GIGABYTE Betting King already under-way in 6.84 era! Get betting!

GIGABYTE Betting King's May competition has already begun, the first in a new era of Dota 2, one in which players and fans alike are both amused and confused by a patch that has brought with it so many changes to the game. Which means it as good a time as any to get your thinking caps on to work out which team and which players can adapt, and who will fail to get with the times.

Loda on Niqua: "It’s very hard to remove your friend from a line-up."

Alliance captain Jonathan 'Loda' Berg made a statement this evening to tie-into the official announcement that AdmiralBulldog has returned to the team that he won TI3 with. Loda finally shed some light on the removal of Niclas 'Niqua' Westergård , a key player in Alliance's recent resurgence. 'It’s very hard to remove your friend from a lineup he dedicated so much of his time to, but in the end I know it is the right...

AdmiralBulldog returns to Alliance after hiatus as Twitch streamer

After Niqua confirmed on Twitter that he was out of Alliance on Thursday, the official announcement of the return of AdmiralBulldog was a mere formality. However, the announcement has finally come, and Loda quoted AdmiralBulldog's return 'is a step back to balance' following communication teams within the team. Alliance will be in action tomorrow in Cologne with the latest roster.

A peek into TI5's first immortal treasure, 7 sets in all

The $3,000,000 stretch goal has been achieved and as promised, Valve has made available the Immortal Treasure I, which is given to Compendium holders based on their Compendium level. It includes 8 immortal items, out of which 1 is a rare immortal and 1 is an extremely rare gold version of one of the immortal items in this treasure. We take a peek into the treasure and see what they look like on the heroes as well as their...

Hot6 knocked out cold by Mushi, MY qualify for jD MLG Season 2 LAN

After a well-fought series versus MVP HOT6 earlier this morning, Chai 'Mushi' Yee Fung and his fellow Malaysians have earnt themselves a place at the LAN Finals of joinDOTA's MLG Pro League Season 2. MY's victory means we know the second team to compete for the Season 2 crown. Check out this article for their road to victory, and what other jD MLG Pro League action is coming your way soon!

Reminder: ESL ASUS Play It Cool marathon, first pro tourney of 6.84

Just a polite reminder that tomorrow ESL is inviting some of the Europe's best players to fight it out over $30,000, with joinDOTA's Austin 'Capitalist' walsh and William 'Blitz' Lee part of the English broadcast. The ASUS Play It Cool Marathon features four teams and will be played on LAN on May 3rd. With a new patch recently released and big prizes on the line, which teams will hit the ground running and which will just...

iG deliver their redemption vote promise! Maids boys?

While the redemption vote for The Summit 3 was going on a lot of teams made a ton of promises in order to get fans to vote for them. In particular the later winners - Invictus Gaming promised to dress up as maids for the event. The tournament is approaching so the Chinese team will have to deliver their promise. As it appears from their weibo they are ready! Jump inside to see how the team looks like!

Lineup for DreamLeague Season 3 league phase decided

After almost two months of open qualifiers the lineup for DreamLeague Season 3 league phase is set. Four qualified squads including Burden United join the likes of invited Team Empire, Ninjas in Pyjamas, The Alliance and Natus Vincere in the battle for $100,000. The online league play starts as soon as the 4th of May.