NAR receive sponsorship ahead of TI for the second year in a row

Exactly 100 days passed between the initial tweet announcing that North American Rejects would be returning, and the announcement that the TI5 potentials will be playing under a new alias; Team Archon. The change comes in light of NAR v2 being the only unsponsored team in the running for TI5. Last year's NAR managed to get picked up by Na'Vi, making this the second year in a row Korok and Fogged found sponsorship ahead of a...

Nahaz: "The Dota equivalent of the NBA shot chart is not far off"

Statistician and commentator Alan 'Nahaz' Bester was propositioned the idea of a single metric to determine a player's skill by Hotbid during an interview at ESL One Frankfurt. Could it be possible to create a single number to express a player's contributions to a match? What about a statistic to evaluate drafting? The college professor shared his insights on the matter, as did datDota's Noxville.

DAC to be delayed? MDL Season 2 scheduled just ahead of Chinese New Year

The MarsTV Dota 2 League was heralded as a great success with some players even going so far as to say that it was the best tournament held in China they'd attended. Therefore it comes as no surprise that the organisers decided to announce another season. However, quite unexpectedly the dates are extremely close to Chinese New Year, around the time DAC was hosted this year. What does that mean for both events?

Invulnerabl3 bet wisely to be crowned GIGABYTE Betting King for June

The final GIGABYTE Betting King competition before the $15 million International 5 fell in a month that had the jD MLG Season 2 Championships, ESL One Frankfurt and the MarsTV Dota League. It also saw the rise of a new Betting King, as Invulnerabl3 came out on top placing just 141 bets while maintaining a 75% accuracy. As usual GIGABYTE generously offered a reward for the new winner.

Russian Visa Roulette: VP and Empire.yoky make it, Sonneiko still at risk

It's official: all five Virtus.Pro players have now acquired passage into the United States. Empire's yoky, previously denied entry to the US which forced him to skip MLG Columbus, has dodged the bullet this time around. Their fellow CIS player Sonneiko has not been as lucky: his application has now bounced twice, and his chances will only diminish with repeated tries. Could the Na'Vi support player be at risk to miss TI5?

The International 5 surpasses 15 million dollars, all stretch goals attained

After 2 months since it was announced, TI5 has reached it's final stretch goal: the Axe Immortal with the accompanying comic. It's by far the biggest prize pool for any eSports event, and even eclipses prizes for sporting events. With the constant growth of Dota 2 every year, it's fascinating to see how it compares to major sports tournament, and how much farther it can go.

Swedish giant MTG buys majority share of ESL for €78 million

It was announced today that Turtle Entertainment the company behind the well known ESL brand has sold 74% of itself to Swedish digital entertainment group Modern Times Group. The agreed fee was somewhere around €78 million. Given the rapid growth of both ESL and eSports, it was only a matter of time before a 'mainstream' corporation invested in them. Today MTG released a statement, on the subject of their acquisition of ESL.

Arteezy vs EternalEnvy: How well do you know your EE from your RTZ?

Both Artour 'Arteezy' Babaev and Jacky 'EternaLEnVy' Mao are infamous for being rather outspoken, and given their friendship and history together we've decided to put your memory and knowledge of the two players to the test in a Face-Off quiz. All you need to do is match the quote to the right player. Time to find out how well you know your EE from your RTZ.