TI5 Groupstages Day 2: Group A in a nutshell!

Another day is in the books for the Groupstage action at The International 2015. On the side of Group A, although we saw fewer Divine Rapier purchases than Day 1, we still got to witness some incredible plays. Kuroky's magical Rubick RP steal and a Godlike Techies headline the highlights for Day 2. Jump in and get caught up if you've missed out!

iG.BurNIng: "We couldn't outdraft Secret" after 2-0 wipe

In an interview with MarsTV, Zhilei 'BurNing' Xu shared his thoughts on facing Team Secret. The Invictus Gaming position one also shared his thoughts on his team mates, and how their relationship impacts their playstyle.

s4's father: "He has done things that i could never dream of [...] i'm so proud"

Another great player profile was released by Valve today, this time about s4. We can hear how much he played when he was a kid, how his family treated gaming, how they felt during the TI finals and more! They believe 'he is in absolute top of this game.' Is a supportive family a key to s4's success? (image: @TeamSecretDOTA2)

coL outplays Na'Vi 2-0 and draws with iG, top 4 finish within their sights?

compLexity Gaming has surprised everyone during the American qualifiers. However, they were still regarded as one of the underdogs especially after their mediocre performance during the BTS America. They are sending a message that NA has another strong team in the making as they 2-0 Natus Vincere and draw vs Invictus Gaming! With some vigour and might very well be starting to look at a top 4 finish in Group A if they...

Dendi: "We basically gave away the game that was 100% ours"

Danil 'Dendi' Ishutin has been vlogging everyday during his trip to The International this year. In the last episode the Ukrainian star reflected on the first day of group stage matches, which Natus Vincere finished with two ties, claiming that 'we [Na'Vi] kinda threw' in both of their lost games. 'We [Na'Vi] are a bit upset because [...] a tie is almost a loss' he said.

TI5 Groupstages Day 1: Group B in a nutshell

It turned out that The International 2015 didn't disappoint as day 1 of the group stage matches has already delivered multiple rapier purchases, 90 minute games, huge upsets and endless entertainment. As day 1 of the International 5 group stages draws to an end, we recount the day's fantastic group B matches, a group which included DAC champions Team EG and TI4 winners Newbee.

Xiao8: " I think one should never blindly pursue a pro gaming career"

Zhang 'xiao8' Ning , who won the International 4 with Newbee last year, warned against 'blindly pursuing a pro gaming career' in one of the first player video profiles released by Valve. 'Beyond the glamour there is a more trying side, there is a lot of talent and hardwork that equates to success,' said Xiao8. The profiles feature a behind the scenes look at well-known stars, with SumaiL and nOtail profiles also released.

N0Tail: "For all new players I'd only suggest you try to understand other people"

One of the players profiles presented yesterday in between the matches was about Johan 'BigDaddyN0tail' Sundstein. In the short featurette we hear from BigDaddyNOtail's parents about their response to him telling them he wanted to play Dota 2 full time, as well as get an insight into the personality we all know and love. His biggest advice to aspiring players? To learn empathy and try to understand other people.