ESL One NY: Secret prevails in nailbiter

Tonight's match in the european qualifier of ESL One New York between Virtus.Pro and Secret Team had everything you could wish for in a Bo3. Innovative drafts, comebacks and BigDaddy's Io. If you missed the drama and excitement of last night's match worry not, for we have the VODs and the 411.

DOTACinema releases "The Ultimate Chest"

Earlier this evening DOTACinema released their latest submission to the workshop entitled 'The Ultimate Chest' which includes five gems they hope could be equipped to certain heroes to alter the particle effects their ultimates. However, such a function does not exist in the main client at the moment. Have a look inside to decide if it should.

ESL One NY: Na'Vi shred apart Fnatic

The qualifiers for the ESL One NY proceed to the next round, with Na'Vi facing up against Fnatic, both running a new roster after the post-TI4 reshuffle. Only one team can remain in the upper bracket and sure enough both will try their best to stay there, providing us with an evening full of fun eand exciting Dota!

LGD crushes ESL One's defending champion

Invictus Gaming's journey towards ESL One New York has already come to an end. The defending champion could not deliver against LGD Gaming during the group stage, which lead to iG's elimination after an entertaining but awkward last game that ended within 15 minutes. Tomorrow, the semi finals of the Chinese qualifier will decide which two teams...

ESL ONE NY: Secret vs VP preview

Tonight we continue with the European qualifiers of ESL ONE New York with Team Secret playing Virtus Pro. So far S4 and his new team have won 8 of their 9 matches, but this will be their toughest match to date. If Puppey and JotM reach a stale-mate in the draft, the outcome of this encounter will be all about execution.

Dethrone Jimmy89 in GIGABYTE Betting King

The GIGABYTE Betting King challenge has now almost reached it's half-way point with June's winner jimmy89 currently sitting in second place, reaching last month's final tally in just half the time. With 17 matches available to bet on today, including Team Secret's match versus VP in the ESL One New York Qualifiers, it is time to bet.

D2CL forced to cancel Chinese division

Unfortunately just hours ago the D2CL announced that the Chinese division for Season 4 will be cancelled. Despite 'four-party negotiations', the clash of the Bucharest LAN-finals with a major Chinese tournament organised by the Chinese government means that the D2CL has been forced to change the format of their new season. Find out the details...

StarLadder announce 4 seasons for 2015

StarLadder have officially set out their plans for the ENTIRE year of 2015 and the start of 2016, with plans for 4 seperate seasons of the popular tournament coming over the next 18 months, each with online qualifiers and 4 day LAN Finals. More information and dates of the four seasons inside.