joinDota MLG Pro League Season 2 kicks off with Asia and Americas action!

The second season of the joinDota MLG Pro League is ready for launch with the Asia and America regions leading the way. The teams are in, the brackets have been drawn, and we're setting it off tomorrow, April 21st, with Chai 'Mushi' Yee Fung and MY taking on Arcanys. The America division will start soon after, with the first games of the upper bracket beginning on the 26th. We've also unveiled the second direct invite for...

Black^ and Mushi make a return to China for $400,000 i-League #3

The American, European and SEA qualifiers for i-League #3 are all done and dusted. It was a peculiar qualifier for the tournament with $300,000 base prize pool due to the fact that many teams decided not to compete after all the drama from the Season 2. However, despite that all the region will be strongly represented, take a quick look inside to to catch up on who will be going to China.

SEA hopefuls stand ready! Sign-ups now open for Corsair Gaming Arena #2

Aspiring SEA teams take note, sign-ups for the second Corsair Gaming Arena are now open! $2,000 is on the line and given the interest and quality of competitors last time, you would be daft to at least not have a try at the open qualifiers. Chai 'Mushi' Yee Fung's TM vanquished Galvin 'Meracle-' Kang Jian Wen's 5eva last time around to take the first ever Corsair Gaming Arena title, but it is gloves off for round 2.

XBOCT: "The time to work to obtain result has come"

It may be Monday but Navi's brutally honest interview with Alexander 'XBOCT' Dashkevich from the weekend may at least bring a smile to your face. The team is taking part in a 3-week bootcamp in preparation for upcoming events and XBOCT spoke out about the team's changing captains and admitted to some friction with former captain Artem 'fng' Barshack. Navi's carry player also went into the return of Artstyle, and made clear...

Dotabuff now includes pub hero statistics BY LANE, Enchantress best jungler

Statistics website Dotabuff has recently added a new feature which ranks pub hero usage statistics according to which lane they played. In the past the hero usage and success statistics was harder to evaluate, especially for heroes that can play multiple roles or positions. Dotabuff also mentioned the possibility in the future to sort by region and skill bracket. (Image: RoseberriesART)

iG maid it! Chinese team wins Redemption spot with 43% of votes

Despite a last minute haul by Navi to get more voters in, it is Invictus Gaming who have come away with the coveted spot at the Summit 3 LAN finals, after winning the public Redemption vote. iG only promised one thing, that all five players would dress up in maid costumes and with the Western community perhaps splitting their votes between Alliance and Navi, the Chinese team will now have to deliver on their promise.

ScaryFaceZZZ claim victory against Kazakh rebels in GIGABYTE Challenge #14

Relative newcomers ScaryFaceZZZ continue to surprise many people with a second tournament victory following a recent first place finish at insideDOTA challenge, the Ukranian squad continue to impress and are looking to be a formidable threat in the CIS scene even after the departure of Ivan 'Artstyle' Antonov to Natus Vincere.

D2CL EU groupstage concludes: Alliance do not progress but HR on form

With the last game between The Alliance and Team Empire concluded, the D2CL Season 5 group stage has finally ended. Four teams now remain in the playoff portion of the tournament, with two slots up for grabs to the LAN final. Who made the cut for the playoffs? Find out here.