StarLadder IX: Alliance vs EG #mindblown

Alliance faced Team EG for the first time ever in 2014 in the first round of the playoffs in StarSeries IX. The winner would face Team DK in the upper-bracket finals. The second match between these two was both exhilirating and stressful but definitely worth watching, with the supports finally taking the limelight. Game Two is a must-watch.

Starladder IX: iG stomp reported in Kiev

The opening match of the Starladder IX Winner's Bracket is in the books after a brutal couple of games. Some heavy chaos ensued, including DK busting out the support Meepo and a Blink Clinkz, while iG would have some of the finest push heroes in Naga Siren and Tinker.

Starladder IX: Tie-breaker revenge

Due to the set of results in Group B, a three way tie was required to sort out the brackets in the Starladder IX LAN Finals, taking place between Invictus Gaming, Natus Vincere and ROX.KiS. The top finisher would join Team EG in the winner's bracket.

StarLadder IX: Arteezy terrorises IG

With a handful of their typical heroes banned out including Shadow Fiend and Outworld Devourer Team EG were forced out of their comfort zone in their final group stage match against Invictus Gaming.

StarLadder IX: Rox.Kis outplay Na'Vi

Na'vi dropped the ball in their final groupstage match against Rox.Kis, with the Russian team coming back from a poor start to put Na'vi in all sorts of uncomfortable situations. The result means the two teams will join iG in a 3-way tie breaker at the end of Group B.

StarLadder IX: Day one summary

The opening day of the StarLadder LAN finals saw every team play out two matches, with a delightful Test of Faith by Akke against Team DK's infested lifestealer just one of the highlights of an eventful day. No team was eliminated as of yet, but by tomorrow four teams will have lost their chance at double elimination. (Photo: @Kellymilkies)

StarLadder IX: Na'Vi versus iG

With the match between iG and Na'vi one of the highlights of day one, we took a closer look at the matchup between the runner-up in StarSeries China and the six-time Starladder champions. Na'vi went into the match following a defeat to Team EG, so the pressure was on if they wanted to finish top 2 of their group.

Starladder LAN Finals: Supplementary guide

North America? Europe? China? Korea? Who are these teams and what will they bring to Kiev? We've laid it all out clear as day for you to catch up on the player roles, their favourite heroes and also some trends from the online stage of the Starladder. With the finals upon us, make sure you know your stuff!