Qualifiers by the Numbers: China and Americas

You've seen every expert from Seattle to Berlin weigh in on their predictions for The International qualifiers, but what do the numbers say? Look at these quick guides to check your predictions against our projections.

David and Goliath - TNC beat giants Rave to win back-to-back Corsair Gaming Arenas

Although being a young team, TNC Pro Team does have three of the top 10 SEA MMR players in their roster at the time of writing. They have recently become the underdogs in so many tournaments, beating 5eva and even Team Malaysia to prove that they are a force to be reckoned with. This time, they have shown themselves to be truly giant-slayers.

Well-known casters try to predict TI5 Chinese and American qualifiers!

If you're still iffy about your Compendium predictions for the TI5 qualifiers or struggling on who to put your rares on then read on! We grabbed Godz, Maut, Capitalist and Blaze and gave them the task of sharing with us who they predict to come out of the TI5 Chinese and American qualifiers unscathed. If you're looking to brush up your knowledge of the two scenes to make a clear decision, this is the guide for you.

A Lesson Learned: BananaSlamJamma interviewed on the fall of Summer's Rift

In the space of a week, Champions of Summer's Rift went from a streaking North American team, invited to the Main Qualifier of the International to the scattered leftovers of a promising squad. Valve lay down the law on a last-minute roster switch and condemned Rift to the Open Qualifiers, where their hopes for TI glory perished. I sat down with Brian 'BananaSlamJamma' Canavan for his account of the tragedy. In only a few...

LGD earn $230,000 with two titles in 3 days: i-League and Chinese League

Vici Gaming were on the receiving end of a 3-0 defeat in the Grand Finals of i-League earlier today, as LGD Gaming took their second title in the space of three days, having come out on top of the Mars TV 2015 Chinese League on Thursday. As Ti5 approaches, it is a good sign for Zhang 'xiao8' Ning , who returned to his former team having won TI4 with Newbee. (Image: BeyondTheSummit)

What Kind of Viewer Are You? Find out in our quiz!

With three major LAN finals just around the corner in the form of the joinDOTA MLG Season 2 Championships, ESL One Frankfurt and Dreamhack Summer, June will definitely be action-packed. With so many tournaments you will have your fill of content to watch but what kind of viewer are you? We set Gorgon the challenge of helping you find out for yourself.

FACEIT pairs with ixmike to debut FPL-NA, a new NA Inhouse League

FACEIT has crossed the Atlantic to partner with ixmike to debut a new inhouse solution for the highest tier of North American play. FACEIT Pro League North America has already gained the support of the American professional scene, with teams such as Evil Geniuses, Mousesports and Not Today confirming their participation. However, the league will not be exclusive to established professional players. Through the FACEIT...

Stats galore as TrackDOTA is acquired by Dotabuff in a bid to expand their coverage

In a move that combines two of the big players in the Dota stats world, Dotabuff has announced their acquisition of live eSports stats service TrackDOTA earlier today. Dotabuff has had a hold on the market for casual stats viewing for pub players for some time, and this move signals their expansion within the eSports market, something they started in June of last year.