Stats galore as TrackDOTA is acquired by Dotabuff in a bid to expand their coverage

In a move that combines two of the big players in the Dota stats world, Dotabuff has announced their acquisition of live eSports stats service TrackDOTA earlier today. Dotabuff has had a hold on the market for casual stats viewing for pub players for some time, and this move signals their expansion within the eSports market, something they started in June of last year.

Corsair Gaming Arena #3 today to feature 80% of the TI5 SEA qualifier teams

The grid for the upcoming Corsair Gaming Arena #3 ft Rave, Invasion and CSW is now live, with 16 teams set to compete for $2,000, and eight of the ten SEA Main Qualifier teams all in contention for the title. Reigning champions TNC Pro Team who defeated Team Malaysia are ready for another round, but how will they fare against their TI5 qualifier competition?

DreamLeague 3 steps it up a notch as league phase reaches boiling point

So far the DreamLeague Season 3 league phase has been going at a pretty slow pace with only two matches a day. However, things are about to heat up. Over the next two days we will see TEN matches, and with that the league phase will be over and the Dreamhack Summer participants known.

Vietnam's got Talent: Fun cosplay competition entries will leave you smiling

The cosplay competition has inspired its participants to create some truly marvellous cosplays using only home-made materials. The strict guidelines that the cosplay costume can not have been bought have made for some very interesting results. Jump inside to see more creative cosplays and find out how to vote for the winners!

joinDOTA, BTS and the GD Studio will UNITE for TI5 qualifiers coverage hub

Great news has arrived! The upcoming TI qualifiers will once again have a hub, but this time all the studios will be working together from the same location! Commentators and staff from joinDOTA, BeyondTheSummit, GD Studio as well as a whole host of known Dota 2 personalities will congregate in Bucharest, Romania, in partnership with Twitch and PGL.

Groups for TI5 main qualifiers published! Will you change your predictions?

The open qualifier stage of The International 2015 has come to and end, after several surprise games where former TI players were left out of the competition.With all the finalist defined, the regional qualifiers begin in a phase that is expected to separate the men from the boys, as from each region featuring 10 teams only 1 will have a direct invite to TI5.

ESL One Frankfurt format spiced up to include seeding matches!

The biggest Dota 2 event in Europe will be upon us in less than a month's time. Last year's event in Frankfurt went according to plan, but the administration has still chosen to make some changes. The upcoming improved edition brings forth a new setup for the tournament. While the main event will look the same, there will be a new factor in play when it comes to how the match-ups will be worked out.

The International 5 qualifier teams slain in GIGABYTE Challenge #15

GIGABYTE Challenge #15 was supposed to be one of the last occasions to get into shape for The International 5 qualifiers for the four teams participating in both events. However, none of those teams managed to win more than one game in the bracket! In the end it was Team Alternate who took on 4 Clovers & Lepricon in the finals and battled for the first prize of 1500€. Hop in to see how the tournament unfolded.