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    LAN Event
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Prize Pool

# Team Prize (EUR)
Invictus Gaming
iG Invictus Gaming
15,400 EUR
7,000 EUR
Devil Mice*
DM* Devil Mice*
3,000 EUR


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Event Blog

Arrived the day before.

17:24 by TobiWan

Back at the hotel after spending some time at the event halls, and got ALOT of pictures for you to see. The first thing people will see when they enter the event is in Hall A and it is the DOTA 2 booth and then straight into the main WCG stage. There are 3 stages, 2 of which will have DOTA2 on them, one is run by a Korean group (really fancy stage) and the other by a Chinese group (looks pretty swank as well).

I will spend most of my time in Hall A but the main gaming area is in Hall D next to the 2nd english casting area. Will take as many walks as I can to get some pics with the players, will be heading to the welcome party shortly so catch you on the flip side.

11:07 by TobiWan

So I just arrived at the hotel after a nice flight and then a 1 hour bus ride. The digs are really nice and we passed the WCG event halls on the way here, hoping to visit them later today and will get you a couple of pics.

Found the Mousesports team already here in the lobby but for now tho, I need to find the other casters as we have a meeting to do some time soon. Oh, and will be writing all the time marks in the local time.

China here I come

14:00 by TobiWan

Sitting in the airport of Helsinki, only an hour or so to wait for the flight to Shanghai. So for there have been no problems at all and if it remains that way will be doing another update tomorrow morning when I arrive.

05:05 by TobiWan

So seems I am unable to sleep before my flight, but on the bright side it means I have been able to update the livestream links on the coverage page. WCG have also made a hub for all the livestreams across all the languages available here.

00:06 by TobiWan

So, we managed to get the coverage page up and running, all your DOTA2 info will be available here as well as anything else I can get my hands on while in China. This will include pictures, more blog updates and all the streams and results your eyes can handle.