DAC DAY 4: Secret extend their lead!

Team Secret have once again blitzed the competition in the DAC Asian Championship, finishing day four with an undefeated score of 13-0. Secret's lead over the competition has secured their place in the top eight, however, with games versus Evil Geniuses and Vici Gaming on the horizon, the competition for top seed is far from over.

TI4 champions Newbee crash out of DAC

In a sad state of affairs the TI reigning champions Newbee have crashed and burned at the DAC, and even with 2 games left to play, have no way to qualify for the main event. With IceIceIce mentioning in an interview some Chinese players might lose motivation with roster changes pending, could the result at DAC be more than just bad luck?

Top 25 Workshop Items of the Past Few W...

As the New Bloom event approaches, a lot of artists have been waiting for their sets to be accepted. This workshop article will include 25 sets covering items that have appeared since the past article. Featuring mounts, sets, couriers, bundles and concepts, most of which are entries for New Bloom 2015.

Monkey business in the MSI Dragon Battle

The qualifiers for the community tournament MSI Dragon Battle are all but done and dusted, with Danish Monkey Business, Greek Elysium and Russian BlackSun, three of the four teams to earn their spot versus the four invited teams. Team Vega will be looking to show their Dota Pit success was not a fluke tonight, whilst 4ASC will want to shake off the...

DAC DAY 3: Na’Vi and HR cause upsets!

Day three of the DAC Asian Championship saw Team Secret extend their lead over the competition, finishing the day with an impressive 10-0 score. In comparison Evil Geniuses struggled to keep up, after Natus Vincere and HellRaisers managed to end their reign of dominance. The Americans are now tied with Vici Gaming; who have been climbing the...

The trinity is broken as TC is out of FIRE

It has been hinted on streams and the later confirmed on twitter that Tyler 'TC' Cook has left Team FIRE. The reasons behind this decision are unknown but TC stated that he will continue to play competitively. Team FIRE haven't announced a replacement yet.

Metagame Fortnight #2: Measuring Balance

This recurring metagame analysis is back to fill your brains with all the Dota data you need to follow the staggering 231 games played in the last two weeks. Which heroes have had a good fortnight, and which hero has fallen out of the meta hard? Gorgon also breaks down why our modern day draft pool is getting bigger and NOT smaller. More inside.

First Departure's journey is over

Singaporean star Galvin Kang 'Meracle' Jian has taken to Twitter to announce the fate of his team First Departure. After competing in the SEA scene for some time with various rosters, the team will now part ways. Meracle has given some clues as to his future, but the brief announcement hasn't given us much to go off.