VoD: Valentines Day Challenge - Semi Final 2

Length: 32:55
Date: February 19, 2012
Caster: jD Red

DeviousAlpha wrote at 20.02.2012, 17:13 CET:
You heard it here first folks, Wagamama is "quite a mouthful." -Sayuri
gatman900 wrote at 20.02.2012, 21:07 CET:
Hahha I enjoyed this cast immensely...Daisy does so much funny stuff like writing 'noob' on the map and then saying dota 2 is too hard gotta play hello kitty island I lol'd so hard! Sayuri you are a pretty good caster you have a very pleasant voice and you seem to have an eye for everything that's going on in the game maybe you should give casting a try...i know dota players would die for a female caster who's actually good at it! Again, great cast.
gatman900 wrote at 20.02.2012, 21:29 CET:
And Dendi saying PLAN RUINED...LOL!

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