V1lat predicts "The extinction of Dota 2" could happen as early as next year

During a recent interview with V1lat at Major All Stars, the question of 'Where are tournament Dota and tournaments heading to' came up, leading to him addressing key issues for the professional Dota 2 scene, believing that some tournaments have become superficial and decorative. V1lat looked forlorn when he said that any Tom Dick or Harry can organise a event now and also made light of his distaste of the Dota Pit and...

CGUnited finally speak out about their $500K tournament and issue apology

CGUnited, an American LLC who found themselves in the thick of it after plans for a $500K tournament in Washington were put under heavy scrutiny, have finally been convinced to make a statement on their competition, which includes a change of date. CGUnited provided joinDOTA with a release they hope will 'provide information about our company and event as there appears to have been some confusion within the community.'

EHOME drops their MY squad following communications breakdown

EHOME has announced that they will be parting ways with their recently formed Malaysian roster: EHOME Malaysia, following reports of communication issues after the squad relocated to Southeast Asia earlier this month. In their statement earlier today; EHOME stipulated that they will refocus their efforts on their Chinese division, with the possibility of future international endeavours remaining open.

TT, IG & VG first to qualify for SL XII LAN, Europe heading into phase 2!

Starladder Season 12 is well under way. The North American and China qualifiers have already finished, while Europe and SEA are heading into phase 2. Among a ton of great matches this season of StarLadder have featured the longest game in competitive history lasting over three hours! While some of the top teams have underperformed, one old giant seems unstoppable once again.

REMINDER: Sign-ups for Corsair Gaming Arena (SEA server) close on Friday

For those joinDOTA users based in SEA feeling left out, your prayers have been answered. joinDOTA alongside Corsair will be hosting a monthly competition entitled the Corsair Gaming Arena, which will feature invited teams as well as an open-qualifier for all aspiring teams and players. The prize pool is $2,000, and big names such as MY have put their name down to participate.

Basically Unknown take GIGABYTE Challenge title following Arise return

After being knocked out in the semi-finals of Hitbox EU Championship and the quarter finals EIZO Cup last week, Basically Unknown managed to go all the way in the GIGABYTE Challenge, coming out on top of the 16-team single elimination play-offs. Although some may remember Ionut 'ArisE' Turtoi being removed from the team a week ago, it was short-lived, and Arise has been playing for the team in all their recent matches.

Na'vi's reshuffle results in the release of Goblak

Earlier today Natus Vincere announced another roster reshuffle, resulting in the departure of support player Artur 'Goblak' Kostenko from the team, citing lacklustre results and lack of team synergy as the reason. The team has continued to struggle to find success since the post TI4 shuffle, as the organisation is looking towards stabilizing the roster in the upcoming two weeks.

North American Rejects roll out version 2.0

Just in time for the upcoming American Qualifiers for The International 2015, North American Rejects announce roster version 2.0. Founding members of the 2014 squad Steven 'Korok' Ashworth and Ioannis 'Fogged' Loucas are back in an attempt to reboot the team in an almost anniversary-like fashion. Will they be able to replicate the early success of the previous NAR with three new members?