Team Dog dominates the GIGABYTE Challenge

For the third time in a row Team Dog found themselves unmatched at the GIGABYTE Challenge, as they were able to clinch the victory over the Ukrainian KPG just a few moments ago. Another 1,500 EUR goes to the pockets of a mixed roster showing great promise as the biggest event of the year looms ever closer.

Titan and Scythe clash to represent SEA

Earlier this evening Titan and Scythe went head-to-head for $3000USD and a shot at joining the big boys in the main stage round of TheSummit Asia. Coming into the tie the record between the Singaporean and Malaysian teams was tilted slightly in favour of Titan, but the experience of meracle and xFreedom was not to be underestimated.

Top 5 TI4 Merchandise Submissions #1

These days before TI4 feel like somewhat of a holiday, like Christmas or Valentine's Day, making us giddy with excitement. There's been a new tab added to the workshop to showcase the best and wackiest ideas our artists can come up with as far as TI merchandise goes. T-Shirts, watches or even briefs, read more to see the best submissions!

GIGABYTE Challenge #3 to start today

The Qualifiers of the third GIGABYTE Challenge have come to an end. The monthly cup organised by joinDOTA in collaboration with GIGABYTE is about to enter its Main Stage, where the eight qualified teams will fight for the 2,000 EUR prizepool against the likes of Power Rangers and GIGABYTE Challenge Champions Team Dog that are looking to take...

ESL One: 8 teams pass Asia qualifiers

The first half of Electronic Sports League (ESL) Asia's Country Qualifiers have drawn to a close with a fair few surprises, including Singaporean First Departure failing to qualify. Eight representatives from Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and the Phillipines will join the Battle Royale next month, with more qualifiers left to play.

Top 5 Workshop Items of the Week #6

In the midst of the Starladder IX finals, today's top 5 offer as tributes to be the c-c-c-combo breakers of our sparkly news. This week up, the first bear in DotA 2 that we'd love to pinch the cheeks off of, the much-awaited Meepo set, a spectacular Lone Druid set, a Clockwerk with moustaches Ron Swanson would be jealous of and a great OD!

DK are StarLadder IX champions

Team DK become the first Asian team to win StarLadder, in an offline performance that has set the bar incredibly high, showcasing their superior synergy and flexibility in terms of drafts. Team Empire were their opponents in the grand finals, but despite a modest performance, they were collateral damage in DK's path to the title.

StarLadder IX: DK vs. Empire LIVE Blog!

It's grand finals time in Kiev, with DK taking on Team Empire in the grand final after the latter's amazing run through the lower bracket in a day where they have already taken out EG and iG. Will the Russians claim the victory or are DK too strong? *update* The match has now finished.