SL XII Day 2: Cloud9 last Western team standing versus China's iG and VG

The penultimate day of StarLadder XII drew to a close after an extremely early exit for Secret and strong results by Cloud9 now leave us with only one Western team left standing against the formidable iG and VG in tomorrow's final showdown. Both BurNing and IceIceIce have been on form in their respective teams meaning Jacky 'EternaLEnVy' Mao's squad will have their work cut out for them tomorrow. Find out what went down today...

7ckngMad believes TI5 qualifiers "have to be on LAN" to be fair

The Alliance's Sebastien '7ckngMad' Debs weighed in on the TI5 invites and qualier formats ahead of the big reveal in the coming week or two in an interview with SLTV during Starladder XII earlier today. The only non-Swedish player in Alliance's now permanent roster, 7ckngMad believes a LAN qualifier is the only way to go for the upcoming TI5 qualifiers and also proposes the idea of abolishing regional qualifiers in favour...

Vega recruit experience by adding Solo and Mag to the squadron

After leaping into the professional scene of Dota 2 and causing one upset after another, Vega Squadron.G2A fell back into the shadows last month. The departure of Maxim 'TpoH' Vernikov shook the team and their struggle with securing a stable roster has clearly affected their game. With the addition of CIS hotshots Andrey 'Mag' Chipenko and Aleksey 'Solo' Berezin the course of events is looking to take a bout turn for...

Starladder XII Day Two - Massive headshots, Secret's out!

Starladder XII Day Two is here! The heat is on as The Alliance snipe Team Secret's place in the next round with a clean 2-0, forcing them out of the tournament. The talk of the town was the rampage by Pajkatt on a certain Dwarven marksman, and Secret's early exit has altered the expected narrative of the competition and definitely sparked the interest of viewers. Read on to catch the recap if you missed the action!

Empire and NiP to join VG and Burden in the S5 D2CL LAN Finals: recap and preview!

Team Empire and Ninjas in Pyjamas join the stacked field of contenders. Empire survived an incredible comeback to take the first EU qualifier spot, and Adrian 'Era' Kryeziu's heroics against the flailing Balkan Bears Corleone pushed NiP through to the LAN Final. The Russians seem ready to re-claim the D2CL title after a disappointing 3rd place finish last season. But a jade Vici dynasty rises from the East, alongside a...

Starladder XII Day One in a nutshell - iG and MY mean business

Day one of StarLadder XII is done and dusted and as the second day beckons, we run through the major talking points from the opening day. For many of these teams, a good performance here, could secure not only a large sum of money and bragging rights but also a precious TI invite. An early exit might mean having to go through qualifiers.

Valve to the rescue: The International to become one of FOUR events throughout the year!

Following a rather hectic run-up to TI5 with roster changes left right and center, Valve is about to step up to the plate to instigate some structure amidst the chaos. The Dota Major Championships which will start this Autumn, will be an annual series of four events, with the International being one of them. How does this solve roster chaos? Simple. Trade periods will be in effect for competing teams. Dota 2 just got serious.

12 teams compete for three LAN spots as NiP and Alliance join the fray

The joinDOTA MLG Pro League Season 2 playoffs for Asia and America are already under way as they kicked off earlier this week. Last but not least will be the anticipated Europe section where the participating teams will have to fight their way through a tough bracket. Their endeavor to grab one of the three available LAN spots will begin tomorrow evening and progress over two weeks time.