compLexity surge past mouz! Americas playoffs are set!

The groupstages for the TI5 Americas Qualifiers are finished with the Playoff brackets drawn up and ready for Day 3. In group A, North American Rejects firmly held onto the number one spot, while Void Boys fought off the Peruvian hopes Not Today in their crucial head-to-head match. As for group B, the fighting went late into the night after compLexity jumped past Mouz, forcing them to fight for their TI5 lives.

Dota 2 Majors to be organised in-house by Valve - no third parties involved?

According to the TheDailyDot, Valve have changed their minds and have decided to host the upcoming quarterly Dota 2 Majors in-house themselves, instead of by 'Valve-sponsored events hosted by third-party organizers'. Apparently 'sources within several esports organizations' received this news earlier today meaning that Valve will only 'collaborate with other tournament organizers from a broadcast production standpoint'.

R.i.P. Compendium predictions as Wings and CDEC top Group B. HGT out!

The Compendium Qualification predictions have been the talk among the Dota 2 community for some time and getting the predictions right may grant up to 750 compendium points! Sadly, today is the day where some of these points will be lost as the Group B favourite, HGT, fails to make the cut. Even some of our casters did not see this coming. What about the other predictions? Find out if it's still possible to claim your...

Day 1 of TI5 Americas Qualifiers out with a bang: Ol' Fashioned Throne Race!

The first day of the International 2015 Americas Qualifiers has come to a close, and its time to sort out the groups. After a packed schedule of games, the two favorites of the qualifiers have risen atop the standings and head into Day 2 on the right track. Who's at the top? The rejected North Americans or the German-engineered Mouz? What is the significance of the number 4? And what does ixmike have to do with kebabs?

TI5 China Qualifiers not looking good for TI2 winners Zhou and YYF

The opening day of the Chinese qualifiers is over and with Energy Pacemaker and EHOME doing as well as expected, it is bad news for TI2 winners Zhou and YYF. The duo who won The International with iG in 2012, are part of Tongfu.Oldboys, who will have an uphill struggle going into day two. Jump inside to see how the groups are panning out so far and compare them to our caster predictions.

Qualifiers by the Numbers: China and Americas

You've seen every expert from Seattle to Berlin weigh in on their predictions for The International qualifiers, but what do the numbers say? Look at these quick guides to check your predictions against our projections.

David and Goliath - TNC beat giants Rave to win back-to-back Corsair Gaming Arenas

Although being a young team, TNC Pro Team does have three of the top 10 SEA MMR players in their roster at the time of writing. They have recently become the underdogs in so many tournaments, beating 5eva and even Team Malaysia to prove that they are a force to be reckoned with. This time, they have shown themselves to be truly giant-slayers.

Well-known casters try to predict TI5 Chinese and American qualifiers!

If you're still iffy about your Compendium predictions for the TI5 qualifiers or struggling on who to put your rares on then read on! We grabbed Godz, Maut, Capitalist and Blaze and gave them the task of sharing with us who they predict to come out of the TI5 Chinese and American qualifiers unscathed. If you're looking to brush up your knowledge of the two scenes to make a clear decision, this is the guide for you.