EG and LGD have made their choices, the TI5 brackets have been set!

With first and fifth seed of the groupstages being granted the ability to choose their opponent at the main event, it did leave room for a surprise or two. The match-ups have now been confirmed, with LGD Gaming deciding to avoid the on form EHOME and instead opt for an encounter with Team Empire who defeated them in the quarter finals of the MDL in May. You can find the rest of the match-ups inside.

Both TI4 finalists finish in bottom four of Group B, CDEC and EHOME prevail

In an unexpected turn of events both of TI4's grand finalists, Vici Gaming and Newbee found themselves out of the top 4 of Group B, and could now face early elimination in the very unforgiving best-of-1 opening lower-bracket matches at the main event. Newbee received a questionable direct invite and with limited appearances recently were a mystery, but VG's placement is further proof that the team has hit a rough patch.

Fnatic fail to place top 4 in group A despite great start on opening days

Fnatic, the only SEA team at the event, saw their hopes of the upper-bracket at the main event next week go up in flames following defeats to LGD Gaming and Complexity. The Malaysian team looked strong on day 1 and 2, taking games off iG and Secret to put them in with a real shot of taking a top 4 place, but failed to pick up enough points versus other opponents.

Twitch Chat Reporter at TI5: Is 2GD about to start a revolution?

James '2GD' Harding has been busy at the TI5 groupstages so far promoting the Twitch Chat Reporter, a new window into the TI5 experience which revolves around uploading short 15 second clips on Instagram which are then spread across the halls of Twitch Chat via the MooBot. We spoke to the Twitch Chat Reporter himself about the creation of new dank memes and suggested a possible new format.

TI 5 group stage: LGD tops Group A after Secret's slip against MVP.Phoenix

We bring to you the final results from Group A, the first of two the groups to finish on the last day of the Groupstage. LGD Gaming, Team Secret, compLexity Gaming and Cloud 9 G2A all made the top 4 which is crucial because it allows them to avoid the Lower Bracket Round 1 BO1 matches and puts them only one series away from a Top 6 finish and securing over $1,000,000 in prize money. Hop in to check out how group A...

Secret.Zai: 'We wanted to play against Leshrac' reason for defeat against LGD

Despite producing mostly strong performances during the TI5 group stage, Team Secret have dropped two games so far to many people's surprise. In dota2's 'TI5 Community Report', Zai was interviewed by Hot_Bid with regards to their two defeats, as well as how he feels the Chinese teams differ from Western sides.

Day 3: CDEC's 'EPIC run' takes them to the Top of Group B!

At the end of the third day of the groupstages, we have a new leader in group B: CDEC Gaming. The commotion around the biggest underdog story in the tournament has reached new heights as CDEC has continued to perform against the best teams in the world. Where did this all come from?

What's the best and worst case for each team on Day 4?

With only five matches remaining in one group and six matches remaining in the other, you may expect teams to be fairly limited to their mobility at this stage in the groupstage. The truth is actually much more frustrating: most teams can still grab a top seed… but only due to factors outside of their control. Which teams have the best odds on the group stage dice? We break down what your favorite team needs to get their...