6.82 revealed! Roshan pit changes & New...

After teasing the community with a pictoral 6.82 teaser image, Valve has now released the answers to satiate our burning desires for more. The Rekindling Soul update includes Shadow Fiend's fiery model update, a fight recap tool, and the 6.82 patch which may literally change everything.

VG f(l)y into Starladder X LAN Finals

Vici Gaming defeated Chinese rivals Newbee in tonight’s Starladder qualifier; securing the first of two LAN spots available for the region. VG came out of the clash dominant; taking both their wins in under 30 minutes. The squad will now have a chance to test their skill on the international stage this October.

GIGABYTE Betting King: Expert Tips

With only seven days left of the GIGABYTE Betting King, the competition is heating up. HoTeP and Jimmy89 still lead the pack but with the D2CL and the ESL One New York on tonight, one slip up could cost them their prize, a GIGABYTE Z97X-GAMING 5. We spoke to Jimmy89 on what makes a good bet and why you should avoid '3-option' games.

Sign up for GIGABYTE Challenge #8

For the eighth month in a row, GIGABYTE and joinDOTA present to you another edition of the GIGABYTE Challenge. Eight invited semi-pro teams as well as anyone who signs up for the qualifier has the chance to fight for the 2,000 EUR prizepool. The registration is now open for all Dota 2 players until the cup kicks off on Friday.

ESL One NY: C9 vs Alliance Preview

In just a few hours the upper bracket of the ESL One NY Qualifiers will continue as Cloud9 take on Alliance. Cloud9 come into the match off the back of a 1st place at GAME24 whilst Alliance are still without Akke. Can they secure a ticket without him?

ESL ONE NY: EG and Navi.US qualify

After suceeding in their last remaining playoff matches today, both Evil Geniuses and Na'Vi.US have qualified for the ESL One New York, joining VG as the list of confirmed participants. The pair won the America Qualifiers with one spot still up for grabs in the lower bracket.

iG leave VG stone dead in SinaCup Finals

Sina Cup ended with a tussle between Vici Gaming and invictus Gaming which included Ferrari's Wisp-less Tiny finishing 14-0-4 in the second game. The tournament, which put $15,000 on the line came to a worthy end, with both teams managing to spread the series to its full length.

*Update* Bounty Hunter Series #6

Unfortunately, Natus Vincere was forced to retreat from the Bounty Hunter Series due to scheduling issues. Virtus.Pro Polar will instead face the current King of the Hill, Team Empire, in a Best-of-5 series. The match will commence tomorrow at 18:00 CET.