DreamLeague Season 4 set to be a cracker with PPD on the talent desk

It's Dreamhack time again and the DreamLeague Season 4 will be upon us from tomorrow. Can OG maintain the form they showed at the Fall Majors? Will Alliance bounce back from their awkward defeat to Mineski in the Major? Are Empire able to end their downward spiral with the help of stand-in Gleb 'Funn1k' Lipatnikov? Peter 'ppd' Dager on the analyst and commentary desk is just one of the things to look forward to.

Liquid and Alliance to challenge OG in The Defense 5 Finals

In September we relaunched The Defense, and after three months, two stages and even appearances on Danish TV ft. Maelk and SyndereN, Season 5 will end with a LAN Final to be held in Berlin in a fortnight's time. Fall Major winners OG are among the participants for the $77,000 competition which will be held in joinDOTA's home, the Freaks 4U Gaming offices. Who is on the guest list? Find out inside.

DotaPit Season 4 open qualifiers for EU and NA littered with prizes

The qualifiers for the Dota Pit Season 4 are near at hand, and they are putting out a full spread of hardware prizes for the highest placing teams of the open qualifiers, which might make the qualifiers worthy of your attention. Simply finish in the top 8 of the open qualifiers in Europe or America to win prizes for your team. Sign-ups end in the next few days so be quick and remember you can sign-up as a solo player.

8K MMR Limmp and sibling Chessie join Complexity with Handsken

Complexity will be undergoing a major face lift following a massive dip in results following the departure of David 'Moonmeander' Tan and Tal 'Fly' Aizik in the Fall Major season. The new roster will be a Heroes of Newerth reunion, and hopefully will help the team to replicate the successful spree they had at TI5. The addition of Simon 'Handsken' Haag in particular should have a huge impact on results.

Malaysia Cyber Games pulls plug on Team Secret "Team Nanny" contest*

No this is not a joke, this was in fact W33lly happening. As part of a publicity stunt for their event the Malaysia Cyber Games are letting one lucky person be the 'Team Nanny' for Team Secret. *UPDATE 18:00 CET* Following feedback on the contest launched this morning, MCG have now decided to cancel the competition entirely.

Digital Chaos now joins Cloud9 in the hunt for a new 5th player

The hunt begins for Digital Chaos to find a new fifth member as a few hours ago the organisation posted on their website that they will now be in need of a new support player following the team failing to reach 'a certain expectational level'. Digital Chaos did not qualify directly for any LAN finals during the first Major season and now are down to four players. Can Aui and DC still challenge for 'top 2 in NA'?

Feeling like an OG after the Fall Majors? Then sign up to MSI Dragon Battle

We've witnessed Dota of the highest tier over the last 10 days and now it's time for us mortals to try our hand at success. Sign-ups are now open for the MSI Dragon Battle #9, which comes with a 2,000 EUR prize pool and an opportunity to play with some top notch competition. The Fall Majors hopefully taught you a few things, so why not put them into practice? Sign-ups are open to anyone and everyone.

What did OG say in the post-Grand Finals press conference? We'll tell you

As the Festhalle Messe was returned to normal and the spectators left to travel back home, the Fall Major winners OG took part in a press conference for the media. The press conference was not broadcast and no comprehensible footage has surfaced of what was spoken, until now. Jump to find out what the first-ever Dota 2 Major winners had to say and bask in the wisdom of Fly, Notail and Cr1t on their epic journey.