Fast-Track: Post TI Rosters

Each year, the world's best teams and players use The International as a litmus test for their viability moving into the following season. As players and teams assess their strengths and weaknesses, this is the period with the most trades, drops, retirements, and free agencies of the year... so check this live-updated article regularly to know...

Dota 2 Srbija brings the Balkan Challen...

You have a team in the European or CIS scene? You are hungry for an amateur tournament to challenge other teams for epic loot? Then sign up now and become the next Balkan Challenger to compete as one of 512 teams! Dota 2 Srbija spared no efforts to bring you one of the best European amateur tournaments, and even partnered with Computerland and...

GIGABYTE hits again with Challenge #6

GIGABYTE teams up with joinDOTA yet again, for another edition of the GIGABYTE Challenge. The signups for the sixth edition of the monthly cup are now open and €2,000 are up for grabs as the games begin in 3 days time. 512 wait to be filled! What are you waiting for? Secure your slot now!

YYF brings storied career to a close

More sad news has struck the professional Dota scene with the announcement that Jiang 'YYF' Cen has played his last professional games. Most of his career was spent with LGD and Invictus Gaming, the latter of which won The International 2.

The wondrous ESL One in retrospect

Dota 2 have certainly been thriving the last months, mainly because of TI4. Nonetheless, we shouldn't forget about ESL One in Frankfurt, that was a huge success and a big step forward concerning events in this constantly evolving eSport. ESL presents a video flashback that allows you to experience the most epic parts of this event again.

ESL announces Pudgewars League

The ESL announced a new, up and coming Dota 2 League for amateurs to participate in. In the new season, you will have the opportunity to win Dota 2 items, ESL premiumcodes and the precious 'Seasoncup Award'.

Reminder: jDL #3 sign-ups close in 2 days

The International is over and we're already getting back to the daily business: The new season of joinDOTA League is starting this week. Since some of you might have missed the sign-ups for this during the biggest event of the year, we moved the deadline back by two days. Teams from all over the world still have the chance to participate in season...

What Science Says about the TI Letdown

The ever vocal, but not always tactful, community has made a few things clear on reddit and forums: this was the 'Worst TI Ever.' But why was the most expensive, most watched International so badly received? Well, hop on board for the social science express, where we're going to look at TI with some theories used to explain the impact the same way...