VPGame: LGD and VG to face off in LAN Finals tomorrow at *07:00 CEST!*

The LAN Final between LGD Gaming and Vici Gaming which concludes the VPGame Pro League will begin tomorrow at 07:00CEST, April 19th. With a 1st place prize of 80,000 RMB (~13,000 USD) on the line, VG and LGD will collide in a best-of-five series. The VPGame Pro League Finals will showcase the two top teams in all of China as they continue their heated rivalry, with coverage by joinDOTA.

Dota Pit 3 heads into playoffs with a massive clash as EG face Secret

The group stage of Dota Pit 3 is finished and the playoffs are set to begin. Although the tournament has no LAN phase, the base prize pool of $80,000 has already grown to a massive $258,504, making it the second biggest for an online competition is e-Sport history. The competition is incredibly stiff as many of the top Western teams are still in contention, and a massive matchup is approaching in the 1st round.

Esports Express outdo themselves with parody of Tupac Shakur's Changes

We associate Esportsexpress with parody articles that ridicule and satirise our beloved game, but HotBid and SirJolt have taken the next step with the help of TeamTemp0 to create arguably one of the greatest Dota 2 parodies to date. Even if you're not familiar with the original track 'Changes' by the late American rapper Tupac Shakur, you will definitely love this tribute. Which line got you bad?

Stage is set for Goblak and H4nn1 to shine at GIGABYTE Challenge #14

GIGABYTE Challenge #14 Qualifiers are over and the grid is set! After over 200 teams participated in the qualifiers, today's main event could sort the boys from the men. GameOnline will be playing in the main event with new all-Swedish line-up which features former Fnatic and MeePwn'd player Steve 'Xcalibur' Ye. Will it be their moment to bounce back from 6 losses out of 6? Or will Goblak's mix team steal the show?

joinDOTA MLG Pro League Season 2: X-Games, gold medals, hats and more!

Season 2 of the joinDOTA MLG Pro League has arrived, and with it some improvements we're sure you'll be excited about, from gold medals for the winners to a godlike location for the LAN finals. We've also gone out of way to make sure we improve the format for the next Championship, adopting the GSL groupstage for the offline stage of the competition, as well extending a direct invite to Season 1 champions Team Empire.

Four teams still in the hunt for the last ESL One Frankfurt European spot

The ESL One Frankfurt European qualifiers are coming to an end. With The Alliance and Virtus Pro (rebranded from ASUS.Polar) both securing their spots in the LAN finals only lower bracket is left to play out. Four teams are still in the hunt including the joinDOTA Pro League Season 1 Champions - Team Empire. No big upsets happened in previous rounds of the lower bracket so only top contenders are left fighting for the...

Summit 3 Redemption Vote: Only three candidates remain in rat race

The Redemption Vote is now in full swing for the Summit 3, a chance for the public to vote in a team that was eliminated in the qualifiers and get them invited to join the LAN Finals. With three teams left in the race we've been promised many things; maid costumes, a 24 hour stream, AMAs on Reddit and a bedroom tour. So, who's left in the race and what are they promising?

iG slip sends VG to UB Finals despite a formidable Xi Dark Seer

The upper bracket semi finals of the VPGame Pro League wrap up as two of the titans of Chinese DotA, Invictus Gaming and Vici Gaming, buck heads. Meanwhile, Newbee exit early after another embarrassing performance, losing to their organisation's own talent team, Newbee.Young. With six teams remaining can iG still manage to make it to the grand finals?