In-game ads: Has Valve gone too far?

The latest update for Dota 2 came live during the previous night, adding the new hero Oracle to the midst, enabling a new game mode, which requires a purchase of the Phantom Assassin Arcana item, a fact that has certain ruffled a few feathers, as it became apparent that Valve for the first time has introduced in-game advertisements.

DreamLeague S2 Phase Two - The road so far

The second stage of the DreamLeague is more than halfway through, with 16 out of the 28 matches already played out. So far no team is out of the competition, which will make the upcoming days even more interesting. Have you missed DreamLeague so far or do you just want to refresh your knowledge? Either way, this is for you!

Empire GIGABYTE Challenge #10 champs

Team Empire were the most experienced of the seven Russian teams to take part in GIGABYTE Challenge #10 yesterday, and they also were the ones to come out victorious in an all-Russian final. Synergy was the only Russian team to lose the first round against foreign opposition, with a swift exit for the reigning champions aShock as well as a late...

Valve gives PA her own hit list in event

Day 3 of the Foreseer's Contract event has brought forward a new mini-game of sorts: the Nemesis Assassin Event. Get together with your allies and team up against a marked hero on the enemy team, fulfilling yet another contract. Complete contracts to earn rewards, and to cross names of of your list. There are 5 names on Phantom Assassin's list, but...

The Manifold Paradox

Do you remember when Valve promised us a big update a couple of months ago, as the excuse for withholding Diretide? It is finally amongst us! With the second day of the Foreseer's Contract, Valve brings a new hero, long awaited creep remodels, as well as hats, hats and, even more ... ARCANAS!

Valve talks DDoS...and fixes

Lag, high ping and packet loss have plagued a lot of Dota players as of late, both in public games as well as tournaments. Just a couple of hours ago, Valve released a network update alongside a blog post, explaining the situation and promising change.

GIGABYTE Challenge #10: Russian spectacle

For the tenth GIGABYTE Challenge we've snatched up some of the best up and coming teams with a touch of class. The invite list includes the likes of Lajons, Empire as well as mYinsanity who have been performing phenomenally well recently. A total of seven Russian teams will participate in the playoffs and pride will most definitely be on the line.

joinDOTA Masters postponed

joinDOTA is proud to unveil the next stage of our plan to develop and build up the grass roots level competitive scene, the return of the joinDOTA Masters with a special edition which will now reward the strongest finishers in our joinDOTA League by letting them compete in a $15,000 online tournament in partnership with Dailymotion and EIZO.