Many may enter, one may leave! Team Malaysia are winners of the CGA!

Fans of SEA Dota witnessed fantastic matches in the last three days as the Corsair Gaming Arena pitted the top teams of the region against each other for both prestige and $2,000 in cash. The Grand Final between MY and 5eva came to an end just a couple of hours ago, and the winner of the CGA has been crowned!

The Canada Cup is back with Season 5!

The Canada Cup is back for a fifth season, featuring a $10,000+ prize pool! The premiere North and South American teams will face off in the North once again. Old foes Not Today, eHug, compLexity Gaming and Root Gaming lead the ensemble of invited teams. These teams will greet a new (but familiar) challenger in the North American Rejects, so be sure to keep up with the action!

Red Bull announce the details and schedule for their 2015 event

Red bull has announced their 2015 LAN Event, Red Bull Battle Grounds, which will run throughout April and into May. The event consists of three phases: an online phase, featuring twenty teams from around the world; a follow up LAN phase, where qualifying teams will fight for a spot in the grand finals; and a best of five final, set to take place at the Warfield theatre in San Francisco, California on May 10th.

Qualifiers are over, it's primetime now in CGA!

As the weekend begins, so does the main event for the Corsair Gaming Arena, a Dota 2 event for our fans in the SEA region. The qualifiers where played out today, with no less than eight teams joining the ranks of Invasion eSports, G-Guard, MVP HOT6 and more to fight for no less than $2,000.

Team Redemption banned from participating at TI5

Earlier today, Team Redemption just received disheartening news from Valve confirming that the team has been banned from any future events hosted by the publisher. This cuts the dream of representing their country at the biggest Dota 2 tournament short for the Malaysians, and on top of that will most likely influence other invitations as well.

REMINDER: Sign-up now for Corsair Gaming Arena (SEA server)

For those joinDOTA users based in SEA feeling left out, your prayers have been answered. joinDOTA alongside Corsair will be hosting a monthly competition entitled the Corsair Gaming Arena, which will feature invited teams as well as an open-qualifier for all aspiring teams and players. The prize pool is $2,000, and big names such as MY have put their name down to participate.

CGUnited finally speak out about their $500K tournament and issue apology

CGUnited, an American LLC who found themselves in the thick of it after plans for a $500K tournament in Washington were put under heavy scrutiny, have finally been convinced to make a statement on their competition, which includes a change of date. CGUnited provided joinDOTA with a release they hope will 'provide information about our company and event as there appears to have been some confusion within the community.'

EHOME drops their MY squad following communications breakdown

EHOME has announced that they will be parting ways with their recently formed Malaysian roster: EHOME Malaysia, following reports of communication issues after the squad relocated to Southeast Asia earlier this month. In their statement earlier today; EHOME stipulated that they will refocus their efforts on their Chinese division, with the possibility of future international endeavours remaining open.