Metagame Fortnight #2: Measuring Balance

This recurring metagame analysis is back to fill your brains with all the Dota data you need to follow the staggering 231 games played in the last two weeks. Which heroes have had a good fortnight, and which hero has fallen out of the meta hard? Gorgon also breaks down why our modern day draft pool is getting bigger and NOT smaller. More inside.

First Departure's journey is over

Singaporean star Galvin Kang 'Meracle' Jian has taken to Twitter to announce the fate of his team First Departure. After competing in the SEA scene for some time with various rosters, the team will now part ways. Meracle has given some clues as to his future, but the brief announcement hasn't given us much to go off.

DAC Day 2: Vici and Na’Vi bounce back!

With Team Secret and Evil Geniuses at the helm the second day of the DAC Asian Championship was packed with exciting games. Vici Gaming led the way in the race to catch the front runners, overcoming a day one deficit to finish on 5-2. Natus Vincere weren’t far behind climbing up the rankings with a significant winning streak. Cloud 9 had...

Vega among invites for MSI Dragon Battle

The MSI Dragon Battle starts tomorrow and we've got a fight on our hands as the surprise finalist of the Dota Pit Season 3 qualifiers, Team Vega, are among our list of invites for the main event. They will be joined by mYinsanity who have been doing exceptionally as well as two other ferocious contenders.

So what is NEL and what's the big deal?

For a decade developing players in North America seeking competition and improvement have fled to the sanctuary offered by regional in-house leagues. The North American Elite League (NEL) is one such league, and has groomed players like Arteezy and EternalEnvy in the past. We spoke to its creator Aaron Stern to help educate the rest of the world...

DAC Day 1: EG break away from the pack

Evil Geniuses have blitzed the competition in the DAC group stages, finishing day 1 without losing a single game. Although undefeated Team Secret are hot on their heels. Following the two front runners is Rave, who surprised the community with a 3-1 score, besting the struggling Chinese squads to cement their place in the top half of the group.

IceIceIce: SEA "not up to standard yet"

IceIceIce shared his opinions on the Great Western Reshuffle in an interview by SLTV during the DAC in Shanghai, as well as commenting on why he does not think SEA teams should receive direct invites for TI5. The Singaporean also hints at the possibility of a move to the West post TI5, as well as imminent changes coming in the Chinese scene. (Image...

Na'Vi "explosive" in DAC wildcards!

Natus Vincere have dominated the competition in the DAC Asian Championship wildcard qualifiers, earning their place in the main event with an impressive 4-1 score. They will be joined by Hyper Glory Team who broke past a four way tie in the final round to secure their place. Both teams will now join fourteen other participants in the group...