VoD: The Defense - Quantic vs NaVi - Playoffs - Game 1

Length: 64:58
Date: July 21, 2012
Caster: jD Red

Tpimp wrote at 22.07.2012, 03:44 CEST:
NA dota too strong :D
Un_der_score wrote at 22.07.2012, 06:20 CEST:
I knew Quantic could put it on Na'Vi. I knew second game Paint would expect a teamfight lineup and outpick them, too.
Amraa wrote at 22.07.2012, 11:09 CEST:
good job spoiling everything for me fanboy
Typhos wrote at 22.07.2012, 11:42 CEST:
cheers for the spoils
2old2play wrote at 22.07.2012, 14:55 CEST:
so it's already spoiled but i think navi tries low bracket scenario to be prepared for every scenario in TI2
wrote at 22.07.2012, 18:10 CEST:
dafuq instant spoiler
katta wrote at 23.07.2012, 13:24 CEST:
total role reversal, 1 standin and still it takes em 1 hour to take navi down :3
Un_der_score wrote at 24.07.2012, 01:53 CEST:
I'm sure the second game more than made up for it. Wait, didn't Quantic just form this specific lineup like a couple weeks ago? Poor Na'Vi...
Bjorn wrote at 25.07.2012, 13:28 CEST:
GL to your team at international fanboy! Oh,wait..
AtTheApex wrote at 26.07.2012, 00:03 CEST:
Bjorn wrote:
GL to your team at international fanboy! Oh,wait..

^Uh... how mean ;-) give it right to that spoiling tard!

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