Fng : "I'm happy that VP.Polar trust me"

Artsiom 'fng' Barshack spoke about his departure from Na'Vi, why Team Tinker shouldn't pick Tidehunter, he also praised EG's captain PPD for being able to outdraft him so ruthlessly. Fng was competing for VP.Polar as a stand-in, and gave Capitalist a background into the team. Check out this and more inside.

MPGL: Group 2 close, Aces top Group 1

The first day of the 2014 MPGL Grand Finals has concluded, with Team Malaysia and Rave coming out on top in group 2. Whilst both Nvidia Aces and Execration.tnc dominated group 1. Only two teams from each group will advance to the first stage of the winners bracket, so competition is heating up heading into day 2 with many teams facing the...

VP.Polar unable to withstand EG's push

The heavy favourite to win the whole Dream League - Evil Geniuses faced off against VP.Polar who had surprisingly passed Stage #1 to reach the first semifinal. However, the flexibility of EG's players and heavy push strats were too much for the Russians to handle.

Cloud 9 swept aside in Dreamleague upset

Round 1 of the LAN Finals of Stage 2 kicked off with VP facing Cloud 9. Both games were intense but in the end the Bears lived up to their Russian pride and managed to achieve a great victory. VP will proceed to the Winners Bracket Final where they will face EG. Meanwhile, C9 will face against VP.Polar in the Losers Bracket Final.

VP and VP.Polar defy the odds to progress

In a surprising turn of events, both Tinker and 4ASC who were voted as favourites to progress in our user poll, failed to reach the second stage of DreamLeague Season 2. Virtus Pro and Virtus Pro Polar were the two teams to pass through, where they will join Team EG and Cloud9 in the final stage of the competition which starts this afternoon.

The MPGL Grand finals kick off today!

The first day of the 2014 MPGL Grand finals kicks off today in the Philippines, and with the best teams from around the Southeast Asian region in attendance expect some exciting games. Fourteen teams will participate in this year’s final, having earned their places at the most prestigious SEA event throughout the year.

4ASC unable to weather the qojvqa Storm

The best of three coming out of the stage 1 loser’s bracket saw TT stomping 4ASC out of the tournament with a convincing 2-0 series - behind stable lanes and excellent play on qojqva's Storm Spirit. TT will face off against VP in a final series to advance to Stage 2.

Shane:"It's like disaster zone level 90...

Shane from the GD Studio tells the tale of how he broke into the DOTA2 scene with Dotanoobs, his first experiences as a commentator as well the pitfalls of trying to blag his way through hosting his own LAN. Capitalist was left in awe at the stories that came out in their conversation, and if you weren't a fan of Shane before, you definitely will...