We did it! 2.5 million paths completed unlocks all Battle Pass rewards

If you completed one of the three paths in the Winter Battle Pass, you can now claim your rewards.

Team Secret make u-turn and accept prestigious ESL One Manila invite

Team Secret will be attending the ESL One Manila after all following the announcement that the format of the event will be amended.

Resource Round-Up 1: Four websites to improve your drafting

Some of the best community-produced content of all time packed together in one handy article like sardines in a tin. This week: picking heroes, countering heroes, and drafting.

Resolut1on's aggression wins DC the BTS Americas #3

Resolut1on has proven to be the vital addition to Digital Chaos. His aggresive play style, coupled with the team's impeccable rotations, enabled them to defeat Shanghai Majors qualified Team Archon in the Grand Finals, bringing home $5,000.

See the breakdown of your Commends via the console

The Reborn client may have taken away the composition of the Commends you have, but you still can access it through console. Hop in to see how!

Alliance pull off "probably the worst level 1 Roshan attempt we've ever made"

Akke described it as 'probably the worst level 1 Roshan attempt we've ever made', but it certainly did the trick against Team Empire and they even went on to win the game and the series.

Canada Cup title couldn't have come at a better time for Complexity

Following two early exits at two different LANs compLexity Gaming have found some much needed momentum ahead of the Shanghai Major after thumping Elite Wolves in a Grand Finals.

TheEconomist newspaper releases nostalgic mini-doc about BigDaddyNoTail

The world-renowned weekly newspaper TheEconomist takes us down memory lane in a 17 minute behind the scenes documentary with Johan 'BigDaddyN0tail' Sundstein during his time at C9.