Groups announced for $650,000 WCA 2015 in China later this month

The WCA 2015 could be quite the tournament later this month, especially with an impressive prize pool and a rather impressive list of participants. Following last year's World Cyber Arena, the tournament organisers have doubled the number of teams taking part in the LAN stages and added a Group Stage as well as nearly $650,000 in prize money. Several SEA teams will travel to Yinchuna, China, will they be as successful as...

Turn Dota 2 into a Quake-like third person shooter? Deal

You may have missed out on the Overwatch beta but this could be the best thing. Introducing... Slayer of the Ancients, a custom game currently in the Workshop which turns Dota 2 into a third person shooter! If you've played Quake Live or any of the other Quake titles, some of the sound effects and design elements may sound familiar. Currently in development, this might make for a bit of fun at a LAN party over the Christmas...

CoL forced to find emergency stand-in for GameShow after roster issues

Finding a stand-in for a LAN is not that uncommon, but for Complexity they have definitely cut it close. The team are scheduled to begin their journey at GameShow GEC Finals tomorrow, but ran into last minute problems with their roster despite having six players. They will however, still attend the LAN finals, but with one of their new additions missing. The grand debut of their new roster on LAN has been put on ice.

Custom Gamer #2: Green, Spin or Gem? Which TD rules them all?

So you're wanting to play DotA but not vanilla DotA? Then look no further. This week we take a look at 3 of the best Tower Defense custom games created by the Dota 2 community. GreenTD Reborn, Spin TD and Gem TD get a close look to see what makes them good, what makes them bad, and whether or not you'll be interested. We don't expect you to agree with each other, but we hope to crown the one TD to rule them all.

"Physical confrontation" between Loda and Richard Lewis ends in a draw

Earlier today the Twittersphere was bursting with flames following an alleged 'physical confrontation' between Alliance player Jonathan 'Loda' Berg and renowned eSports journalist Richard Lewis in the CS:Go backstage area. Dreamhack decided to comment on the incident which ended up involving Swedish police, by stating that 'Violence and any forms of harassment have no place in the gaming community, and at DreamHack events.'

OG demolish Empire to claim Dreamleague Season 4 title

It was a quick three wins for OG, taking Team Empire in utterly convincing fashion in a generously named best-of-five series. The win marks their second competition victory since forming back in late August. Earlier this month, they secured the title of the Frankfurt Major; something that has been described as a monumental victory in Dota 2. Next stop, The Defense Season V LAN Finals.

Cloud9 disbands but not before accepting transfer fee for 1437 to DC

The departure of Theeban '1437 / I love you forever' Siva to Digital Chaos marks the end of Cloud9 latest Dota 2 division, which lasted 87 days. The new squad which was a mixture of NA experience and youthful exuberance had a successful three months together, but it appears Cloud9 and DC accepted a transfer fee for Theeban '1437 / I love you forever' Siva before Cloud9 decided to disband the team the following day.

Captain of Cloud9 1437 jumps ship and moves to NA rivals Digital Chaos

Few would have expected it but Theeban '1437 / I love you forever' Siva has officially left Cloud9 behind to move to NA rivals Digital Chaos. 1437 was the founder of the new Cloud9 roster just three months ago, and did not give a solid reason for the decision aside from saying 'sometimes things need to change'. This leaves Cloud9 with two spots on their roster during the 2-week transfer window before the new roster lock.