M5 poised for MSI Dragon Battle success

The MSI Dragon Battle will get underway later today, with on form Moscow5, Power Rangers and Vega pitting themselves against the four strongest teams from the open qualifiers. As usual the prize for the victors is €2,000, but the question remains will Moscow5's good form translate to a title, or will Vega bounce back from defeat yesterday to HR?

Metagame Fortnight #4: Hero Worth

The usual metagame roundup is back, only this time it is bringing comprehensive analysis on the most-valued heroes so far in 6.83. Then Gorgon breaks down how we know that hero performance isn't the most important factor in hero preference and discusses what make a great drafter into a legendary one.

HR throw their hopes for Summit 3

Just after announcing all the details of the 3rd iteration of The Summit BTS got right into action as the European pre-qualifier is already over. Surprisingly one of the favourites - HellRaisers failed to go through the the first round. Hop in to find out who advanced to the main qualifier.

Vega brought down to earth in jD Masters

Vega Squadron have been doing well against most teams lately and managed to eliminate NiP from the tournament in two straight games. In tonight's Grand Finals, they looked like a completely different squad as they suffered a daunting defeat against HellRaisers. Their fellow Russian foe harshly beat them 3-0 despite playing with a stand-in.

Russian Roulette tonight in jD Masters ...

NiP and newly former Summoner's Rift - which includes Demon and Brax, were the victims of HR and Vega, who both progressed to the Grand Finals of the joinDOTA Masters. Vega have been on a rampage recently, and the last time they faced HR in the GIGABYTE Challenge they came out on top. This time around the prize for first place will be $10,000.

UG disqualified from jD MLG Pro League

As a result of the Canada Cup incident involving Union Gaming, joinDOTA and MLG have decided to take action in regards to their participation in our own competitions. Union Gaming will be disqualified from the inaugural season of the MLG Pro League effective immediately due to violation of tournament rules. Our statement as well as background into...

The Summit 3 Announced!

The Summit 3 is here! Beyond the Summit has just announced the schedule and details for the in-game ticket and item bundles for the prestigious American tournament. Eight teams will compete for a base prize pool of $100,000 which will be contributed by BTS and their sponsors, with an additional 20% from all compendium sales and 10% from the...

Major Allstars: We know who is going!

Nearly two months ago we informed you about a $100,000 LAN event taking place in the SEA region. Up to this point, almost all the qualifiers have been finished and we already know seven of the eight teams that will attend the Major All Stars Dota 2 Tournament. Check out our article and get to know who is joining Natus Vincere, Rave and...