KuroKy: "Even my dad likes Mushi!"

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Our very own de Christian 'Epi' Czech has done it again. This time he sat down with
the German support player from ua 'Natus Vincere' de Kuro 'KuroKy' Salehi Takhasomi, who talks about his experiences at the International 2013 as well as about Alliance including their weaknesses. In this 84 minute interview he also touches upon the internal issues Na'Vi had, the relationship to his parents and provides his thoughts about some recent lineup-changes.

Here are some highlights from the interview, but I recommend everyone to watch the whole video, since KuroKy makes many interesting points. If you liked the content, make sure to also check out Epi's other videos, where he interviewed eu 'Kaipi'`s pieliedie as well as EternalEnvy.
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Can you explain Alliance? Right now, when we see them play, everything looks so smooth.

In my opinion, Alliance is a team, that plays with structure, something that we don't see too often. When you look at the top 3 from the International, I think Orange and Na'Vi are two teams without real structure compared to Alliance. Alliance's gameplan is just very solid each game and they never change their core idea - that's why they are always stable.

The differences (XBOCT called two unnamed team mates being "useless idiots", apologized later) , I know you said you can't talk about it too much, is about the strategy? Just to know what are the roots of the differences.

No, its not about strategies. These people have no right to complain about strategies since its only me and Puppey doing the draft. (...) About the tension between Puppey and Xboct, I think its something which goes on for quite some time. I know there were a lot of rumors around me being replaced, but rumors are rumors. My position in Na'Vi was never endangered - not even 1%. It was some other guys' position, but in the end we came to the conclusion: No point to change the roster, because we are very successful and with this new roster Na'Vi was able to win a Lan outside of Ukraine.

What is your opinion on Mushi? Have you had a chance on talking to him at the International?

He can't really speak English, but I talked a little bit with him - I know the guy since 2009. He's a very likeable person, a very cool guy! There is nothing to not like about him! Everyone likes him. Even my Dad likes him. When I came back from the International, my father started talking about it and he never really talked about DOTA. It was the first time and he is a fan of Mushi.

What did he say, after you came back from the International?

He is very proud of me. We come from rather poor standards. My mother is not able to work because of her sickness and my father works as a cab-driver, so this whole e-sport thing was my biggest point in my life to provide for my family. He was really proud that I've achieved so much. The money I've got, is money I don't need, so I gave it to my parents so they can live an easy life. My parents, especially my father has been working a lot throughout his life to provide everything for me and my brother, and I always wanted to give something back. With this International I can finally buy them some freedom: They haven't taken any holidays for 10 years and they want to visit their home country, which is Iran to see their family they haven't seen for a decade.

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