9 Ridiculously cool things you can do in 6.84 at the moment

6.84 added a lot of new items, interactions, and Aghanims hero abilities. It is the end of HOHO HAHA and the start of a lot of new tricks and spectacular plays. Let's run down some of the craziest things you can do now that the new patch is live. Also be sure to share some of the things you've discovered in your recent matches.

Mushi's gaming angered his mother who "locked him outside the house"

A TV program about Chai 'Mushi' Yee Fung and MY was released recently, which featured his mother and father sharing stories of Mushi's struggle to gain acceptance from them for his dream. Mushi's mother even admits to locking him outside of the house as a punishment. Mushi also spilled some trade secrets on the priorities as a captain and how he maintains a stable income from pro-gaming.

H4nn1 "retirement" sees WagaMama swoop in to replace him in 4 Clovers

After news yesterday that Ivan 'Vanskor' Skorokhod would replace Artur 'Goblak' Kostenko in the recently formed 4 Clover & Lepricon, a mix of EU and CIS talent, we see the second roster change in the same number of days, as Swedish streamer and former pro Niklas 'Wagamama' Högström steps in to fill the shoes of departed mid player Kai 'H4nn1' Hanbueckers, who apparently has hung up his mouse on his pro gaming career.

Opinion: The International 5 invites prediction for the East

The announcement for the 2015 International invites could be just a day away, and with our predictions for the West explored, it's time to look at the East. Over the past couple of months, the performance of the top tier Chinese teams have distinctly separated themselves ahead of the competition, but there are still squads biting at their heels in search of a spot at TI5.

Queen of Pain still at 100% pick/ban in 6.84 pro scene, Lina most picked

Queen of Pain is currently in the honeymoon period in 6.84, having been either picked or banned in EVERY single competitive 6.84 match to date. There have been a total of 55 matches since the patch was released onto the main client last Friday, with QoP banned in 67% of them, while Lina is the most picked hero. Find out which other heroes are proving popular in the new patch inside.

Do Newbee deserve a TI5 invite? EG's PPD thinks they do. What about you?

Only one day remains until the Compendium predictions on the TI5 invites close, and Evil Geniuses' Peter 'ppd' Dager has chimed in on a hot topic: do reigning champions Newbee deserve an invite? Well, according to the EG captain they do, who puts them alongside EG and VG as the teams that 'really deserve' a TI invite. PPD also explains who else he would invite to the flagship event.

Newbee's CEO 10010 Level Compendium helps TI5 prizepool reach $5 million

Less than a week has passed since the release of the Compendium for this year's edition of the International, and the total prize pool has skyrocketed up to an astonishing 5 million dollars, ranking it the 2nd biggest tournament in eSports history. Ironically the CEO of last year's winner Newbee, decided to inject some cash back into the competition, investing over $4,000 to level up his Compendium!

Goblak departs 4 Clovers with Vanskor as his replacement

4 Clover & Lepricon have decided to part ways with their captain Artur 'Goblak' Kostenko due to apparent communication and commitment issues and have decided to fill the space with the recently available Ivan 'Vanskor' Skorokhod after being benched by his former team Natus Vincere. The new roster will now look forward to the ESportal LAN finals in the summer where they hope to prove themselves against stiff competition.