TI5 Champion Evil Geniuses the final invite to ESL One New York

The fourth and final team to receive a direct invite to ESL One New York 2015 is the champion of The International 2015, Evil Geniuses. The North American team will be competing in the first major LAN event of the season with a new roster, seeing the return of Artour 'Arteezy' Babaev, as replacement for Kurtis 'Aui_2000' Ling. Will EG be able to end their second place streak at ESL One this year?

"This is The International" - Relive the magic that was Ti5 in highlights reel

With all the team reshuffles and player drama it's easy for us to forget the magic that was The International 5. But for 20 minutes you will have the chance to relive the biggest talking points of the competition in a beautifully pieced together highlights and footage reel by community member Hibbert. Witness Capitalist and ODPixel literally lose their minds over the all-star match. It's definitely one to watch.

Korean record-breakers MVP.Phoenix the first invite to MLG World Finals

The MLG World Finals in New Orleans will not only be a collosal event on the Dota 2 calendar, but also MLG's 100th event, and as such has been blessed with a $250,000 base prize pool. Considering the prestige and scale of the event, six teams will receive a direct invite, with two slots left for the victors of the qualifiers. Based off an incredible performance at TI5 and previous seasons, MVP.Phoenix are the first direct...

Amateurs to battle it out with the pros on LAN in FPL Season 3

After the huge success of the first two seasons of the FACEIT Pro League, FACEIT have decided to take it up a notch by hosting a LAN this December/January for FPL Season 3. It will be hosted in parallel with the CS:GO FPL LAN, giving the community of both the games a unique chance to interact and mix with each other. The teams on LAN will be also be mixed, with captains selected who will then draft their team from the...

Jimmy Kimmel gets flamed after derogatory comments about esports

The American TV host uploaded a video earlier this week explaining YouTube Gaming, commenting that he thought watching other people play video games was like 'going to a restaurant and watching other people eat your food'. The video also made fun of the concept of watching competitive gaming, but Jimmy Kimmel was in for a surprise in the comments section as the video became the most disliked video on his channel. However, it...

TI5 silver medalist CDEC directly invited to ESL One New York 2015

CDEC Gaming is the third of the four team to be invited to ESL One New York 2015, which is the first major LAN event for this upcoming season this October. The squad has decided to stay with the same roster after their stellar dark horse performance at The International 2015. Can CDEC prove they are not just a one-hit wonder? Will they still fair so well versus Team Secret v3.0?

Cloud9 to "invest in the future of NA Dota" with 1437, Brax and MSS

As promised Cloud9 have decided to stay in the Dota 2 scene despite bigger success in other titles. The organisation chose to pick up Dark Horse, one of the winners of the ESL ONE New York open qualifiers featuring Theeban '1437 / I love you forever' Siva and Braxton 'Brax' Paulson. According to new captain 1437 Cloud9 'understands what it is I am looking to do and are enthusiastic to invest in the future of NA Dota'.

Tickets still available for ESL One New York at Madison Square Garden!

Tickets for ESL One New York are selling fast and with the event just over a month away we advise anyone interested in the event hosted in the world-famous Madison Square Gardens to get their tickets early! The ESL One Frankfurt 2015 was immense on the Dota 2 calendar, and with ESL One New York fortunately falling just before the first Major, it will be the first major competition of the post-TI5 era. Ticket details inside.