Only hours left to choose the final four of the TI5 Arcana Showdown

The Arcana Showdown quietly passed into the next stage with now only eight heroes left with a chance of being rewarded with an Arcana set. Earthshaker the only support left in the final 16 failed to make it to the final eight losing out to Invoker, and thankfully Axe also did not make it through the last stage given we were already promised a set for him via the TI5 stretch goals. Join our poll inside to find out which heroes...

Reigning champions Secret drop out of Dotapit after scheduling debacle

In an announcement on Team Secret's Facebook and Twitter yesterday, the organisation has officially announced their withdrawal from Dota Pit League Season 3. This comes following troubles with the scheduling of matches in the league, but it is hard to know how much blame is to be put upon either the team or the Dota Pit League itself. Team Secret are now choosing to focus on The International, which starts in just under a...

British host and commentator ReDeYe appointed as TI5 host

Hosting veteran Paul 'ReDeYe' Chaloner has announced that he will be hosting this year's International at Valve's invitation. After a positive reception at ESL One Frankfurt last year, the announcement should come as good news for many fans and viewers. James '2GD' Harding mentioned at the last TI that he would not be keen on hosting this year, and it could be ReDeYe fills his slot on the panel as the main host.

GIGABYTE Challenge joins the dark side as Team Moriarty triumphs

In a rather obscure GIGABYTE Challenge which fell just before TI5 and amidst several tier 2 teams deciding to call it quits, it was the open qualifier teams who made it through the playoffs. Of the eight invited teams, only one made it to the semi-finals with London Conspiracy, ScaryFacez and Sqreens Squad all early casualties. Team Moriarty were the winners, just proving how the competition can pave the way for new teams.

LD's poignant blog post breaks silence, calls for compassion

After yesterday's flurry of TI5 invite announcements, David 'LD' Gorman shared his thoughts in a blog post on LiquidDota. Throughtout, LD contrasts his past experiences to the major changes Valve implemented at TI4, while highlighting the impact of Valve's current protocols. The post emphasizes the difficult and stressful situation many casters and individuals are put in, and beckons the community to support and back the...

Burden Divided: SingSing's squad has officially disbanded

It is now official: Burden United, the team of SingSing and ComeWithMe, has ceased to be. The squad has disbanded just after ESL Frankfurt, the tournament for which they originally came together. They gained some notable results, including a third place at D2CL Season 5 and a 5th place at DreamLeague Season 3. The team's story, and a statement from their manager, are inside.

TobiWan, Capitalist and Blitz amongst talent to attend TI5

With only 36 days to go until TI, Valve have been individually handing out invites to talent. The list includes community favourites, whilst some wait on loose ends to hear whether their favourite caster, analyst or statistician will attend. The list of 22 english speaking talent includes joinDOTA's very own TobiWan, Capitalist and Blitz.

CoL and NAR both sign up to BTS' $10,000 showdown ahead of TI5

compLexity Gaming, North American Rejects and Champions of Summer's Rift are among the 14 teams confirmed to compete in the tournament, which takes place on the 1st of July and runs until the 19th. They will be competing for the first place prize of $4500 in a tough single elimination bracket. With the tournament so close to TI, there will be close attention paid to dominant American qualifier winners, Complexity, who...