Staff Cup #3 Into playoffs

posted by Sun_Tzu, 2 years ago
As games for the third Dota 2 Staff Cup will kick off today at 19:00 CEST, the groups have been made known, splitting the field of 16 teams into groups of four for the first days games on three different fun modes, before tomorrows playoffs which will pit the top two teams from each group against each other.

Groups and schedule

Group A: 4G1G, 4PL, jD #2, Fnatic
Group B: GD Studio, Team Liquid, Keita League, Twitch
Group C: Gosugamers, readmore, EU Managers, Liquipedia
Group D: jD #1, AS France, Tryhard, Prodota

As a reminder for those who have forgotten, the teams lineups are as follows. Tryhard Contributors will be replacing the NA Managers, who had to bow out of attending the cup.

  • 4 guys, 1 girl and a DOTA cup: TobiWanKenobi, Purge, B2RU, Durka, the capitalist
  • 4PL: MF, Norl, Vaana, Marv, Tenacious_D
  • As France Staff: LuCiqNo, Val, Elha, Syaska, Llyth
  • EU Managers: breakthedeskplz, DrunKin, Inmate, CaspeRRR, lolka
  • FnaticRC: Vortex, MMd, StreeT, Kahit, Iyonic, Nachi
  • Gd Studio: Draskyl, skrff, Weppas, Bruno, 2GD
  • GosuGamers: Angel, Tjernobyl, Skim, Trisnt, Probutlagz
  • joinDOTA #1: HolyMaster, HamSandwich, P4iN, Dezix, Epi, Nincompoop
  • joinDOTA #2: hjort, Kibyu, Marre, Hilium, tower, Adrian
  • Keita-League: Mikeylicious, Avent, profdrmartin, SowlEye, laowai
  • Liquipedia: tofucake, blahz0r, shz, tephus, miwi, pholon
  • Prodota: Faker,St1gma,Sword_Art,lvlephisto, boo!k
  • readmore: luq,Nico,Nebu,liebessaft,Rmc,mylife
  • Team Liquid: hotbid, heyoka, kipsate, kupon3ss, theemulator
  • Tryhard-Contributors Kahmu,Najsman,Kanaz,Swordz,Dagda
  • Twitch: moldy leftovers, Brew Swillis, shiftkeyisbroke, hernandez.d, tcntl


Groupstage - May 7th

Each round of games for the groupstage will be played on a different mode, with each being a best-of-1 affair. The time for each round and the corresponding modes are as follows:

19:00 CEST - Playday 1 (Traitor Mode)
20:00 CEST - Playday 2 (Reverse CM)
21:00 CEST - Playday 3 (Limited Options)


The rules for the different modes can be found in the original announcement. The rules for Traitor Mode have however been specified further since and the specifics can be found here.

Playoffs - May 8th

19:00 CEST - Quarter-Finals (Best of 1)
20:00 CEST - Semi-Finals (Best of 1)
21:00 CEST - Finals (Best of 3)



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Valomerkki wrote at 07.05.2013, 15:41 CEST:
longhoanluong wrote at 07.05.2013, 15:41 CEST:
GO GO 4G1G! In Tobeh and Purge we trust!
laowai wrote at 07.05.2013, 15:42 CEST:
GLHF everyone :-)
jerok wrote at 07.05.2013, 15:44 CEST:
GD studio fightinguuuu
DkN- wrote at 07.05.2013, 15:44 CEST:
No BTS, no RU Casters, no Team Valve.

Just waiting for an all star staff cup. kappa
Firenter wrote at 07.05.2013, 15:47 CEST:
My money's on JD #2
Torchy wrote at 07.05.2013, 15:48 CEST:
WHERE THE FUCK IS BTS? no legendary bts vs gd?
Gpm wrote at 07.05.2013, 15:52 CEST:
4G1G ~ :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Go Tobi & Purge :)

Hope the VOD's get uploaded here
shiraishi2012 wrote at 07.05.2013, 15:53 CEST:
no v1lat and co ?
#10 wrote at 07.05.2013, 15:55 CEST:
Markeloff :D
In Markeloff I trust!
kay_enn29 wrote at 07.05.2013, 15:56 CEST:
no BTS?
ElderBuu wrote at 07.05.2013, 15:57 CEST:
one does not simply ignore Purge's team. MY cheese is and always will be 4g1g
Dzaaaajna wrote at 07.05.2013, 16:04 CEST:
GD got this
breakthedeskplz wrote at 07.05.2013, 16:05 CEST:
Markeloff cannot play at least today after all, due to an important prac, so he will be replaced by CaspeRRR.
SlaYoU wrote at 07.05.2013, 16:07 CEST:
France staff got this ;)
Arentweet wrote at 07.05.2013, 16:07 CEST:
GD Studio and hotbid <3
healmex wrote at 07.05.2013, 16:09 CEST:
Softclocks wrote at 07.05.2013, 16:09 CEST:
Easy win for GD!
aparath wrote at 07.05.2013, 16:17 CEST:
i thought Purge was in Gosugamers
Erock wrote at 07.05.2013, 16:27 CEST:
readmore got this!
Layne wrote at 07.05.2013, 16:57 CEST:
Erock wrote:
readmore got this!

Toadie, stop trolling.
genji812 wrote at 07.05.2013, 17:03 CEST:
is Markeloff the cs:go player from na'vi?
DrunKin wrote at 07.05.2013, 17:24 CEST:
genji812 wrote:
is Markeloff the cs:go player from na'vi?

Yes he is
enlight10ment wrote at 07.05.2013, 17:27 CEST:
no vykrmond and el pres? And why isn't sun_tzu playing for jd lineup? dodging?

Edit, and who exactly is casting the casters?

edited by enlight10ment at 07.05.2013, 17:31 CEST
jerok wrote at 07.05.2013, 17:32 CEST:
All gdstudio needs for round one is to insert brunostatman.exe to the enemy team.. suddenly all stats revealed.. enemy ded

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