Xiao8: " I think one should never blindly pursue a pro gaming career"

Zhang 'xiao8' Ning , who won the International 4 with Newbee last year, warned against 'blindly pursuing a pro gaming career' in one of the first player video profiles released by Valve. 'Beyond the glamour there is a more trying side, there is a lot of talent and hardwork that equates to success,' said Xiao8. The profiles feature a behind the scenes look at well-known stars, with SumaiL and nOtail profiles also released.

N0Tail: "For all new players I'd only suggest you try to understand other people"

One of the players profiles presented yesterday in between the matches was about Johan 'BigDaddyN0tail' Sundstein. In the short featurette we hear from BigDaddyNOtail's parents about their response to him telling them he wanted to play Dota 2 full time, as well as get an insight into the personality we all know and love. His biggest advice to aspiring players? To learn empathy and try to understand other people.

TI5 Groupstages Day 1: Group A in a nutshell

Our poll earlier in the week saw more than 47% of our users vote that Group A in the TI5 groupstages was the harder group, and the voices of the analysts on the opening day seemed to agree with the verdict. The first day of matches in Group A is over, and for those looking to get the main headlines, we look back on the big talking points and things to take away from Day One of Group A.

Complete chaos and mayhem in Fnatic versus iG ft casual Mushi rapiers

The second game of Fnatic versus Invictus Gaming was a 94 minute extravaganza, the longest game in the groupstages by far, and featuring a 3rd pick Wraith King, two casual rapiers and a Witch Doctor ultimate from within the treeline that would make a grown man cry. The game was cast by TobiWan and Wagamama, who could both not contain their excitement at what was unfolding before their very eyes.

Na'Vi's SoNNeikO plays a godlike Earthshaker against C9 to force draw

On the back of SoNNeikO outstanding performance on Earthshaker Na'Vi secured a draw against Cloud 9. However, it could have definitely been a 2-0 win as they were leading significantly in the first game also. C9 on the other hand are underperforming significantly as they have only 1 point after two series, and could well struggle to make a top 4 placement if they do not gather their thoughts before tomorrow's matches.

Mushi brings the pain to Secret in a shocking Game 2 upset

Still reeling after being thrown out of ESL One Frankfurt to Team Secret's Techies and Tusk combo, Chai 'Mushi' Yee Fung led his team to a triumphant victory in Game 2 in the first round of matches in the TI5 Group Stage. While it splits the series 1-1, it's certainly a huge upset for Secret, who most likely expected to cruise through the earlier parts of TI with little difficulty.

Cloud9 concede a 20k advantage in opening TI5 game versus LGD*

Cloud 9 G2A just threw away an enormous 20k net worth advantage in the first game of the LGD Gaming vs Cloud 9 G2A. LGD with their backs against the wall got behind their star midlaner Yao 'Maybe' Lu's Divine Ember Spirit, who took over the game after a questionble C9 fountain dive. Maybe scorched C9 with his unique item build which included two Divine Rapiers by the end, but it was C9's game to lose.

MVP's March hints final TI for him due to country obligations and age

The final game for the Wildcard saw MVP Phoenix completing the lineup for the main event. With their sister team, MVP HOT6 already in the group stages, this year's TI5 will see 2 Korean teams taking home a share of the $17mil prize pool. Hot_Bid sat down with Tae Won 'March' Park a day before the Wildcard Rounds for a quick, yet personal interview.