Huge surprise as Mineski beats Fnatic for the first SEA spot at the Major!

After The International 5 8th place finishers MVP Phoenix failed to get out of the group stage we have another shocking result in the SEA qualifiers to the Frankfurt Major. The heavy favourites, the star-studded lineup of Fnatic failed to beat Mineski in the finals of the playoffs and are not going to be the number one team coming out of the regional qualifiers. They GGed out of the 3rd game in a little over 20 minutes!

C9 and DC still fighting for the American spots in the Frankfurt Major

The first day of the playoffs of American qualifiers to the Frankfurt Major is finished and the fan favourites - Cloud9 G2A and Digital Chaos are still alive and fighting. On the other hand Elite Wolves who dominated the supposedly harder group are already out of contention. Hop inside to get up to speed with American playoffs. Peruvians Unknown.xiu could qualify if they win one more match.

Front runners Liquid are dismissed by Alliance while MB and NiP stand strong

As the dust clears on the EU regional playoffs one team's run in the competition is over. Ninjas in Pyjamas, mostly viewed as underdogs, cast The Alliance into the lower-bracket and advance to the Winner's Final of the bracket. Meanwhile, a shaken Team Liquid lost to Monkey Business before being dealt a fatal blow by The Alliance. The three remaining teams are now all just one win away from a spot at the Fall Majors.

Team Liquid got Meepwnd by Monkey Business in 23 minutes

Team Liquid was viewed as heavy favourite for the playoffs of the European qualifiers to the Major. They were not only undefeated in the harder group but also on this patch. Despite that Monkey Business, who struggled a bit in Group B, didn't come to the match scared bringing out Johan 'BigDaddyN0tail' Sundstein's Meepo for the first game and a heavy push strat for the second one. With that they claimed a convincing...

Swedish El Clásico in the 1st round of the playoffs as NiP top the Group B

The Group B of the European qualifiers to the Frankfurt Major is finished and with that the playoffs bracket is set. Quite surprisingly Ninjas in Pyjamas who have been under the radar recently managed to secure the first place in their group. As a result we will have the Swedish El Clásico in the first round of the playoffs bracket with The Alliance taking on NiP!

The joinDOTA Pub Quiz #1: Prepare to quiz your pants in episode one!

Based off the success of our previous quizzes we've decided to turn them into a weekly affair, introducing the joinDOTA Pub Quiz, which will hope to test your knowledge of the Dota 2 world. Every week will include 5 different sub-topics so that everyone can find an area of expertise. This week's special feature topic is: 'Guess the Kappa!'. Have a crack at it and tell us how you did and what you thought of it!

Liquid dominate the Majors Regional Qualifiers and Alliance find their form

The EU Regional Qualifiers for the Fall Major in Frankfurt are under way. One of the two groups is already finished, sending Team Liquid and The Alliance to the playoffs. Liquid, previously known as 5Jungz, achieved perfect results in the matches they played, beating 4 Clovers & Lepricon, STARK and Alliance 2-0. Meanwhile, Alliance were nearly as dominant, winning every match except when they faced Liquid.

Fnatic ace groupstages of Majors qualifiers and head to double-elimination

Fnatic have come out of the groupstages for the Fall Majors unharmed and with the full 12 points after securing 4 wins from 4 matches. For the Fall Majors Valve decided not to offer a direct invite spot to the SEA team, and considering just how easily they disposed of their opposition in the first stage of the qualifiers, the rest should be smooth sailing for the new and improve Fnatic roster.