RESHUFFLE: ... Pajkatt teams up with EGM and SexyBamboe in 4C&L

Rave FnaticWith TI5 solidly in the past now, Dota fans everywhere turn their attentions to the future, and with future comes change. The Post-TI roster shuffle is always one of the most eventful times in the Dota calendar, as we saw last year with the birth of Team Secret, a new Cloud 9 G2A roster amongst much more. Keep an eye out here for all the rumours, transfers, and finalised team rosters.

See the new Secret roster compete alongside NiP, VP, and SingSing in Gaming Paradise next month

After knowing we'd be treated to some quality beachside Dota in the beautiful Portorož, Slovenia for some time, we can finally reveal which teams will be competing, and the format they'll play through as they battle for their share of $50,000. This will be the first LAN we see lots of fresh teams compete in, making it a good judge of team's strength for the upcoming season of Dota.

Just like old times: Zai to return to EG as a substitute

Despite previously announcing his temporary retirement from the competitive scene, Ludwig 'zai' Wåhlberg has stated that he will be playing for Evil Geniuses as their offical substitute for the upcoming major tournaments. Whilst it is not known how many tournaments Zai will be substituting for, he has cited his wish to attend university as a reason for his temporary withdrawal from the competitive scene.

Hotbid to work full-time for ESL and calls time on career as interviewer

Prolific TI interviewer and one of the brains behind ESEX, Ken 'Hot_Bid' Chen, posted a blog earlier today announcing that he will be moving to California to work full-time for ESL starting from September. HotBid, who has worked for Valve as their interviewer at the last two Internationals as well as at numerous other events including DAC and The Summit, will unfortunately be stepping back from interviewing in the future.

Moonduck Studios & Agency with syndereN, ODPixel, Zyori, Purge and more!

It appears that we have new player on the Dota 2 coverage market. However, this time it isn't just another studio. syndereN has announced on reddit the emergence of Moonduck Studios & Agency which is going to specialise in covering live Dota 2 events. As an addition to the broadcasting services Moonduck will also function as an agency which hopes to develop more career opportunities and grow the Dota 2 community.

The pair from Fnatic is back: BigDaddyN0tail forms new team with Fly

Minutes after complexity's official announcement of Fly and Moonmeander's departure, Johan 'BigDaddyN0tail' Sundstein has announced his new roster under monkeybusiness, bringing forth a team comprised of both seasoned competitive players as well as exciting young talents. Furthermore, Johan 'BigDaddyN0tail' Sundstein will not be assuming his traditional position 4 support role he's been playing in recent years. Instead,...

Team Secret's new roster receives direct invite to ESL One New York

ESL One is an exciting time of year for Dota 2 fans and is considered a staple of major Dota 2 tournaments. The newly formed Team Secret, featuring only a single player of their previous line-up, have received a direct invite to ESL One New York, where they will be fighting for $250,000 in their first tournament together. The previous line-up was of course the victors of ESL One Frankfurt in the run-up to TI5.

The ESL NY Europe qualifier invites are out!

There's still a week left before team rosters lock, but Dota waits for no one. ESL New York is rapidly approaching. The open qualifiers for EU have ended and the results bring us a whopping 5 teams who will join the 9 invited teams. Both old squads and new teams are joining the fray; and this qualifier will separate the wheat from the chaff as only one team can make it to New York!