The International 2014 concludes

The International 2014 is over! Once again the best teams in the world have gathered in Seattle, once again we have found a new champion. NewBee is bringing the aegis back to China after beating Vici Gaming in the first all Chinese grand final. Evil Geniuses places third, North America's best result in TI so far. Europe disappoints. Find all the...

NewB are The International 2014 Champions

The Chinese juggernauts NewBee are your International 2014 grand champions taking home over 5 million dollars of prize money as well as the most esteemed title of them all. Vici Gaming was unable to continue their superb run in the Grand Finals as they fell to their fellow countrymen 3 to 1, in four quick games.

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Day 3 - Vici slay three to make final

Key Arena has closed its doors once again and now only one game remains - the grand finals. It will be NewBee up against Vici Gaming after an extraordinary day that saw everything from Level one Roshan to 15 minute wins and a Meepo to remember. Catch up on everything after the jump.

Vici Gaming is your second Grand Finalist

The last series before the Grand Finals was a thrilling one, as EG took on VG in matchup that eventually turned out to be much more one-sided than we though. The Chinese crowned their superb run through the LB with a brilliant and swift victory over the Americans, showing that they truly deserved their place in the finals.

Vici conquer DK to secure top 3

Vici Gaming, on the back of some incredible work and impressive drafts have just secured a Top 3 berth and kept their hopes of winning alive after defeating DK in two straight games to eliminate them from the contest. Find out how inside.

DK strike back to end LGD's run

LGD Gaming shocked both the audience and Team DK with the biggest comeback of TI4 last night. However, returning to the stage today, DK took no prisoners as they turned the series around to end LGD's dream run and book a data with Vici.

C9's dreams die in the pit - VG win

The aggressive playstyle of Vici Gaming, took Cloud 9 by storm in the first match of this best of three last night. C9 managed to strike back in one of the most exciting games of the year. The decider went wrong early on for the last remaining European squad though as a failed level 1 Roshan attempt put them in a huge disadvantage from the start....