ESL One NY: EHOME replacement iG defeat VP with coach as stand-in

IG eliminated Virtus Pro in the third match of the quarterfinals in ESL One New York 2015, as the Russian organization became the first directly invited team to pack their bags. The series featured a carry Alchemist mid, a support Leshrac and two very opposite Luna performances from Illidan. Rising star Rabbit shows what he came for, as IG do a good job filling up EHOME's spot in the tournament.

What patch? CDEC rehash 6.84's Gyro and Bounty Hunter to beat Archon

After much talk about 6.85, CDEC proved the new patch is not that much different to the old one, rehashing combinations they used so effectively at TI5 in the summer. Their opponent was Team Archon, who put up a modest fight but CDEC looked comfortable. Nerfed heroes in the new patch Bounty Hunter and Gyrocopter both made an appearance in CDEC's draft, and the TI5 runners-up still look formidable.

Navi, VP and C9 will refuse online-only tournaments from 2016 onwards

In the aftermath of the infamous Gaming Paradise event earlier this month, which saw the CS:GO tournament delayed by more than 10 hours and a Dota 2 tournament cancelled, a new Team Union has been created. The union features major organisations from CS:GO, Dota 2 and LoL, and a recent email sent to all major tournament organizers announced the union's list of demands for tournaments in 2016.

ESL One New York: W33haa the MVP as Team Secret progress to semis

Team Secret and Fnatic kicked off the ESL One New York 2015 this afternoon in probably the juiciest round one match. The very first match had a lot to enjoy and featured Omniknight, Necrophos and the W33haa Meepo. In the end, Puppey’s innovative drafts and Secret’s solid team work saw them stage a comeback after losing the opening game. Fnatic's Djardel 'chrissy / DJ' Jicko b. Mampusti and Secret's Omar 'w33haa' Aliwi...

September Unikrn Betting King crowned after jam-packed qualifiers

The Unikrn Betting King wrapped up earlier this week, with joinDOTA user MorpheoS once again showcasing his talents at predicting Dota 2 match results. MorpheoS' 72% accuracy put him on top of the leaderboards at for the September Unikrn Betting King and almost 15 points ahead of his closest rival. With three majors competitions in October, it is well worth jumping inside to find out how to join in.

Fall Season Compendium: Bet on your own matches with Compendium Coins!

Fall Season 2015 Compendium is now available for purchase! Features from The International 5 Compendium such as earning gold coins and redeeming them for rewards are kept while new ones are added, as you can now bet coins on the outcome of your match. The compendium also contains treasures, ambient effects and Tusk's Whisky the Stout! But be warned, as usual it will require investment to get the biggest rewards.

ESL One NY: First round match previews - Can you predict the scores?

With ESL One New York less than 24 hours away, we give you a quick run-down of the four opening matches and what to look out for in each of them. We've also been so bold as to set you the challenge of predicting the precise score in each of the first round match-ups, the perfect chance to show off just how well you know the scene. Are you expecting an upset in the first round matches? If so, which will it be?

ESL One NY Preview: The eight contenders for this weekend's LAN finals

ESL One New York will be the first major LAN tournament since The International 5, and will also be the final tournament before direct invites for the Fall Majors are released on Monday. Both TI5 finalists CDEC and Evil Geniuses have not played competitively since the summer, making this their grand return after 7 weeks out of action. Team Secret will also make their first LAN appearance with their new roster.