The end of Era as member of Fnatic

Fnatic has announced the departure of Adrian 'Era' Kryeziu from their Dota 2 roster. As a part of the original Fnatic-team moving into professional Dota 2, Era surely brings back some great memories of past victories, especially when he played Tiny in Fnatic's famous Wisp-Tiny combination.

Natus Vincere loses captain Puppey

After the recent departure of Kuro 'KuroKy' Takhasomi, more sad news has been released by Natus Vincere as their former captain, Clement 'Puppey' Ivanov, will be leaving the Ukranian squad as well. Na'Vi has had an amazingly lengthy and productive run with the same roster, which is now crumbling apart in the afterlife of The International 2014.

WEC cancels the Western qualifiers

The post-TI reshuffle is taking its toll on the first big tournaments of the season as the teams are yet to settle in with their new rosters. Due to these unforeseen circumstances WEC & D8TV have decided to completely cancel the European & American qualifiers of the tournament and invite teams directly instead.

Details unveiled for Starladder Season X

The tenth anniversary season of Star Series has finally been unveiled with a base prize pool of $80,000 and more up for grabs. The new season of the prestigious tournament introduces Southeast Asia into the mix as the best teams from all over the world battle for a place in the LAN Finals in Kiev.

[Update] Fast-Track: Post TI Rosters

Each year, the world's best teams and players use The International as a litmus test for their viability moving into the following season. As players and teams assess their strengths and weaknesses, this is the period with the most trades, drops, retirements, and free agencies of the year. Check inside for all the rumors and changes so far.

Where do Europeans get their Dota 2 swag?

Let's face it, for most Europeans the worst thing about not going to The International in Seattle was not being able to buy all the swag we would have liked to fill our luggage with! Seeing all the pictures on twitter didn't help either. That's where two completely awesome online shops come to save the day!

Excellent Moscow Cup hits season 2

The biggest Dota 2 event in the history of Russia will return to your screen at the end of August with the beginning of the second season of the Excellent Moscow Cup. With the inclusion of a Chinese division consisting of 4 top Chinese teams, EMC ensures an excellent and exciting competition that will clutch you to the edge of your seat.

BountyHunter Series returns to America

Once again, the BountyHunter Series brings you the finest Dota 2 action live on stream. In just a couple of days, 4 teams will battle for a spot in the grand final against the winner of the previous edition, Natus Vincere US. Which team will grab the cash this time ?