The Asia

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The Asia - Day 2

17:40 by Jaywalker

LGD are the champions of The Asia! MUFC fell short as they were unable to defeat the Chinese powerhouse. LGD walks away with $15,000 and MUFC takes home $9,000. Thank you to both teams for showing us great games, hopefully more will come in the next edition of The Asia!

16:40 by Jaywalker

LGD has just taken game 1 of the grand final against MUFC in a convincing fashion! MUFC's laning choices were mediocre relative to the Chinese and paid a heavy price as they fell behind early as they could neither farm well nor gank well. Yao's Bounty Hunter was terrorizing and got out of control. Will the Malaysians be able to step up their game? They will need to if they want to have a chance standing up against the Chinese, who are on fire right now.

14:00 by Jaywalker

MiTH.Trust will be facing up against Orange in the battle for third place. Third place winners will walk away with $6,000 while the losers will win nothing. It is all down to this best of one match, will Lakelz be able to carry the Thais to victory, or will the Malaysians be able to please the home crowd? Make sure you tune into the broadcast casted by Toby and Jtan!

The Asia - Day 1

17:25 by Jaywalker

In another match, N9 faced up against LGD in a match which the winner would drastically improve their chances to advance to the playoffs. N9 went with an unorthodox Spectre pick but were completely shut down by LGD's deadly aggressive trilane with Sven, KotL, and Leshrac. Spectre had little farm and had zero impact in the game. LGD gradually suffocated N9 and won the game convincingly. With this loss, N9 finds themselves in a dire situation where they must win against MUFC to hold on to their chances to advance in the competition.

17:15 by Jaywalker

As The Asia progresses, we continue to see exciting games along with exciting picks. During N9 vs 1st.VN we saw the Aussie/Malaysian mix utilising the mobility of Phantom Assassin to great effect up against a Sven. Heroes like Pudge are also featured in a few games, although the butcher had little success after the early game.

But the best game so far would definitely be Orange up against Zenith. The home team got off to an amazing start and both kyxy and YamateH both getting good farm and kills. Things looked grim for Zenith but against all odds they were able to hold off countless push attempts through xy's amazing Tinker play and iceiceice's Lone Druid. Ultimately, Orange were too far ahead and Zenith could do little as their throne gets destroyed.

13:45 by Jaywalker

The first round of games have just ended, and there are some interesting results. Tournament favorites LGD found themselves defeated by the home favorites MUFC after an extremely intense game which saw the crowd go wild as the Malaysians (& hyhy) played with perfect synergy to overcome the early pressure from LGD. The game was an example of extreme gaming. Natural 9 will be playing up against dark horses 1st.VN, be sure to tune for more action!

The Asia - Setup Day

18:32 by TobiWan

Just had a meeting down at the event where we basically talked through the production of the event, still waiting for alot of stuff to be setup before we can do a test run later tonight. Managed to take another few pictures which should appear in the gallery on this page. I also added some ones from the Cosplay area, but they are not 100% appropriate for jD so they are just on my facebook page :)

15:30 by TobiWan

So I finally hit the time when the rest is over and the event is about to begin. I say rest, over the past few days I have spent some time with a good friend from Rapture, had lunch with the SMM crew and dinner with the infamous Vincent of eClub. Just got back from seeing the event for the first time and threw some pictures up on my facebook page, they will appear on the joinDOTA galleries once they have been cleaned up a bit by Moose.

Heading back down in about an hour to meet up with the other guys involved in the event and will get you some hopefully more completed shots.


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