HyperX announce the Trilogy Tour

Kingston HyperX has announced The Trilogy Tour, an online event featuring teams from Russia, Ukraine and Turkey. The tournament boasts a $12,500 dollar prize pool and will consist of two stages, a qualifier stage and a grand finale, with 7 invited teams facing off against 9 qualifiers. Registration opens on the first of November!

Beat IT Group A - VP and Rave in front

The MSI Beat IT 2014 Global finals begin today. The whole groupstage will be played out within the next ten hours. Group A features the two Western hopes Natus Vincere US and Virtus.pro, Rave from the Phillipines, and the big Lebanese underdog Wired Gaming. They face in a one game double elimination group with the top two moving on to the...

Goblak parts ways with VP.Polar

Virtus.pro announced earlier today that Artur 'Goblak' Kostenko would be leaving the second VP roster and joining Natus Vincere. Na’Vi have yet to make an official announcement regarding the roster change and so for now their official roster still contains the players competing at the D2CL LAN finals in Bucharest. VP has also yet to announce...

D2CL: Tinker ruthless in taking out SNA

It was a chance for FLUFF to take revenge on his former team-mates, and Bulba said ahead of the game that 'egos were on the line'. SNA took on Team Tinker in the opening round of the D2CL LAN Finals earlier today, with five of the ten players involved having competed for Team Liquid in the past. The winner would progress to face Na'Vi.

D2CL LAN Finals: Na'Vi burst down Empire

The D2CL Lan Finals kicked off today, with Na'Vi and Empire facing off for the second time this week on LAN, with Empire coming away the victors in the first round. Na'Vi stepped up their game and redeemed themselves with a decisive 2:0 victory over their recent imperial conquerors. With a Midas Puck, and Refreshers aplenty, it was a series well...

MSI Beat IT Jumpstarter Guide

With MSI Beat IT around the corner, many Dota 2 fans need help comparing these regional teams which often do not get an opportunity to play against each other. Refresh on the teams, learn a few new ones, and prepare for what is in store when the MSI Beat IT playoffs hit Twitch and Dota-TV this weekend. Jumpstart the MSI Beat IT experience and...

D2CL LAN Finals Survival Guide

The D2CL LAN Finals at Dreamhack Bucharest will be underway in less than 12 hours, if you're looking to know what happens when then look no further. The competition will span over three days with Team Tinker and SNA just two of the teams to reach the grand finale hosted in the capital city of Romania.

Akarrin 24 hours from Betting King crown

With the October installment of the GIGABYTE Betting King soon to wrap up, it seems we have a new challenger in town. With only two matches left to bet on this month, the champion of our GIGABYTE Betting King looks almost certain, but there is still room for a couple of surprises.