MUFC returns with WinteR

posted by Jaywalker, 3 years ago
my MUFC eSports are back in the Dota 2 scene after months without a squad. They have announced that my Litt-Binn 'WinteR' Chan will be the first player joining their ranks as they attempt to challenge nemesis my Neolution.Orange again.

Team ABC: WangWang, TFG, WinteR, Ling, and dabeliuteef. Photo: eClub

WinteR was previously a member of MUFC a few years ago before joining Orange. His return will defnitely spice up the legendary rivalry between these two teams in Malaysia. MUFC will be releasing information regarding subsequent players in the near future, but there are speculation that several members of WinteR's former team Team ABC could be joining him with his new sponsor.

MUFC manager my Chinyi 'Chenizace' Chen released the following statement:
Winter is one of the earliest member of MUFC, and also a player that I've admired for a long time. His strategy planning and play style has been recognized by the Dota 2 community. We actually approached Winter right after G-League and it's great that Winter showed his interests in joining us, thus we form a team called ABC as a trial run for our new roster and finally now it's the time for us to reveal our first pick of players. The addition of Winter shows that our organization is moving positive. It's an honor to work with such a good player and also a great commentator. We strongly believe that our Dota 2 team is going to excel under his lead. Welcome on board, Winter!

WinteR himself had the following to say:
Happy to be home once again. When I first started out with Jerry (MUFC's CEO) we were called Fish-net, from then on a lot has changed and improved. I am ready to lead MUFC Dota 2 to new heights in 2013!

ABC had recently took first place in the Armaggeddon Dota 2 Grand Slam Asia (ADGSA), winning substantial prize money and a sponsorship contract. It is unclear what the sponsorship will become following WinteR's signing with MUFC. For now, WinteR shall remain captain and sole member of MUFC until further updates.

Stay tuned as we keep you informed about MUFC's new roster.

MUFC eSports roster:

my Litt-Bin 'WinteR' Chan

Sources: MUFC eSports announcement

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Sun_Tzu wrote at 10.03.2013, 16:58 CET:
TFG still Too F' Good.

ps. This is how you deny firsts.
Puddingheads wrote at 11.03.2013, 03:24 CET:
ABC was better team name than MUFC
OmNom wrote at 11.03.2013, 03:26 CET:
good old Orange vs Mufc :D
Alex143 wrote at 11.03.2013, 03:27 CET:
Like this! I've missed MUFC Dota, and with Winter returning, my excitement has intensified.
Demitryus wrote at 11.03.2013, 03:32 CET:
TFG was kicked of MUFC before TI2
Nino_Dead wrote at 11.03.2013, 03:36 CET:
ammm .... TFG and wangwang arent with him ??? i though they earned that yesterday!
Se.idie4you wrote at 11.03.2013, 03:43 CET:
7 !!!
a73535532 wrote at 11.03.2013, 03:46 CET:
Winter + 4 random SEAsian FTW
AZRA_AVEIRO wrote at 11.03.2013, 03:52 CET:
Dabeliuteef pls!
ryuza wrote at 11.03.2013, 03:52 CET:
home in trouble ....
Jesmen wrote at 11.03.2013, 03:57 CET:
MUFC dota facebook wrote:
Today, let us introduce our very first player and also our captain. Chan “Winter” Litt-Binn. Within these 2 months we have tried out a lot of different rosters under the name ABC, and things are moving positive. Winter has established himself as one of the best DotA/Dota 2 captain and commentator. He used to play national chess for Malaysia before turning professional. And played for numerous professional teams in Malaysia such as Fishnet, MUFC and Orange Esports.
He recently joined BeyondTheSummit as a caster and received positive feedbacks from the viewers which made him one of the best rising commentator in the world. Let's write some word to welcome our new captain, Winter!
Venobro wrote at 11.03.2013, 04:36 CET:
How about sharky and ling?
aLi.pOgOrUsH wrote at 11.03.2013, 04:40 CET:
MUFC Players tend to smoke. on a plane.
mgaNick wrote at 11.03.2013, 05:11 CET:
Winter is coming.
Semper2k8 wrote at 11.03.2013, 05:40 CET:
gl winter with ur new team and sponsor
frostmourne240 wrote at 11.03.2013, 05:55 CET:
don't put sharky in he will just smoke on the plane again and make an excuse for lost passports
Syyynd wrote at 11.03.2013, 09:37 CET:
I most certainly hope that they pick up the rest of ABC, imo noone "failed" on that trial period.
Richochey wrote at 11.03.2013, 10:00 CET:
winter came.
WhatWhat1212 wrote at 11.03.2013, 12:01 CET:
pls make sure Dabeliuteef (HONTRASHPLAYER) is on the team =)
foeffa wrote at 11.03.2013, 13:38 CET:
Plz pick up the rest as well, especially HONTRASHPLAYER. Lub u, Dabeliuteef! <3
RealTalkerrr wrote at 11.03.2013, 14:48 CET:
Should get TFG imo
flob110 wrote at 11.03.2013, 18:29 CET:
Winter is coming....:)
hyfreD wrote at 11.03.2013, 21:24 CET:
good team!! probably just waiting ww and dabeliuteef's contract with orange to expire since they belong to the orange HON team. fz needs to ditch inv and join this n have a 6 man roster

Demitryus wrote:
TFG was kicked of MUFC before TI2

not sure if srs or just retarded, no sane captain would kick a godly player like tfg , it was silvercross that got kicked afaik

edited by hyfreD at 11.03.2013, 21:37 CET

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