"Fake evidence" sees Arrow banned for life

Arrow Gaming have found their organisation now banned for life from the Synergy Cup after the administration were led to believe the evidence provided had been faked. DDZ had been labelled one of the culprits in Arrow's bizarre defeat to CSW, but along with Lance, was told that amnesty was possible if they issued a public apology.

StarLadder draw groups for LAN Finals

With the help of Johan 'BigDaddy' Sundstein, Vitalii 'v1lat' Volochai drew the groups for the upcoming StarLadder X LAN finals earlier today. The grand finale will feature eight teams and be held in the Kiev Cybersport Arena at the end of the month. Find out who made which group after the jump.

Top 5 Workshop Items of the Week #19

To take your mind off all the drama and 322 scandals, here are this week's sets for the audacious Batrider, somber Death Prophet, a raging Skywrath Mage, provocative Vengeful Spirit, and a courier to replenish all your Halloween needs, plus a little extra something.

Element TD nearing completion

Modder Jicyphex has announced over Twitter that the fan-favourite custom game mode is almost ready for a full release, with it likely to be released in the workshop in the coming weeks. Element TD will join the lineup of popular game modes in the Steam Workshop like Pudge Wars, Legends of Dota and Invoker Wars, which have all been well-received...

D2CL: Na'Vi qualify for LAN, 1 slot left

Na'Vi join Sneaky Nyx Assassins and Team Empire in the list of participants at the Dreamhack Bucharest D2CL LAN finals after their win over Power Rangers. Only one spot is left to fight over in the European playoffs, with Team Tinker still in with a chance to qualify.

Arrow involved in SEA matchfixing

David ‘Godz’ Parker has announced that TI4 SEA qualifiers Arrow Gaming will be removed from the Summit 2 Southeast Asian division, following their alleged role in the Southeast Asian match fixing scandal. In addition, Synergy League has also disqualified Arrow and permanently banned the involved players from future events.

Exclusive: DreamLeague answers critics

The 'DreamLeague saga' has lasted almost a full 48 hours, with Team Tinker one of the teams to throw the most punches at the Swedish organisation. In an exclusive interview with the DreamLeague Project Manager, Christian 'Hellspawn' Lord, we finally hear the other side of the story in the organisation's first official statement on the matter.

SL X: Huge blow as VG and Newbee dropout

One week before The Starseries X LAN Finals both Chinese teams decided to pull out from the event. VG cited 'political situation' as one of the causes, whilst Newbee blames the loss of passports. As a result 5th and 6th place from European division will replace them. Statements from both teams and StarLadder organisers inside.