Team Tinker join Summit 2 with Loda

Earlier this weak, The Summit 2 organizers, BeyondTheSummit, announced that the SEA qualifier winners First Departure were unable to attend the finals in Los Angeles due to Meracle and Poloson not being able to exit the country. The slot has now been filled by Team Tinker but with one stand-in.

Na'Vi to return to glory "by February"

'Na'Vi can not play 30 matches per month, This is nonsense,' said NaVi's CEO Alexander “ZeroGravity” Kokhanovskyy. He also commented on the future of Navi.US, hopes that Goblak can be the 'third core' in history, and his attitude towards tournament participation in 2015. ' Will you watch matches of Barcelona FC if they played everyday?'

$5,000 SCG brings hope to Malaysia

The Malaysian scene has had a rough time recently, which makes the announcement of the $9,000~ Selangor Cyber Games all the more brilliant. The DOTA2 tournament which is part of the multi-gaming event, is offering $3,000 for first place, a small fortune for the national scene.

Aui_2000 launches "2 cents" series

Yesterday, Aui_2000 introduced to the scene to his new series entitled '2cents'. The goal is to share his knowledge and passion about the game, with his first episode focusing on 'Pub Mentality', discussing the way of thinking and the behavior of the average dota 2 player and how he/she can improve.

*UPDATE* Summit 2 schedule revealed, FD...

The final phase of the Summit 2 in Los Angeles, California will soon be upon us. The schedule of the lan phase has finally been revealed for a tournament which hopes to bring players, casters and fans that little bit closer. It will also feature an All-star match and Tag Team 1v1. More details inside.

Mstco and NoT hungry for Summit2 success

NoT Today won the Summit 2 Qualifiers in style, but captain of Not Today Ricardo Mstco' Román is not done yet. 'For me and my team, its like a life goal, we may not be completely satisfied yet but it's a start. For like 10 seconds we didn't say a word after winning the last match and then we all started screaming. Like I said we are strange...

Alex Garfield AMA - Tinker is our new team

Last night the CEO of Good Game more commonly known for his role as the brains behind Evil Geniuses, Alex Garfield, revealed in his AMA that they are supporting a third team. Furthermore, he gave his insight in matters concerning Good Game, other game organizations, sponsorships and much more.

Top 5 Workshop Items of the Week #24

With all the new things going on in the new update, there also are awesome sets to be seen in the workshop. This week we share with you a new set for the intelligent and arrogant Leshrac, sets for the two craftiest demons, Terrorblade and Shadow Demon, a new set for the cursed Lifestealer, the suave Mirana, and two extra approved treats!