5 teams decided for Esportal LAN finals

Esportal Dota 2 League qualifiers are nearly over, with only one left to play. Five teams have already qualified for the LAN finals with a €110,000 prize pool and the likes of Asus Polar, Ninjas in Pyjamas, mYinsanity are among them. Hop in to see all the qualified teams and more information about the event.

Mushi dismisses team-killer allegations

The announcement of another all-Malaysian team after the swift death of Team Malaysia last year has divided the SEA community on the longevity of Mushi's next project. However, in an interview with Gosugamers Mushi denies any malicious intent and insists 'EHOME's decision to invest in the South East Asian scene is a blessing.'

GEST to host 7 qualifiers for SEA event

The recently announced EHome.MY is amongst the invites for GIGABYTE's GEST Cup, alongside Invasion, Arcanys and Can't Say Wips. The organisers are also going out of their way to be as inclusive as possible, with 7 open qualifiers for a whole host of nations in the SEA region, granting the winners the opportunity to compete with the big boys.

Jeyo: “Winning is everything” - Uncappe...

joinDOTA is happy to announce our new Youtube series titled ‘Uncapped’, which is aptly named after its creator and host, our very own Austin ‘Capitalist’ Walsh. In the first episode of his new series Cap sat down with Jio 'Jeyo' Madayag; asking him about his life in Southeast Asia, his team’s recent success and the squads financial...

Major All-stars line-up finalized?

The Major All-stars LAN event is now only three weeks away, and with the organizers announcing yesterday that Invictus Gaming would be attending the historic event the tournament line-up is may now be finalized.

Chessie on the mend and may return

Former “HoN-God” and Alliance midlaner, Rasmus 'Chessie' Blomdin, has returned to the spotlight today, after an in-depth reddit post detailing his battle with injury and goals for his competitive future. This comes as good news for Alliance who after a 3rd place finish with him in the midlane at World Cyber Arena, have struggled to produce a...

Betting King: Skirmish stays in Wonderland

The Dota Asian Championships dominated the Dota 2 calendar in February, and it was a difficult month for our seasoned gamblers in the GIGABYTE Betting King. Competition was fierce, with many participants unable to keep up with the ever-changing performance of the top tier teams, except skirmish who overcame close rival Morpheos for the title.

Benjaz apologises for UG debacle

In an attempt to sort fact from fiction, BTS invited Union Gaming captain Benjamin 'Benjaz' Lanao Barrios onto their show to discuss the recent events that have led to the team being disqualified or removed from Canada Cup, The Summit 3 and the jD MLG Pro League. The Captain put their error down to inexperience and failure to read the ruleset for...