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    Online Invite
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Prize Money


5th-10th Prize - ~$400


All matches are BO3 with a BO5 3rd Place Decider and Grand Finals.


Note: Imperious will be replacing Neolution.int in all future RGN matches. They will also be taking over Neo.int's points.

Note2: Zenith has forfeited all RGN matches. They are pulling out from the tournament.

Note3: Tongfu are pulling out from this tournament and will be replaced by Amgd.Awake.

Note4: Rattlesnake are pulling out from this tournament. They won't be replaced by any team.

Note5: Rattlesnake decided to continue playing the tournament.

Note6: ACE has disallowed Rstars and Rsnake from playing in this tournament.

Note7: With the release of Orange's entire squad,Titan.Esports will replace Orange in the league.

Note8: Mufc is replaced with Orange.

GroupStage is in Round Robin format.
All games are BO1.