Day 1 delayed when Key Arena network drop empties seats

With Cloud 9's upper bracket under fire, festivities were delayed when the network suddenly dropped during game #2 against CDEC. Not only did the broadcasters lose connection to the game, but all inbound Internet traffic ceased to the stadium as well. The players, however, still had access to their game over local network and continued to play several minutes before pausing.

Incredible results a surprise for captain Xiao8: "No. I didn't expect that we will be so good"

LGD Gaming's Zhang 'xiao8' Ning did not expect his team to do so well, but the Chinese team just knocked down Empire to be certain of at least $1,000,000. We spoke to the TI4 champion, who shared his thoughts on the importance of the psychological factor as well as his respect for the Western scene's ability to adapt faster to patches. However, Xiao8 is staying humble: 'even if it's not a good result, I won't regret.'

xiao8's dominant Bounty Hunter closes out Empire in LGD's victory!

We are coming LIVE from Seattle! After a dazzling opening ceremony with a speech from Gabe himself, LGD vs. Empire kicked off The International. If you missed the opening series of TI5's Main Event, here are the decisive moments that gave LGD the edge in the BO3 series!

TI 5 Main Event: Players roll up in limos to walk the red carpet

The players arrived to the biggest event of the year in style, in stretched limos. Teams arrived one after another, with the players then doing the long walk up the red carpet. For most of the players it was a mixture of excitement and trepidation, with Cloud9 probably looking the most excited about the manner in which they arrived at the illustrious event.

Bugattis and BZZ Pugna sets: last chance to claim your prediction streetcred

There's no wrong answer, but there will be soon. The time is quickly fading on your oppotunity to make TI5 predictions! Shout out to your favorite team, call out your least favorite player, and claim your bugattis for voting on the overall winners right here, right now before it's too late!

The Champions Still Standing: 13 former TI winners may return for second glory

Tomorrow the first casualties of the main event will hit the floor $50,000 richer and a year's worth of aspirations lighter. Unlike prior TI's, every qualified team will play the big stage this year... but still only one can walk away the champion. Twenty players have won before, but twelve players this year are striving to be among the first repeat winners in history.

PPD on US scene: NA lacks leadership with few exceptions

Team EG captain Peter 'ppd' Dager was quizzed on the current state of the American scene, and the DAC winner put the lack of strong US teams down to a lack of strong leadership. 'I think compLexity is a really good team, they have what a lot of other teams lack which is solid direction and focus in a game,' said PPD, who also went onto explain that some players have the potential but do not have the drive yet.

XBOCT opens up in heartfelt interview post-groupstage

NaVi's carry Alexander 'XBOCT' Dashkevich wore his heart on his sleeve in an interview by IneskaUA posted earlier today, in which he admits being left bewildered at his team's poor performance at TI. Much like team-mate Dendi who commented that their team had initially started their campaign in high spirits, XBOCT said that TI was like 'a whole new world' and that they were struggling to adapt to it.