NVIDIA GAME24 Invitational tomorrow

Tomorrow the online GAME24 Dota 2 Invitational tournament will finally commence as part of the unprecedented 24-hour NVIDIA GAME24, a celebration of PC Gaming on a global scale. Cloud9, Alliance, Team EG and Team Tinker are the chosen four to compete in the high stakes single elimination best-of-5 playoffs. More details inside.

ESL ONE adds Pyrion and ActionSlacks

ESL has bolstered their talent for the upcoming ESL One New York by adding eSports legend Marcus “DjWheat” Graham to the host panel as well as two extremely popular community figures in Ted “PyrionFlax” Forsyth and Jacob “SirActionSlacks” Kanner.

ESL One brings back an all-star cast

With 3 weeks left until the grand spectacle of ESL One New York kicks off, the organisers of ESL One unveil the talent line-up for New York, with 3 new names yet to come. All the personalities from the ESL One edition in Frankfurt will return including Merlini, 7ckngMad and SyndereN.

Bounty Hunter Series is back with #6

The sixth edition of the Bounty Hunter Series will feature the current King of the Hill Team Empire defend their honor against Natus Vincere in less than a week. Once again, two incredible teams will battle for glory and $1,000 in an epic Best-of-5 that tests both skill and endurance.

ESL One NY: VG takes revenge for TI

Just now, Vici Gaming swept the floor with The International Champions NewBee on the road to ESL One NY with a clean 3-0 victory. The champion of The International 4 failed to repeat their performance of Seattle, while Vici Gaming takes the only Chinese ticket to New York after showcasing their current form.

Turning Points: Na'Vi and Tinker lock h...

Tonight's showing in the Dota 2 Champions League had the freshly reshuffled Natus Vincere facing up against the new team full of old favourites Team Tinker. The Bo2 series was a veritable back and forth between the two teams, with aggressive play ensuring decisive victories from both teams resulting in a surprisingly exciting draw.

$470,000 WCA unveiled, 8 teams invited

In the wake of WEC we will be blessed with another invite-only LAN event in China next month, with the World Cyber Arena 2014. The total prize pool for the entire WCA event is $3,200,000, with $470,000 dedicated to DOTA 2. Four foreign teams were chosen to join the Chinese top 4. Find out who got the invites after the jump.

Titan dominates MSI Dragon Battle

Titan defeated their Southeast Asian rivals First Departure in yesterday's MSI Dragon Battle, claiming the $1,500 first prize and proving that they are still a force to be reckoned with in the SEA region. Together with their newest standin Mushi, Titan steamrolled through the grand final.