  • TeaGuvnor
  • Danog
  • 1437
  • Kips
  • MoFarah
  • Neph

The show is also available on various podcast platforms.

If you are interested in the show, you can check out the preview episode below. Please note that this is a private project by Dan to create some entertaining content for the community, and it is not affiliated with Valve or any tournament organisers.

Dan will still continue with the weekly Position 6 Podcast, so stay tuned for even more amazing chats with pro players and personalities.

You can follow Dan on Twitter at @danieloffen and leave some kind words for his projects

Photo credit: Beyond The Summit