Alienware Cup format announced

posted by Sun_Tzu, 2 years ago
The format of the Alienware Cup has been revealed as well as the schedule having received some minor changes. In addition, the distribution of the prize pool has been made public, showing a broad distribution which is a lot less top heavy than we've seen with other recent tournaments.

The format for the groupstage is the same as for the current season of The Defense, with round-robin best-of-2 matches where points are awarded based on games won, with a 2-0 win netting you two points and a 1-1 draw netting both teams one point each. Details have not been made public yet regarding how potential tiebreakers will be handled.

Winning the groupstage results in a direct seed into the semi-finals of the upper bracket, while the rest of the teams get paired up so that the higher ranked teams of each group get to play the lower ranked teams of the opposing group in the first round. The tournament follows a double elimination playoff bracket with all matches being best-of-three series, except for the losers bracket final and the grand final being best-of-five matches. Unconventionally, the losers bracket seeds do not result directly from the initial winners bracket seeds, as the match-ups will prioritize pitting teams from different groupstage groups against each other. There is also no winners bracket advantage for the grand finals.


The schedule has also received some minor tweaks, moving up the dates a bit for the groupstage and postponing the dates of the playoffs a bit.

Group A - June 16-17, 23
Group B - June 24-26

Playoffs - June 30 - July 9

Prizepool distribution

1st - $25,000
2nd - $12,000
3rd - $7,000
4th - $5,000
5th-6th - $3,000
7th-8th - $1,500
9th-10th - $1,000

Sources: Alienware playoff format and schedule

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FC.FUYOH wrote at 10.06.2013, 10:56 CEST:
Orange take this...
Pazzoide wrote at 10.06.2013, 11:00 CEST:
kangcheekong wrote at 10.06.2013, 11:06 CEST:
orange too pro....sure win tis
Gpm wrote at 10.06.2013, 11:06 CEST:
for everything else, there's Master Card - NOT YOU NA'VI NOTHING FOR YOU ;p

Go mouz.
Sarmasida wrote at 10.06.2013, 11:22 CEST:
easiest bet of my life
koyuki wrote at 10.06.2013, 11:24 CEST:
TongFu ftw
AwakeninG wrote at 10.06.2013, 11:31 CEST:
Awesome format, Na'Vi got chance play in the bracket stage
w_w_u_zoro wrote at 10.06.2013, 11:36 CEST:
go navi
wintermelon wrote at 10.06.2013, 11:45 CEST:
Loving the prizepool distribution. More tourneys need to be like this!
newbieboy wrote at 10.06.2013, 11:53 CEST:
ihope navi win this againts chineses best dota 2 teams...
Maykowxd wrote at 10.06.2013, 12:22 CEST:
newbieboy wrote:
ihope navi win this againts chineses best dota 2 teams...

U forgot the Kappa
ayvuirblue wrote at 10.06.2013, 12:45 CEST:
anyone, just beat IG, so over rated -,-
Sn1tch wrote at 10.06.2013, 13:56 CEST:
Go Na'Vi!
Womaneski wrote at 10.06.2013, 14:11 CEST:
Navi ftw!!! :)
MisterXtwo wrote at 10.06.2013, 14:55 CEST:
NaVi...of course
MrKeks wrote at 10.06.2013, 15:01 CEST:
In Black^ we trust!
MeRD0_THe_KiD wrote at 10.06.2013, 16:03 CEST:
9th-10th - $1,000 . lol easiest cash $$$ Kappa
CantMicroForShit wrote at 11.06.2013, 08:00 CEST:
Na'vi vs IG... I want to see this...
Oh, and Na'vi vs too :)

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