Day 3: CDEC's 'EPIC run' takes them to the Top of Group B!

At the end of the third day of the groupstages, we have a new leader in group B: CDEC Gaming. The commotion around the biggest underdog story in the tournament has reached new heights as CDEC has continued to perform against the best teams in the world. Where did this all come from?

TI5 Groupstages Day 3: Group A in a nutshell!

As we near the end of the Groupstages at The International 2015, Group A is taking shape - and not entirely how we would have imagined. compLexity Gaming still outperformed expectations although Cloud 9 G2A have snatched their top 3 spot with a day that saw them thrash the TI2 champions Invictus Gaming. Meanwhile at the bottom, it's looking rough as three of the teams in the group remain winless.

Maybe's Lesh 'slaughtered' Secret in clash of Group A Leaders

The first match of the day was between LGD Gaming and Team Secret. By the looks of things it was the match that could be decisive when it comes to who will be on top of group A. However, after a 1-1 draw the lead has still not been taken but the way that LGD slaughtered Secret in the 2nd game, s4 and crew don't look invincible at all.

coL's swindlemelonzz: "Techies should have been auto-banned"

Two days into the International group stage, compLexity Gaming have sent shockwaves through the standings. Leading into day three of the tournament, compLexity are sitting third on the ladder with seven points, haven showed a strong display on day two against top-tier opponents. Following their strong performance, Hot_Bid has interviewed captain Kyle 'swindlemelonzz' Freedman on how he lost his passion for gaming and how no...

TI5 Groupstages Day 2: Group B - the tighter of the two

Halfway through the group stage, despite our earlier poll and the voices of the analysts saying that Group A was the harder group, it is in fact group B that is proving to be a tighter contest. Evil Geniuses in their classic style, following a mediocre day 1 performance, are back on track on day 2, topping the group. Just behind the Americans, things are extremely tight, as the next 6 teams are separated by only 3 points!

TI5 Groupstages Day 2: Group A in a nutshell!

Another day is in the books for the Groupstage action at The International 2015. On the side of Group A, although we saw fewer Divine Rapier purchases than Day 1, we still got to witness some incredible plays. Kuroky's magical Rubick RP steal and a Godlike Techies headline the highlights for Day 2. Jump in and get caught up if you've missed out!

iG.BurNIng: "We couldn't outdraft Secret" after 2-0 wipe

In an interview with MarsTV, Zhilei 'BurNing' Xu shared his thoughts on facing Team Secret. The Invictus Gaming position one also shared his thoughts on his team mates, and how their relationship impacts their playstyle.

s4's father: "He has done things that i could never dream of [...] i'm so proud"

Another great player profile was released by Valve today, this time about s4. We can hear how much he played when he was a kid, how his family treated gaming, how they felt during the TI finals and more! They believe 'he is in absolute top of this game.' Is a supportive family a key to s4's success? (image: @TeamSecretDOTA2)