Empire and NiP to join VG and Burden in the S5 D2CL LAN Finals: recap and preview!

Team Empire and Ninjas in Pyjamas join the stacked field of contenders. Empire survived an incredible comeback to take the first EU qualifier spot, and Adrian 'Era' Kryeziu's heroics against the flailing Balkan Bears Corleone pushed NiP through to the LAN Final. The Russians seem ready to re-claim the D2CL title after a disappointing 3rd place finish last season. But a jade Vici dynasty rises from the East, alongside a...

Starladder XII Day One in a nutshell - iG and MY mean business

Day one of StarLadder XII is done and dusted and as the second day beckons, we run through the major talking points from the opening day. For many of these teams, a good performance here, could secure not only a large sum of money and bragging rights but also a precious TI invite. An early exit might mean having to go through qualifiers.

Valve to the rescue: The International to become one of FOUR events throughout the year!

Following a rather hectic run-up to TI5 with roster changes left right and center, Valve is about to step up to the plate to instigate some structure amidst the chaos. The Dota Major Championships which will start this Autumn, will be an annual series of four events, with the International being one of them. How does this solve roster chaos? Simple. Trade periods will be in effect for competing teams. Dota 2 just got serious.

12 teams compete for three LAN spots as NiP and Alliance join the fray

The joinDOTA MLG Pro League Season 2 playoffs for Asia and America are already under way as they kicked off earlier this week. Last but not least will be the anticipated Europe section where the participating teams will have to fight their way through a tough bracket. Their endeavor to grab one of the three available LAN spots will begin tomorrow evening and progress over two weeks time.

StarLadder XII - the last LAN before The International 5 invites

The previous seasons of StarLadder have been a bit disappointing with most of the top Western teams pulling out and Chinese players having their visas denied. However, this time the tournament has stepped up by introducing a fresh format, new LAN location and larger prize pool. As a result we have a stacked LAN finals that for many will be the only chance to play an offline event before the The International 5 invites come...

LC on StarLadder: "The prospect of LAN doesn't scare us ... it makes us stronger"

London Conspiracy are definitely on the rise, and the Greek line-up behind the British organisation are hoping for more than just a cameo at Starladder XII. Their biggest achievement so far was their success during the groupstages of the Starladder, managing to advance to the LAN finals. With their biggest appearance to date just two days away, we spoke to Omar 'Madara' Dabasas and Nikos 'ReaLaxXx' Kiazolis from LC.

Handsken on NiP: "I want a conversation, I don't want to be a dictator"

The Ninjas in Pyjamas captain Simon 'Handsken' Haag who has led his team to two bronze medals in the space of over a month opened up on Coffee with Toffees about the the addition of Limmp, how he would 'kill himself' if none of his team-mates were vocal and of course the looming TI invites. 'If we get a TI invite it's all going to be worth it,' said Handsken. Read what else he had to say inside.

joinDOTA MLG Pro League Season 2 kicks off with Asia and Americas action!

The second season of the joinDOTA MLG Pro League is ready for launch with the Asia and America regions leading the way. The teams are in, the brackets have been drawn, and we're setting both off tomorrow, April 21st, starting with Chai 'Mushi' Yee Fung and MY taking on Arcanys. We've also unveiled the second direct invite for Season 2.