ESL One Birmingham 2018

  • Start Date:
  • End Date:
  • Type:
    LAN Event
  • Prize Pool:
  • Location:
    Birmingham, UK
  • Host / Series:
# Team Additional Prizes Prize (EUR)
1. RU VP 750 pts 423,673 EUR
2. OpTic Gaming WORLD OpTic 450 pts 169,469 EUR
3. paiN Gaming* BR paiN* 225 pts 84,735 EUR
4. Fnatic WORLD Fnatic 75 pts 50,841 EUR
5. OG EU OG 28,810 EUR
5. Mineski MY Mski 28,810 EUR
7. LGD.Forever Young CN LFY 13,558 EUR
7. Team Liquid EU Liquid 13,558 EUR
7. Team Spirit RU Spirit 13,558 EUR
10. Newbee CN NewB 6,779 EUR
10. Vici Gaming CN VG 6,779 EUR
10. Evil Geniuses US EG 6,779 EUR

Participating Teams


Main Event Play-off

Round Robin Decider Stage

Group Stage

Only the top two teams in each group will move on to the main stage.
Group winners will advance to the Round Robin stage.
Top 2 teams from the Round Robin stage are seeded into Semifinals.
3rd place from Round Robin stage and Group Stage 2nd place teams are seeded into Quaterfinals.

Group A

Group B

Group C


Southeast Asia Qualifier

CIS Qualifier

Europe Qualifier

North America Qualifier

South America Qualifier

China Qualifier

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