D2CL forced to cancel Chinese division

Unfortunately just hours ago the D2CL announced that the Chinese division for Season 4 will be cancelled. Despite 'four-party negotiations', the clash of the Bucharest LAN-finals with a major Chinese tournament organised by the Chinese government means that the D2CL has been forced to change the format of their new season. Find out the details...

StarLadder announce 4 seasons for 2015

StarLadder have officially set out their plans for the ENTIRE year of 2015 and the start of 2016, with plans for 4 seperate seasons of the popular tournament coming over the next 18 months, each with online qualifiers and 4 day LAN Finals. More information and dates of the four seasons inside.

NVMI win GameShow in bizarre finals

The GameShow event at DreamHack Moscow ended with Goblak's NVMI finishing first and claiming $20,000 in prize money. It was Goblak's second 1st place on LAN, and the Ukranian was not afraid to break the mould when it came to drafting. However, the grand finals left the commentators and the viewers lost for words. #TPGaming.

DK is back with BurNIng as coach

Team DK rises from the ashes with the help of B-God and an all new roster which includes the prominent Cty, along with some familiar faces and new talent. Questions were being asked when Team DK was listed as a participating team in ECL, it seems those questions have now been answered. Team DK has been reborn, but not as you expected.

Empire unfazed by DDOS attacks

It was a tough day for the GameShow tournament administration with DDOS attacks almost shutting down their operation. It was also a nerve-wracking experience for Moscow5 and Na'vi who were left trailing following a formidable performance from Team Empire. More on the DDOS issue as well as a short groupstage recap inside.

VG and LGD co-found new team

A new collaboration between LGD Gaming and Vici Gaming was announced earlier today with the two organisations forming ' LV Gaming'. LV Gaming is a new team which combines the former CIS and the LGD Gaming subs bench.

joinDOTA looking for new Editorial staff

It is not just the professional teams who need to reshuffle their roster in the aftermath of TI4, joinDOTA's Editorial staff is also in need of new recruits. If you visit our website regularly and think you could contribute as a volunteer scene news writer or columnist, more details are inside on our requirements as well as how to apply.

ESL ONE NY: First look at US qualifiers

The American qualifiers for ESL One New York are looking tasty with the new Complexity line-up, MSS' mix team, Top5 who surprised at the TI4 qualifiers as well as Team EG and Na'Vi.US. The first match kicks off tomorrow and there is plenty to look forward to. Check out the match-ups inside.