iG leave VG stone dead in SinaCup Finals

Sina Cup ended with a tussle between Vici Gaming and invictus Gaming which included Ferrari's Wisp-less Tiny finishing 14-0-4 in the second game. The tournament, which put $15,000 on the line came to a worthy end, with both teams managing to spread the series to its full length.

*Update* Bounty Hunter Series #6

Unfortunately, Natus Vincere was forced to retreat from the Bounty Hunter Series due to scheduling issues. Virtus.Pro Polar will instead face the current King of the Hill, Team Empire, in a Best-of-5 series. The match will commence tomorrow at 18:00 CET.

GAME 24: FATA triumphs with Cloud9

The NVIDIA Game 24 DOTA2 Invitational has ended after much hype and jubiliation as Cloud9 are crowned champions. They might have got roughed up in game one with Pajkatt's Slark having a field day on their line-up but Cloud9 - in particular FATA- and EternalEnvy, got into their groove in the following games to triumph in a 3-1 victory worth...

NVIDIA GAME24: Grand Final C9 vs TT!

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the much awaited grand final of the NVIDIA GAME24 Invitational between Cloud9 and Team Tinker! After a 3-1 and a 3-2 in the respective semifinals against Evil Geniuses and Alliance. Who will take the major share of the $15,000? Tune in to find out!

DOTA Pit booms with top teams & $75,000

The Dota Pit League is back for another season, with the prize pool ballooning from $3,000 to a massive $75,000, with DotaTV ticket purchases still to be added. Fan favourite teams such as Team Tinker, Team Secret, EG and Cloud 9 will ALL make appearances in the 2 month long league, which should start sometime next week.

Game 24: Man of the Match [A] vs TT

We take a look at who really stood out from the crowd as Team Tinker turned a 2-0 down disadvantage to Alliance into a best-of-5 victory, in one of the closest, double-rapier, 5-man Chrono, action packed fifth games anyone has seen in a long while. We decided who was the Man of the Match.

Game24: TT prevail in spiky performance

From a match that looked all but done and dusted after the first two games was born a gripping comeback as Team Tinker fought back from 0-2 down to defeat Alliance 3-2. As the matches were pre-recorded and are unavailable in the main client, here is a catch-up if you missed the match. Find out who failed on Troll, who rocked on Tinker and who had...

GAME 24 Finals Preview: C9 versus TT

This is it! With a hard fought 3-2 victory over Alliance, the newcomers Team Tinker secure themselves the second spot in the NVIDIA GAME 24 Invitational alongside Cloud9. But how do the teams actually fair up against each other? Who is more likely to succeed?