Only 5 days left to sign up for MSI Dragon battle #4

hehe united burst into their first title only 2 weeks ago winning the March iteration of MSi Dragon Battle, shining the light on their interesting drafts and builds. However, as we roll over into April, will the open qualifier squad defend their belt? Or will we have another up-and-comer steal the spotlight and continue the trend?

D2CL China Finals: Vici Victorious, How did iG and LGD fare?

With the last day of the Chinese Qualifiers for Season 5 D2CL coming to a close, we now have our regional champion: Vici Gaming cruised to a 3:0 victory in the Finals against Invictus Gaming! Catch up on the two thrilling series, with Invictus Gaming vs. LGD Gaming in the LB finals, followed by the best-of-five finale between Invictus Gaming and Vici Gaming.

MLG: Empire to play with Funn1k following visa problems.

Team Empire has announced that they will play with a stand-in at the upcoming MLG LAN finals after Maxim 'yoky' Kim was unable to procure a visa on his second attempt. Empire have since told joinDOTA that they have enlisted the help of Gleb 'Funn1k' Lipatnikov for the finals at the MLG arena in Columbus next week.

ESL announce weekly €350 tournament. Sign up today!

Taking a step back from the dizzying prize pool of $250,000 boasted by ESL One later this year, ESL have announced a weekly tournament, free for all to enter. The Go4Dota2 tournament aims to highlight the talent of upcoming teams, giving incentive for more players to get involved on a semi-professional level.

South America spotlight: Interview with Isurus Gaming -ddx

With The International 5 Qualifiers right around the corner we had the privilege of interviewing Argentinian mid player -ddx currently playing for Isurus Gaming. He gives his thoughts about his team,the SA scene,TI invitations format and even uG's scandal.

Many may enter, one may leave! Team Malaysia are winners of the CGA!

Fans of SEA Dota witnessed fantastic matches in the last three days as the Corsair Gaming Arena pitted the top teams of the region against each other for both prestige and $2,000 in cash. The Grand Final between MY and 5eva came to an end just a couple of hours ago, and the winner of the CGA has been crowned!

The Canada Cup is back with Season 5!

The Canada Cup is back for a fifth season, featuring a $10,000+ prize pool! The premiere North and South American teams will face off in the North once again. Old foes Not Today, eHug, compLexity Gaming and Root Gaming lead the ensemble of invited teams. These teams will greet a new (but familiar) challenger in the North American Rejects, so be sure to keep up with the action!

Red Bull announce the details and schedule for their 2015 event

Red bull has announced their 2015 LAN Event, Red Bull Battle Grounds, which will run throughout April and into May. The event consists of three phases: an online phase, featuring twenty teams from around the world; a follow up LAN phase, where qualifying teams will fight for a spot in the grand finals; and a best of five final, set to take place at the Warfield theatre in San Francisco, California on May 10th.