ESL One NY: VG vs NewBee Live!

This is it! Today Vici Gaming and NewBee will settle it once and for all who of the Chinese contestors will go to the ESL One NY in a (hopefully) epic Best-of-5. Will the champion of The International 4 manage to stay on top of the scene, or will Vici slay them to take their spot? Tune in for the liveblog!

Turning Points: Na'Vi and Tinker lock h...

Tonight's showing in the Dota 2 Champions League had the freshly reshuffled Natus Vincere facing up against the new team full of old favourites Team Tinker. The Bo2 series was a veritable back and forth between the two teams, with aggressive play ensuring decisive victories from both teams resulting in a surprisingly exciting draw.

$470,000 WCA unveiled, 8 teams invited

In the wake of WEC we will be blessed with another invite-only LAN event in China next month, with the World Cyber Arena 2014. The total prize pool for the entire WCA event is $3,200,000, with $470,000 dedicated to DOTA 2. Four foreign teams were chosen to join the Chinese top 4. Find out who got the invites after the jump.

Titan dominates MSI Dragon Battle

Titan defeated their Southeast Asian rivals First Departure in yesterday's MSI Dragon Battle, claiming the $1,500 first prize and proving that they are still a force to be reckoned with in the SEA region. Together with their newest standin Mushi, Titan steamrolled through the grand final.

ESL One NY: Secret prevails in nailbiter

Tonight's match in the european qualifier of ESL One New York between Virtus.Pro and Secret Team had everything you could wish for in a Bo3. Innovative drafts, comebacks and BigDaddy's Io. If you missed the drama and excitement of last night's match worry not, for we have the VODs and the 411.

DOTACinema releases "The Ultimate Chest"

Earlier this evening DOTACinema released their latest submission to the workshop entitled 'The Ultimate Chest' which includes five gems they hope could be equipped to certain heroes to alter the particle effects their ultimates. However, such a function does not exist in the main client at the moment. Have a look inside to decide if it should.

ESL One NY: Na'Vi shred apart Fnatic

The qualifiers for the ESL One NY proceed to the next round, with Na'Vi facing up against Fnatic, both running a new roster after the post-TI4 reshuffle. Only one team can remain in the upper bracket and sure enough both will try their best to stay there, providing us with an evening full of fun eand exciting Dota!

LGD crushes ESL One's defending champion

Invictus Gaming's journey towards ESL One New York has already come to an end. The defending champion could not deliver against LGD Gaming during the group stage, which lead to iG's elimination after an entertaining but awkward last game that ended within 15 minutes. Tomorrow, the semi finals of the Chinese qualifier will decide which two teams...