joinDOTA Auto Chess - Cup #6

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    Dota Auto Chess
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2019-03-18 23:59 CET
2019-03-11 14:00 CET

Tournament Information

Current Information

Tournament has concluded, congrats to LhamaDoto for winning!!


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Quick Rules

  • Match mode is a private lobby of Dota Auto Chess with up to 8 participants
  • Each cup has up to 64 participants and is played in three rounds. An unlimited amount of participants can sign up to each cup - then the first 64 participants to check in from 30 minutes before each cup will be eligible to play. For further details please check our guide
  • The longer a participant survives within a match, the higher the ranking is. In case two or more participants are tied please see the scoring rules.
  • The top 4 participants of each match in Round 1 advance to Round 2, the top 4 participants of each match in Round 2 advance to the final
  • After the game is over, the winners have to submit a screenshot of the scoreboard and upload it on the match page.

Click here for full set of rules.

How do you sign up? Find answers in our detailed guide.

You are not quite sure what to do at which point? Check out our FAQ!

If you still have questions, please write a support ticket.


Round 2

Round 1