MLG introduces MLG Pro Points!

MLG is hitting the news once again with an ingenious system to determine who is really worthy of participating in the MLG World Championship, that will take place October 16 - 18. However, this system isn't as simple as a rating tool, as it allows players to keep their points in a reshuffle, valuing steady performances.

Introducing MSI Dragon Battle

joinDOTA is happy to announce MSI Dragon Battle, a new tournament which will pit four premier European teams against four open qualifier victors for 2,000 EUR each month. The tournament kicks off its inaugural season at the end of this month, starting on the 30th of January and finishing on the first of February. This is the perfect opportunity for...

Malaysia officially recognize Esports

E-Sports in Malaysia has attracted the official recognition of the national government and are from now on under the aegis of the Sports Commission of Malaysia who operate as Esports Malaysia (eSM) This is a big step towards the global acceptance of E-Sports as being treated like any other popular sport.

joinDOTA expands to Russia with pingeee

joinDOTA will be expanding its horizons starting next month as we add yet another caster to our midst, 27-year old Ivan 'pingeee' Nikiforov, who will be bringing a Russian joinDOTA stream to our website from the comfort of his own home in Sarov, Russia. He will also be providing our avid Russian viewers with their own stream in the upcoming...

Empire vs Meepwn'd in joinDOTA Masters!

On Thursday Meepwn'd will face off against reigning StarLadder champions Empire and compete for $15,000 alongside six other teams including Alliance and 4ASC! The eight contenders will clash for the joinDOTA Masters title in a single elimination format that will run for four days. More details inside.

Reaves leaves DotaCinema: "What a Ride"

The departure of Reaves from DotaCinema was revealed yesterday night in a sudden announcement on DotaCinema's facebook page. The famous video maker was a vital part of Sunsfan's team with their most notorious work together being the Fails of the Week series. Will the series ever be the same?

The 2015 E-Sports World Championship

The International E-Sports Federation (IESF) has announced the details for the 7th E-Sports World Championship, to be held in Poland later this year. DOTA 2 has been named as one of the two confirmed titles for “the open-for-all” bracket, with more titles to be announced in February.

Empire are the new kings of SLTV

The game was on tonight between Empire and Asus.Polar for the title of the champion of this years SLTV StarSeries. Both teams fought incredibly hard and provided amazing Dota, but only one could claim the crown.