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04.11.2012 - The Grand Final

11:43 by HolyMaster

And it's another title for the Russian/Ukranian superpower Natus Vincere. The Americans couldn't keep up with their opponent's strong performance today and suffers a 0:2 loss. That is 12000$ and Na'Vi and 8k for Dignitas. Pictures can be found in the gallery.

10:45 by HolyMaster

Na'Vi convincingly takes the first game. Asside from some occasional overcommitting, that was pretty flawless. Dignitas has to step up now to keep the match alive.

09:03 by HolyMaster

The finalists are setting up on the mainstage. Half an hour to go!

03.11.2012 - Groupstage and Semifinals

18:53 by HolyMaster

ShiBa 2:0 Imaginary. The French and Danish mix secures the third place and 5000$. That is it for today. The grand final between Natus Vincere and Team Dignitas will take place at 9:30 tomorrow on the ESWC main stage.

17:02 by HolyMaster

Na'Vi seals the deal with another solid performance and follows Dignitas into the grand final. In the end everything went as expected. The final won't be before tomorrow, but we still have the third place decider to watch in just a few minutes. Imaginary Gaming is the clear underdog against ShiBa Gaming in this remake of the ESWC France finals.

16:14 by HolyMaster

After they needed over an hour to gain the first win, Shiba Gaming just got bashed to death within not even a quarter of that time. Impressive respond from Na'Vi with a hardcore pushstrat. 1:1. It's hard to imagine the French overcoming them a second time.

15:34 by HolyMaster

This tournament just got serious as ShiBa Gaming takes a 1:0 lead against Natus Vincere. The French managed to get the bottomraxes quite early while not losing a single tower themselves during the first 30 minutes. But a few good fights kep Na'Vi in the game and resulted in a very passive and farm orientated lategame. After half an hour of waiting and a few occasional single kills for the deciding teamfights, the French successfully crushed Na'Vi at their toptower and finish the game. But the underdog has to score a second time in order to eliminate their opponents from the competition. Can Na'vi turn it around?

15:19 by HolyMaster

That was fast! While ShiBa and Na'Vi are not even done with their first game, Dignitas is already done. The Americans stomped Imaginary twice in a row in less than 20 minutes and marches into the grand final. A little disappoining from Img who seemed to be a lot stronger during the groupstage. Impressive performance however by Team Dignitas. They win at least 8000 dollars.

12:53 by HolyMaster

Imaginary Gaming puts up a really good fight against Na'Vi, but it wasn't enough to defeat the Eastern European giant. If they can keep this level of play up, they might have a chance against Dignitas though. The other matches finished without surprises as well: Dignitas defeated Scuta, and ShiBa eliminated WWG. Casual celebrates a meaningless win against Baranet. This is the end of the groupstage. Everything went as expected. The bo3 semifinals are Na'Vi vs. ShiBa and Dignitas vs. Imaginary. Those will start (simultaneously) at 14:00 CET.

12:04 by HolyMaster

Dignitas keeps the upperhand in the best match so far. ShiBa kept it exciting for a while, but after half an hour Tiny couldn't be stopped anymore. This gives the Americans the huge advantage of most likely not facing Na'Vi (who easily beat B_NeT) in the semifinals. Therefore it would have been cool to see a bo3 between them and the French. Their designated opponent is Imaginary Gaming who just defeated Casual Gaming and therefore survives Group A along with Na'Vi. Scuta from Kosovo grabbed a probably worthless victory against WWG. The second matches have been a lot closer than the first ones overall (except for Na'Vi).

10:39 by HolyMaster

The Dota 2 tournament has finally started and the first round went as one sided as expected. Dignitas and ShiBa had no troubles defeating WWG and Scuta, while Imaginary rolled over B_net without a single death. Na'Vi's expected victory against Casual was even the closest game so far. The next matches start in 25 minutes, including Shiba Gaming vs. Dignitas. Picutures of all teams are in our gallery

01.11. & 02.11.2012 - Before the Event

Friday 21:06 by HolyMaster

We have a final lineup with eight teams now. All four present French teams made it into the tournament in the end. You can see the group in our news. Dignitas vs Shiba Gaming (aka Team Shakira) is the match to look out for in an overall quite uninteresting groupstage. Na'Vi should have an easy time winning Group A. Starting time is 9:30 tomorrow. Keep in mind that the semfinals follow in the afternoon.

Friday 11:11 by HolyMaster

False alarm! Dignitas solved the issue and will take another flight today. If anything, only one of their players will be late, but since they are going to attend with six, this is no big deal. The headadmin also told me that there's no way they get disqualified for such a thing.

Friday 10:39 by HolyMaster

It looks like Dignitas will arrive very late, since their flight got canceled. They won't be here before 14:00 tomorrow - the groupstage is supposed to be finished at this time. Let's hope the administration has a backup plan and doesn't kick them out. This lineup from this tournament has suffered enough!

Friday 09:39 by HolyMaster

I made it to the location and got my stuff setup. Ready for action! The problem is that there's no Dota yet today. So all I can offer is a few pictures from the gaming area and the stage. Those will be up soon.

Thursday 14:34 by TobiWan

There are currently alot of issues confirming which teams will be attending and if the tournament will be forced to run a single group stage. We will update as soon as we know more, one thing we can say is for the teams that do not turn up and extra team will be taken from the French qualifier.

Thursday 14:00 by TobiWan

We have just released this coverage page so you can find everything you need concerning the ESWC Finals. There will only be one livestream for DOTA2 which will be hosted by myself streaming from Berlin, we will be having also local support from Holymaster who will be providing pictures as well as all the infomation we need concerning the tournament.

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