MLG T.K.O EU: We have our WINNER!

The climax to the MLG T.K.O. Europe happened earlier today. The team of the moment Empire took on Fnatic, who lost to the Russian team less than 24 hours before. The prize for first place was $14,000 and the two teams had performed equally well in Stage 1, 2 and 3. However, when the grand finals dawned, who rose to the challenge?

EHOME legend 357 to coach VG

Vici Gaming has been shaping up as of late, preparing for the upcoming International. For this very reason, they have hired a coach to boost their teams performance even further, enlisting the services of former Ti1 silver medalist Yao '357' Yi.

SL: MVP draw into Group of Death

The groups have been drawn and it does not look good for MVP.Phoenix, who were drawn against some of the strongest teams in the pool in Group A. Meanwhile Na'vi and Team EG will meet on LAN, following their beautiful match earlier this week. The StarLadder commences tomorrow and with groups like these you should definitely tune in.

ESL One Frankfurt: Free swag & Cosplay

ESL have gone and added a Cosplay competition to the ESL One Frankfurt as well as free entry to any cosplayers. What is more ticket-holders can claim free swag at the event according to how many friends they bring with them. Dog tags, t-shirts and hoodies are all up for grabs so time to get popular.

Dendi rampage seals $62,000 D2CL

The D2CL Season 2 champions have been crowned in a bizarre yet thrilling final between Na'Vi and Cloud9. The best-of-5 was a frantic back and forth series that set up Na'Vi nicely for the StarLadder finals this week.

Alliance brings the AXE, literally

It's been a crazy week; Demon joining Team Liquid, Dendi lassoing a creep and now Alliance announce their remarkable sponsorship from AXE. Yes, AXE the deodorant. Earlier this evening Alliance announced the partnership with the well-known brand of male grooming products, as part of the #axepeace campaign in Sweden.

GIGABYTE returns with Challenge #3

Once more, joinDOTA and GIGABYTE team up to bring you yet another GIGABYTE challenge, with a total prizepool of 2,000 Euro up for grabs. The first two challenges attracted big teams such as Team Dog and Power Rangers, so the third one surely won´t go unnoticed. Who will be the last team standing?

Kaci answers 20 questions on TL

Kaci Aitchitson, the FOX News anchor who will return to host the upcoming TI4, took part in the Team Liquid 20-20 interview series. The well-known presenter answered questions about TI3 horror stories, best memories, if she has played DOTA2 much in the last year and more importantly if she would allow her own child to be a progamer.