Sharky and HonTrashPlayer to MUFC

posted by Tezzeret, 3 years ago
MUFC announces two more addition to their Dota 2 roster, my Jun Liong 'HonTrashPlayer' Loh who has been playing as a standin for MUFC ever since the Armaggeddon Dota 2 Grand Slam Asia will now be part of the team's starting five while my Raymond 'Sharky' Wong whom announced his retirement from competitive play in early January will return once again to MUFC as their sixth player.

Team ABC: WangWang, TFG, WinteR, Ling, and dabeliuteef. Photo: eClub

Known to some under the nickname of Dabeliuteef, HonTrashPlayer can be considered to be a veteran of the Malaysian DotA scene, having played for INC'Excello back in 2009, the first team to break my KingSurf's stronghold on the Malaysian DotA scene.

He soon switched to playing Heroes of Newerth after the game's launch, playing for teams such as au Frenetic Array, au TT-eSports and au Orange.eSports.HoN with great success. HonTrashPlayer first made headlines in the Dota 2 scene by playing for team ABC at the the Armaggeddon Dota 2 Grand Slam Asia 2013 which they won over sg First Departure in the grand finals 2:1.

Today he officially switches to Dota 2 and joins MUFC as one of their starting five.

Statement from MUFC regarding HonTrashPlayer's addition:
HonTrashPlayer has officially switched from Hon to Dota 2.

We are glad to welcome Hontrashplayer as a part of our team, and we are looking forward to our future.

Hontrashplayer has shown his desire to join MUFC Dota 2 after playing as a stand-in for the team's official matches in February and March. Previously he was a professional DotA 1 player, played for professional teams like INC.Excello in the old days and also been a part of Frenetic Array, TTeSPORTS and Orange eSports during his HoN days.

Our organization have been clear about our intention to have Hontrashplayer to play under our tag and we appreciate his desire to be a part of us and accepted an offer from us. His addition to the team is essential and he will definitely be a key of the team.

Having led the old MUFC to various tournament titles, Sharky has decided to take time off competitive play after the team faced roster issues since the conclusion of The International 2012. With a renewed confidence and a thirst for competition, he decided that it is time for comeback. A rather early comeback considering he made it known that he would only return at the earliest 2014 at time of retirement.

Sharky will join MUFC as their sixth member.

Statement from MUFC regarding Sharky's return to the team:
The shark is coming back home.

Former MUFC's captain, Raymond "Sharky" Wong has agreed to return to MUFC Dota 2 and make MUFC Dota 2 a 6 man roster.

Sharky will rejoin MUFC Dota 2 after his departure from the team in early January this year. An internal meeting has been conducted and resulted that Sharky will be our 6th player starting from today.
The shark stated that he is still determined to play under our brand and the management team is pretty sure that the addition of Sharky will be able to boost our performance.

He is keen to start his first training and wants to participate in tournament with his new teammates as soon as possible and we are really glad that we managed to bring Sharky back under our wings!

MUFC eSports roster:(Team profile)

my Litt-Binn 'WinteR' Chan (Captain)
my Daniel 'TFG' Wong
my Cheng Hor 'FzFz' Siew
my Woi Cheong 'Ling' Sim
my Jun Liong 'HonTrashPlayer' Loh
my Raymond 'Sharky' Wong

Sources: HonTrashPlayer announcement, Sharky announcement

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mathi wrote at 05.04.2013, 20:19 CEST:
Plz never call him that. Dabeliuteef is like the greatest nickname ever, and this guy is everything buy trash.

GL to the MUFC, hope they will do good :)
StormBlazer wrote at 05.04.2013, 20:19 CEST:
Planaro wrote at 05.04.2013, 20:21 CEST:
HonTrashPlayer gets first blood
Tezzeret wrote at 05.04.2013, 20:21 CEST:
mathi wrote:
Plz never call him that. Dabeliuteef is like the greatest nickname ever, and this guy is everything buy trash.
GL to the MUFC, hope they will do good :)

I agree. But it is his chosen nickname for Dota 2. So we gotta respect that.
Evolik wrote at 05.04.2013, 20:28 CEST:
GOOOOOOOOO HonTrashPlayer !!!!
Encore' wrote at 05.04.2013, 20:34 CEST:
Wasn't it Sharky who was dragging MUFC down all the time?
Syyynd wrote at 05.04.2013, 20:37 CEST:
Nooo not sharky :(
Amedusa wrote at 05.04.2013, 20:39 CEST:
Oh god, didn't know Dabeliuteef was HonTrashPlayer! Nice that another former HoN pro joins the Dota 2 scene! :D
NoYouCanNot wrote at 05.04.2013, 20:41 CEST:
Hon pro=Hon trash right?
MilfFanBoy wrote at 05.04.2013, 20:44 CEST:
nope, sharky was just the guy who lost passport x)
jackreacher wrote at 05.04.2013, 20:45 CEST:
Syyynd wrote:
Nooo not sharky :(

Ravensbane wrote at 05.04.2013, 20:47 CEST:
lmao HonTrashPlayer :DD
chenizace wrote at 05.04.2013, 20:48 CEST:
Hello Tezzeret, I'm Chen from MUFC. would you mind to edit the name MUFC to Invasion.MUFC? :) Thanks
solitararmee wrote at 05.04.2013, 21:00 CEST:
no ti3 with sharky
OmNom wrote at 05.04.2013, 21:11 CEST:
yay for passport !
SuperMorten wrote at 05.04.2013, 21:25 CEST:

edited by SuperMorten at 06.04.2013, 00:36 CEST
shadowshadex wrote at 05.04.2013, 21:27 CEST:
omg sharky noooooo, i hope winter doesnt let him play hes so bad :S
Shibbywan wrote at 05.04.2013, 21:28 CEST:
Thats the second time today Morten o.O. U gotta chill out
AlexYs wrote at 05.04.2013, 21:28 CEST:
Fun fact: Hontrashplayer (dabeliuteef) and Era were TMM'ing together (back in HoN) in order to obtain 100 straight wins.
swordieee wrote at 05.04.2013, 22:20 CEST:
I don't get how these fanboys are getting offended over his nick, it was him who came into Dota 2 with that nick, and if your offended, you are pretty much a blind fanboy who should gtfo.
RealTalkerrr wrote at 05.04.2013, 22:39 CEST:
G_G Inbefore passport lost to TI3
coolerdude wrote at 05.04.2013, 23:50 CEST:
I dont know how can anyone not consider e-sports to be some form of competitive sports when they have so many similarities.....including how "retired" players never stay in retirement

on a side note...GL MUFC to TI3!
anatem wrote at 06.04.2013, 00:09 CEST:
6-man rosters..not a fan.
MaDCaTxDota wrote at 06.04.2013, 00:21 CEST:
anatem wrote:
6-man rosters..not a fan.

It's working well for Orange, both Mushi and Kecik imba have stepped up on their play.
I still think that a 6-man roster is still viable, the problem is just how to handle it properly.
EnanoMaldito wrote at 06.04.2013, 00:33 CEST:
6 man rosters are... weird.

But if it works for them, then go ahead!! SEA teams are stronger than ever!

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