Empire unable to attend 1st LAN of 2015

After a very unfortunate start to the 5th season of the D2L with teams pulling out of the competition the online stage has now come to an end. The first LAN of the 2015 is rapidly approaching but receives yet another blow as Team Empire who qualified for the offline finals in Las Vegas are unable to attend due to visa issues.

HR follows C9 out the door, Lajons step...

After yesterday's announcement that Cloud 9 have withdrawn from the second season of i-League, today another western team has decided to pull out. joinDOTA Masters Champions HellRaisers who won one of two Europeans spots announced that they will also not attend the event. It has already been announced that Lajons will be the replacement.

C9 withdrawal triggers follow-up ban

Cloud9 have received a ban from the next installment of i-League after dropping out of the Season 2 LAN Finals 'without giving a valid reason'. Whereas Kurtis 'Aui_2000' Ling commented on Reddit the move was down to lack of commmunication and last minute changes, as well as bringing up concerns about being paid in cash.

HR Assassinate 4ASC in jDM Grand Final

The joinDOTA Masters conclude in spectacular fashion. Two aggressive teams face eachother, fighting for the first prize and the joinDOTA Masters title. Any of the recent patch changes come into effect?

jDM Grand Final: 4ASC could win $7,000

Shortly after the announcement of the Shifting Snows patch, which brings the new winter map as well as including Techies in captains mode, viewers saw the new patch live in action in the competitive scene for the first time during the joinDOTA Masters semi final. Will the Grand Final between HR and 4ASC tomorrow bring new surprises in playstyle...

Match-fixing culprits form We Are Sorry

The former line-up of Arrow Gaming, of which two players were involved in a match-fixing drama in October, will be participating in the Vietnam Championship League, and have decided to rename themselves We Are Sorry. What is more the line-up of EvoGT also returns to competition. Will they both be able to wipe the slate clean with a fresh start?

"Lack of synergy" sees Simbaaa leave Se...

After a run of very good results after forming in the TI reshuffle, Team Secret and Tal 'Simbaaa' Aizik parts ways. Replacing him will be Rasmus 'MiSeRy' Filipsen who recently quit his 'permanent standin' role in Alliance. Could a new reshuffle between Alliance and Tinker be on the horizon?

EternalEnvy "rant" sparks heated debate

The state of Dota 2 and the quantity of tournaments have been a topic of heated debate lately. Most notably a while ago ex-VP player NS and joinDOTA's caster Tobi shared their thoughts on the problem. Now one of the top pro players EternaLEnVy have spoken out his mind, which has already triggered some response from the community.