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Prize Pool

*5th Place #1,500FormatEach Region will operate separately, with no cross-over play at any stage of the Tournaments. Each Region’s Tournament will include a series of Round Robin Stages followed by a Championship Match.Round Robin Stage One: 8 Teams, all Teams play all other Teams in 1 Game, and the bottom 3 Teams get Knocked Out.Round Robin Stage Two: 5 Teams, all Teams play all other Teams in 2 Games, and the bottom 2 Teams get Knocked OutRound Robin Stage Three: 3 Teams, all Teams play all other Teams in 3 Games, and the bottom Team gets Knocked Out.Championship Match: 2 Teams, Best of 5 Games


Stage 1

#NameW-LBonPts1ua Natus Vincere0-0-01eu Fnatic0-0-01eu Sigma.int0-0-01ru Team Empire0-0-01ru rox.KIS0-0-01ru Virtus.pro0-0-01by Power Rangers0-0-01kz Next.kz0-0-0#NameW-LBonPts1world Cloud 90-0-01us Team Liquid0-0-01us eHug0-0-01pe For Sweet Revenge0-0-01br Swagenteiger0-0-01us Denial eSports0-0-01us S A D B O Y S0-0-01us Pool Sorcery S.T.0-0-0