Match-fixing culprits form We Are Sorry

The former line-up of Arrow Gaming, of which two players were involved in a match-fixing drama in October, will be participating in the Vietnam Championship League, and have decided to rename themselves We Are Sorry. What is more the line-up of EvoGT also returns to competition. Will they both be able to wipe the slate clean with a fresh start?

"Lack of synergy" sees Simbaaa leave Se...

After a run of very good results after forming in the TI reshuffle, Team Secret and Tal 'Simbaaa' Aizik parts ways. Replacing him will be Rasmus 'MiSeRy' Filipsen who recently quit his 'permanent standin' role in Alliance. Could a new reshuffle between Alliance and Tinker be on the horizon?

EternalEnvy "rant" sparks heated debate

The state of Dota 2 and the quantity of tournaments have been a topic of heated debate lately. Most notably a while ago ex-VP player NS and joinDOTA's caster Tobi shared their thoughts on the problem. Now one of the top pro players EternaLEnVy have spoken out his mind, which has already triggered some response from the community.

BenQ Showmatch: SNA vs. coL Best-of-3!

Carrying on their Showmatch series which was a big success in CS:GO with mouz versus Virtus.Pro last month, BenQ moves back onto Dota 2, picking up two of the most promising teams in the United States at the moment, Sneaky Nyx Assassins and compLexity. They will be duking it out in a winner takes all best-of-3 match just before Christmas.

Ten 6.83 Changes You NEED to Know

The announcement of 6.83 comes with a decent assortment of hero changes, additions to pro-dota hero pools, item changes, gameplay changes, and some server-end changes which should impact the quality of gameplay for all users. This patch summary comes with optional extended discussions on changes to help you parse the patch and read just what peaks...

Shifting Snows: 6.83 Announced

As Valve's headquartes in Bellevue approach the icy descent into another long Washington winter, the Dota 2 team has announced several updates including Fantasy Dota's next season, new in-game items (including ice effigies), and the ability to gift 'wrapped' Dota items in time for the holiday season. Of course, the seasons will be changing with...

joinDOTA Masters kicks off tonight!

joinDOTA proudly announces the return of the joinDOTA Masters powered by Dailymotion & EIZO which kicks off in over half an hour! For four days eight invited teams will meet on the Dota 2 battlegrounds while competing for a total prize purse of $15,000, with up and comers like mYi and Hellraisers joining veterans SNA, VP and VP Polar.

ESL One Frankfurt ticket sale NOW!

The first wave of tickets for the ESL One Frankfurt are on sale right now, so if you've got your mind set on going get yourself ready to face the frenzy and snatch up your tickets. This year sees a new type of ticket added which promises an even more luxurious experience at ESL. Look inside for full details.