D2CL LAN Finals Survival Guide

The D2CL LAN Finals at Dreamhack Bucharest will be underway in less than 12 hours, if you're looking to know what happens when then look no further. The competition will span over three days with Team Tinker and SNA just two of the teams to reach the grand finale hosted in the capital city of Romania.

Akarrin 24 hours from Betting King crown

With the October installment of the GIGABYTE Betting King soon to wrap up, it seems we have a new challenger in town. With only two matches left to bet on this month, the champion of our GIGABYTE Betting King looks almost certain, but there is still room for a couple of surprises.

aShock triumphs in GIGABYTE Challenge #9

Another GIGABYTE Challenge has come to a conclusion with aShock taking down M5 2 to zero in the best of three finals in clear-cut fashion. M5 was unable to thwart the momentum of the mixed European team as they outmaneuvered their opponent for the lion’s share of the prize pool as well as a title: GIGABYTE Challenge #9 Champions.

Empire trumps Na'Vi in the finals of EMCup

The best of five Grand Final of the Excellent Moscow Cup 2 has just come to an entertaining conclusion as Team Empire managed to take down Na’Vi 3 to 1, in a great series between the two rivals. The Russians take home a lion’s share of the $75,000 prize pool and their second consecutive Excellent Moscow Cup title to boot.

Vote on Beat IT and win an MSI Z97

The MSI Beat IT 2014 Global Finals are just around the corner, and we're giving you the chance to win a MSI Z97 GAMING 5 Motherboard. All you need to do is guess the winner of the competition. Can CDEC, Navi.US and Virtus.Pro cruise through the competition or are they about to run into trouble? Guess correctly and be rewarded.

GD Studio to manage Dreamleague Season 2

GD Studio have announced on stream that they will take over the management of what is left of Dreamleague Season 2 following heavy criticism of the organisation and the running of the league. The move will mean a transition from the previous method of management, which was largely influenced by DreamHack, with input from GD Studio's James '2GD'...

MSI Beat IT Global Finals coming up

After almost half a year of regional qualifiers the finals of MSI Beat IT 2014 Global are approaching. Eight teams from all around the world have secured a slot for the 44,000 USD competition taking place in Taipei, Taiwan on Novembver 1st-2nd. The special situation: Unlike most other events, MSI Beat IT didn't only cater to Europe, China, or North...

i-League returns with $300,000 in prize...

The i-League is back for its second season with no less than $300,000, an increase of over 50% from its first season. However, top teams are not the only ones with a shot on the money, as i-League once again opts for open qualifiers.