XBOCT opens up in heartfelt interview post-groupstage

NaVi's carry Alexander 'XBOCT' Dashkevich wore his heart on his sleeve in an interview by IneskaUA posted earlier today, in which he admits being left bewildered at his team's poor performance at TI. Much like team-mate Dendi who commented that their team had initially started their campaign in high spirits, XBOCT said that TI was like 'a whole new world' and that they were struggling to adapt to it.

TI5 Metagame: Our one-stop guide to which heroes won the groupstages

Metagame is a complicated web of value and evaluation, with each team trying to determine the balance between denying opponents effective heroes without losing their own. Every major tournament sees metagame shifts in hero, strategy, itemization, and laning popularities, but The International traditionally has a larger impact. Which heroes were most valued and which were most effective?

Video Tour of the TI5 Secret Shop courtesy of V1lat (Eng subtitles)

Yesterday press, players, crew and a good few members of the public had the opportunity to visit the TI5 Secret Shop ahead of time, before the masses swarm over the illustrious shop next week at the main event. CIS commentator V1lat has done a wonderful video tour of the 'Mecca' of Dota 2 for the official YouTube channel. He also bumps into many well-known faces who were making the most of the opportunity including RTZ and...

Resolut1on: "TI has a very unique meta once teams meet, it's like a fresh start"

Team Empire came out the victors of a crucial tie-breaker in group A on Thursday, defeating VP to earn their spot in the winner's bracket. During press day the team was in high spirits, unable to contain their delight at their performance the day before. We spoke to Empire's team captain Roman 'Resolut1on' Fominok about the groupstage, Techies, the TI meta and his own meme.

SuiC9de Squad - Battleground Seattle, a video tribute to C9

If you've had the privilege of watching the trailer for the new Suicide Squad movie by Warner Brothers, then you will love this. In a video which will probably break the boundaries of copyright infringement but yet still remain a classic among fans and players alike, ChronoX5 brings to you 'SuiC9de Squad'. Even Zai makes a cameo.

Na'Vi.Funn1k: "BO1 first round is very very tricky - it's random. Like roulette."

Last year, fan favourites Natus Vincere finished 7/8th at TI4. This year, a worse result could be on the table with a 'tricky' bo1 looming in the lower-bracket, but Funn1k is still hopeful for a strong finish for the team. Our Editor-in-Chief, Lawrence 'Malystryx' Phillips, sat down with Gleb 'Funn1k' Lipatnikov, to talk about Na'Vi and The International so far.

RotK on why he chose EHOME: "I came to lead the team"

Fan 'rOtk' Bai is a bit of a legend in the Chinese Dota scene, so it came as a surprise to most after DAC when he chose to come out of retirement to compete for the inexperienced EHOME. Whilst Xiao8 chose to return to LGD and BurninG went to iG, RoTk decided to invest his future into the rising stars. Why? 'I came to lead them because I feel our scene lacks fresh blood'. Find out more in his TI5 video profile.

TobiWan: "I'm finding a way to get more hype back in my casts" - (ChuuuaaaN)

Tobi 'TobiWan' Dawson will once again be gracing the Grand Finals of TI5 this year, and the Australian sat down with HotBid to talk his return to hype, how listening to ODPixel has helped him try new things and his thoughts on why an East versus West finale would be the ideal end to the tournament. 'You always want the biggest hype,' said TobiWan. The pair also discussed some of the classic in the TI5 groupstage.