More player-analysts: PGL finally release Talent List for the Manila Major

The Manila Major is fast approaching but it wasn't until earlier today we discovered which talent had been selected for the third and final Major before The International 6.

The White House eSports petition explained - Over 100,000 signatures already

eSports fans have united in a bid to get the United States government to recognise ALL eSports as legitimate sports. However, it only tackles one part of the problem.

Zai rejoins the competitive scene by teaming up with SingSing and Bone7

With his exams now over Ludwig 'zai' Wåhlberg makes a move back into the competitive scene by teaming up with Kaipi, winners of the EU Manila Major Open Qualifiers.

OG in a class of their own as they win second DreamLeague title in a row

Direct invite and reigning champs OG claimed their second DreamLeague title with a touch of class. Miracle's Timbersaw made another appearance in the finale of the fifth season.

DreamLeague: VP must end losing streak to Navi to join OG in Grand Finals

After a very long day at the DreamLeague Season 5 LAN Finals, OG made it through to the Grand Finals. Their opponent however, has yet to be decided.

OG, VP, Navi and DiG all in action at DreamLeague S5 LAN Finals tomorrow

OG, Navi, DiG and VP will all be in action this weekend for the finale of the DreamLeague Season 5, to be held in Sweden.

Online-only Global Grand Masters attracts interest from Europe's elite

Twelve well known faces in the European scene have put their names down for the Global Grand Masters next month.

[Interview]MaybeNextTime: "It's good to see your fans get Bugatti's off of the big teams!"

Two weeks ago Ad Finem shocked the Western scene with their breakout performance in the Manila Major Qualifiers. Their support player Apostolos 'Maybe Next Time' Verros sat down with us talked about the meta, their qualifier run and what’s next for the team.