Betting King: Skirmish stays in Wonderland

The Dota Asian Championships dominated the Dota 2 calendar in February, and it was a difficult month for our seasoned gamblers in the GIGABYTE Betting King. Competition was fierce, with many participants unable to keep up with the ever-changing performance of the top tier teams, except skirmish who overcame close rival Morpheos for the title.

Benjaz apologises for UG debacle

In an attempt to sort fact from fiction, BTS invited Union Gaming captain Benjamin 'Benjaz' Lanao Barrios onto their show to discuss the recent events that have led to the team being disqualified or removed from Canada Cup, The Summit 3 and the jD MLG Pro League. The Captain put their error down to inexperience and failure to read the ruleset for...

Invasion on top in MLG SEA

The first season of the joinDOTA MLG Pro League is now well underway with Invasion e-sports leading the pack in the Southeast Asian division. The Malaysian squad have managed to stay ahead of the group’s sizable middle order by maintaining a 7-1 score. They are closely followed by Rave who have also only dropped a single game after their...

LC shocks the pack to win MSI Dragon Ba...

The MSI Dragon Battle was full of surprises last night as Moscow5 and Power Rangers lost the plot and were eliminated in the first round. Vega faired slightly better, reaching round 2 before being knocked out, but it was two of the teams from the open qualifiers who reached the Grand Finals.

Former Orange roster reunite as EHOME.MY

As the Chinese reshuffle is going on we have some of the first confirmed informations. Chai 'Mushi' Yee Fung and Chong Xin 'Ohaiyo' Khoo left China and will form a new Malaysian team under the EHOME banner. The roster will consist mostly of former Orange players who managed to place 3rd back at The International 3.

M5 poised for MSI Dragon Battle success

The MSI Dragon Battle will get underway later today, with on form Moscow5, Power Rangers and Vega pitting themselves against the four strongest teams from the open qualifiers. As usual the prize for the victors is €2,000, but the question remains will Moscow5's good form translate to a title, or will Vega bounce back from defeat yesterday to HR?

Metagame Fortnight #4: Hero Worth

The usual metagame roundup is back, only this time it is bringing comprehensive analysis on the most-valued heroes so far in 6.83. Then Gorgon breaks down how we know that hero performance isn't the most important factor in hero preference and discusses what make a great drafter into a legendary one.

HR throw their hopes for Summit 3

Just after announcing all the details of the 3rd iteration of The Summit BTS got right into action as the European pre-qualifier is already over. Surprisingly one of the favourites - HellRaisers failed to go through the the first round. Hop in to find out who advanced to the main qualifier.