Not a fan of the new Armory? Valve's decided to fix it /roll

The Armory received a make-over as part of the 6.85 update last month, although the default layout left much to be desired in terms of usability, leaving some players keen for it to return to the way it was before. However, Valve has done the next best thing and added a Collection tab to the Armory, which allows the player to customize the layout of their items. You can even revert to the Source 1 Armory!

Monkey Freedom Fighters disbands after winning only 4 of 16 matches

Monkey Freedom Fighters has disbanded only a month after being created. The team which included Wehsing 'SingSing' Yuen and Sebastien '7ckngMad' Debs failed to pose a challenge to fellow teams in their region, and following elimination in the open qualifiers for the Fall Majors as well as being unable to reach Stage 2 of The Defense, have decided to call it quits.

Team Liquid picks up Kuroky's 5Jungz after one year without a squad

Team Liquid have re-entered the Dota 2 scene by recruiting Kuroky and FATA's 5JuNGz after being without a Dota 2 squad for more than a year. Despite only being created just over a month ago, 5Jungz have started their career as a team off well, with a 31-11 record and a 74% win average. Team Liquid owner Victor 'Nazgul' Goossens apologised for keeping the TL fans waiting so long for a new team.

Fall Major: First Open Qualifiers see 5 teams advance to Regional Qualifiers, 5 teams to go

As the Frankfurt Fall Major draws nearer, hundreds of teams from all over the world are competing in the Open Qualifiers. The teams who come out on top will be showing their mettle in the Regional Qualifiers starting the tenth of October. As one of two Open Qualifiers has already been completed, five teams have already secured their chance to continue their winning streak, next up meeting teams like Fnatic and Invictus...

The Defense Season V: VP and Vega amongst the direct invites for Stage 2!

With stage 2 of The Defense almost underway, we can confirm the six teams that have been directly invited to join the top six teams of the first phase. Amongst the invites for stage 2 are the likes of ESL One NY champions Vega Squadron and Virtus Pro. How do you think the qualifying teams will fare against the new invitees? Find out the full list of all twelve teams competing in the next stage which starts as early as next...

TobiWan, Capitalist and Blitz to cast Majors EU/CN regionals in Sweden

Three studios will unite to provide coverage of the upcoming regional qualifiers for the Fall Majors, and joinDOTA's TobiWan, Capitalist and Blitz are all heading to Stockholm where they will join forces with crew from Moonduck Studios as well as the GD Studio. The Regional qualifiers span from the 10th-14th October, and will determine the eight additional teams who will head to the first Majors in Frankfurt next month.

New mini-doc "Growing Giant" chronicles TI's incredible transformation

Moritz 'Moose' Zimmerman, the brains behind the mini-documentary 'Dota - We the Community' back in February released a new mini-doc earlier today entitled 'Growing Giant', which focuses on how Valve grew The International to be the juggernaut it is today. Featuring footage from TI1 and behind the scenes footage of the training rooms and the groupstages during TI5, the video will leave you feeling proud to be Dota 2 fan.

MLG World Finals: The Groups are released for C9 and MB's first LAN

The $250,000 MLG World Finals 2015 are the next major event coming up this fall and the groups have just been released! Of the participating teams two highest finishers at ESL One New York share the same group as Team Secret and CDEC Gaming who both are in Group B. Group A on the other hand will see TI Champions - Evil Geniuses - go up against Virtus.Pro, the European top finisher from Seattle.