EHOME stun the world taking down the #1 ranked Team Secret

After the surprising opening game of the series where we witnessed the resilience of the young Chinese squad, many expected Team Secret to return in the series with a strong bounce back in Game 2. But as it turned out, EHOME was ready and prepared from the start of the draft to explosive conclusion of the final Upper Bracket series of the day.

Sumail and EG scorch and burn compLexity opening Day 2

Today, former HoN teammates Peter 'ppd' Dager and Kyle 'swindlemelonzz' Freedman sat mere feet away from each other in Key Arena. Evil Geniuses, DAC winner and North American superpower stood as giants with years of experience. Storming through the American qualifiers and impressing in the groupstages, coL brought with them fresh life to the NA scene as a young and talented team. After numerous network interruptions and a...

Cty's Storm Spirit completely over-runs Team Secret in G1 despite poor start

EHOME were responsible for probably the best game of TI5 main event so far, coming back from 20K gold down to defeat Team Secret in the opening game of their series. Cty who was completely shutdown in the early game, carved himself a window of opportunity to make a comeback. The young Chinese star who was close to not attending the event following visa issues had Secret in the palm of his hand by the late game, leaving viewers...

Delays obliterate Day 2 schedule, but teams are back!

Again The International 2015 is marred by delays as the first game of the day has hit nearly an hour of pause time so far and more than half the seats have emptied. The cause of delays appear to be different than yesterday because the Key Arena network is still working. AT 12:32 local time, Paul 'Redeye' Chaloner announced that the cause was linked to Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks.

Fnatic fail to make it into top 12 - Malaysian squad knocked out of TI

Despite Fnatic being able to take some games off former TI champions in the group stage, the dreams of the SEA team come crashing down as they were devastated in their elimination match against Virtus.Pro, failing to make it into the top 12 and winning the biggest prize pool in Dota 2 history.

Hurricane CDEC sweeps up Cloud9: The 3 ways they won the match

In the second series of the day, Cloud 9 G2A could not hold back the rampaging force of nature in CDEC.Douyu. The Western squad succumbed in a (2-0) sweep after enduring an approximately hour-long pause. CDEC now moves onwards after already securing a purse of over 1 million USD. How did C9 end up in a fight to the death against VG as early as day 2?

Navi eliminated in TI5: How Navi's failure to adapt is killing them

Na'Vi surprised most of the world when they took their qualifier seat at the top of the European scene. It speaks volumes that a team including three former TI winners with more combined TI games than almost any other modern team would be considered a dark horse in the qualifiers. Where many teams would falter or switch crew, Na'Vi stuck with Dendi and XBOCT. But is loyalty costing Na'Vi championships?

NBA superstar Jeremy Lin makes cameo on TI5 panel and "had a blast"

NBA superstar Jeremy Lin made a cameo on the TI5 panel earlier today during the opening LGD versus Empire game. The Charlotte Hornets gave his insights into the 'aggressive warding' coming into play, as well as commenting on the similarities between Dota 2 and basketball. The NBA player has made his love of the game known in the past but his appearance on the panel clearly made an impact on the Dota 2 personalities.