Phoenix and Rave neck and neck whilst Jerax's Korean gamble pays off

While his former team-mates at 4 Anchors + Sea Captain fight for survival in the European qualifiers, Jesse 'JerAx' Vainikka's choice to leave 4ASC and then after Team Tinker to head abroad to South Korea seems to be paying off in group A. Meanwhile, in group B, Rave and MVP.Phoenix will decide their fates via a tie-breaker after identical results in the groupstage.

jD MLG Pro League Season 2 LAN finals schedule and groups announced!

joinDOTA MLG Pro League Season 2 LAN finals at X-Games are coming up in a week so it is time to announce the schedule and the groups! Unfortunately, two CIS teams had to pull out due to visa issues; but fear not, because Ninjas in Pyjamas and London Conspiracy have been brought in as replacements! The prize pool for the tournament has grown to over $160,000. Hop in too see how to plan the next weekend as ton of great...

Anything but a failboat: Day 1 of TI5 Europe Qualifiers leaves Marine-based teams 4ASC and YeS at the wheel

The first day of the European region's TI5 Qualifiers concludes with some unlikely standings in both of the groups; Finnish powerhouses 4 Anchors + Sea Captain top Group A, paralleled in Group B by Open Qualifier Champions Yellow Submarine, who found themselves second to fan favourites Natus Vincere. Could this be the end of a slump for the Ukranians, or will the sea-faring underdogs reign supreme in Group B?

MVP's $10,000 investment pays off at Day 1 of TI5 SEA Qualifiers

Two days ago the management of MVP Phoenix made a huge financial investment and brought both their Dota 2 teams to Singapore for the TI5 SEA Qualifiers. They were willing to spend more than $10,000 in order to allow their players to play where their ping can be reduced to the minimum. There must surely be a big smile on the management's faces as both Korean squads stand in the top of their groups after Day 1.

A shocking result in American qualifiers as coL destroys in the playoffs!

After the upset that was the Mouz elimination in the LB Finals of the American Qualifiers, another shocking result came in the Grand Finals. Not a single of casters asked by us nor the odds before the event gave coL any chance of even finishing top 4. Despite all of that the they destroyed the opposition, didn't drop a single game in the playoffs and secured a trip to Seattle! Does NA have another top team in the making?

Predictions up in flames: NAR eliminate Mouz from TI5

With The International American qualifiers drawing to a close, dreams have been shattered and compendium predictions have been lost, as Mousesports depart from the competition. A 2-1 defeat to a promising North American Rejects saw Mousesports eliminated in the Lower Bracket final. However, this is the second year in a row that Qojqva, Bulba and Wayto have been defeated by an NAR team.

CN qualifiers Grand Finals: TI4 Runner-up rOtk shows that he still has got what it takes

The sun has set on the TI5 Chinese Qualifiers with TI4 runner-up captain rOtk showing us all that he still has what it takes to lead his team to glory. Even when faced with strong opponenets, the maturity and experience of rOtk and laNm, accompanied by the team's excellent execution, secured EHOME a direct ticket to Seattle.

Empire to play their 1st LAN in China! MarsTV Dota 2 League line up complete!

MarsTV announced the final line up for their 2015 Rescuer MarsTV Dota 2 League in Shanghai. Six Chinese teams and four Western squads will battle for the base prize pool of around $241,000. The tournament will feature teams like Vici Gaming, Team Secret and Cloud 9 G2A. A lot of fans will probably be glad to hear that Team Empire received the final invite. It will be their first appearance on the Chinese soil.