VoD: Natural 9 vs Moscow 5 - BenQ the Clash - Grand Final - Game 3 - Part 2

Length: 79:30
Date: December 22, 2011
Caster: jD Red

WhlteFang wrote at 22.12.2011, 08:33 CET:
Holy mother..
woopedazz wrote at 22.12.2011, 09:32 CET:
Good game is good.
Swaley wrote at 22.12.2011, 12:25 CET:
the best i watched till now...
Hertock wrote at 22.12.2011, 15:52 CET:
why this is not HD? :(
aescht wrote at 22.12.2011, 16:26 CET:
*** The 1400 crit on Dendi xD ***
Holy shit, I consider this the best game I've ever seen!
gabucan101 wrote at 23.12.2011, 04:31 CET:
this proves Dendi can play any role >:)
Vilko wrote at 23.12.2011, 14:35 CET:
Toby looks physically exhausted by the end.
2792L wrote at 26.12.2011, 17:08 CET:
probably the best game of dota 2 i've seen so far...
Muaziz wrote at 29.12.2011, 18:25 CET:
This game is a monumental example of why we need a "Feature VODs" section!

Epic, epic game. I've been very, very impressed with N9 over these past two weeks. In The Defense tournament, they did lose to Na'Vi in the group stage, but that was a very close game. They are definitely a top tier team.

Gratz to N9 on taking down 1st place with a thrilling game 3!
nEotux wrote at 02.01.2012, 21:56 CET:
This is the most exciting game in the world of Dota2 with the highest amount of overturns I've seen so far. Epic game,epic players. Both teams definitely deserved their place in the finals.
Congratulations to winners of the BenQ Dota Clash - Natural9 aswell to the secondranked team of Moscow5.
Hope to see more from you,cheers :)

edited by nEotux at 02.01.2012, 22:04 CET
Zeeevil wrote at 10.01.2012, 17:03 CET:
Dang! This is how Dota 2 should be played! EPIC!
grace555 wrote at 15.01.2012, 16:07 CET:
natural 9 is gd i think we can safely say that they can and are well able to defeat NAVI

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