CN qualifiers Grand Finals: TI4 Runner-up rOtk shows that he still has got what it takes

The sun has set on the TI5 Chinese Qualifiers with TI4 runner-up captain rOtk showing us all that he still has what it takes to lead his team to glory. Even when faced with strong opponenets, the maturity and experience of rOtk and laNm, accompanied by the team's excellent execution, secured EHOME a direct ticket to Seattle.

Empire to play their 1st LAN in China! MarsTV Dota 2 League line up complete!

MarsTV announced the final line up for their 2015 Rescuer MarsTV Dota 2 League in Shanghai. Six Chinese teams and four Western squads will battle for the base prize pool of around $241,000. The tournament will feature teams like Vici Gaming, Team Secret and Cloud 9 G2A. A lot of fans will probably be glad to hear that Team Empire received the final invite. It will be their first appearance on the Chinese soil.

Faceless Rex is now in the workshop!

What started out as a gag from Valve for the Faceless Void remodel has turned into a courier you can vote for in the workshop. Have a look at the special flying animation that Maxim 'MaxOf2SD' Lebled has added in the latest update. If it will be in the game or not is for you to decide!

Qualifiers by Numbers: Europe and SEA

The qualifier projections for the Americas and China qualifiers have turned out stunningly accurate, correctly predicting 70% of individual groupstage games (including 65.9% of closely-ranked teams) and 100% of bracket matches. But Southeast Asia and Europe are fiercely contested regions this year. With less than a day to finalize your predictions, don't you want to check which teams will be fighting against the odds?

Goodbye rares - lower odds dominate the higher odds in day 3 of CN qualifiers

Due to the results of the groupstage, CDEC.Douyu and Wings Gaming were given the higher odds in their respective matches by community bets on Dota 2 Lounge. However, Lady Luck did not shine today as EHOME and Energy Pacemaker fought tooth and nail and managed to rise the victor. Take a quick look inside to see how the action unfolded in the first day of Chinese playoffs.

compLexity surge past mouz! Americas playoffs are set!

The groupstages for the TI5 Americas Qualifiers are finished with the Playoff brackets drawn up and ready for Day 3. In group A, North American Rejects firmly held onto the number one spot, while Void Boys fought off the Peruvian hopes Not Today in their crucial head-to-head match. As for group B, the fighting went late into the night after compLexity jumped past Mouz, forcing them to fight for their TI5 lives.

Dota 2 Majors to be organised in-house by Valve - no third parties involved?

According to the TheDailyDot, Valve have changed their minds and have decided to host the upcoming quarterly Dota 2 Majors in-house themselves, instead of by 'Valve-sponsored events hosted by third-party organizers'. Apparently 'sources within several esports organizations' received this news earlier today meaning that Valve will only 'collaborate with other tournament organizers from a broadcast production standpoint'.

R.i.P. Compendium predictions as Wings and CDEC top Group B. HGT out!

The Compendium Qualification predictions have been the talk among the Dota 2 community for some time and getting the predictions right may grant up to 750 compendium points! Sadly, today is the day where some of these points will be lost as the Group B favourite, HGT, fails to make the cut. Even some of our casters did not see this coming. What about the other predictions? Find out if it's still possible to claim your...