EGM to join NTH, QPandas affirms Mini

posted by Sun_Tzu, 3 years ago
Coming on the heels of the shocking news that ca Jacky 'EternaLEnVy' Mao had been kicked from the team he helped form, we have now found out who the fifth player of the all-Swedish se No Tidehunter will be, former eu QPAD Red Pandas trial member se Jerry 'EGM' Lundkvist.

Will the change to their lineup be the needed remedy which will help them back onto the big stage? Photo by Oscar 'X-Force' Uhrbom

This development is especially surprising as EGM was considered a mere formality away from being confirmed as official member of the QPandas lineup. In addition, EGM has been playing mostly off-lane, which poses the question whether he or se Henrik 'AdmiralBulldog' Ahnberg will be the one to have to move over to hard support in the new lineup. We contacted NTH for a statement but they declined for now, although we are told they would like to set the record straight about these events once they can sort everything out with their sponsors. NTH's first match with the new roster it set to take place in StarLadder tonight starting at 16:00 CET against by Power Rangers.

Meanwhile, since we first introduced you to the newly formed QPandas team, some further changes have taken place. The two trial support players fi Benjamin 'NotAHax' Läärä and ro Craciunescu 'ComeWithMe' Alexandru have both been let go from the team, while se Hampus 'Mini' Olsson has been promoted to official member.

While NotAHax has chosen not to comment on events, ComeWithMe in a post on his Facebook page relayed his communications with the team pending his failed trial period. The team stated that although they felt CWM had the experience and skill, the communication and synergy with the rest of the players was not quite there.

The decision has left QPandas in need of both another support as well as an off-laner, however the mentality of wanting to find the right synergy before committing to any roster does bode well for the team once they secure an official five players. The process is ongoing and we will keep you up to date as to when they finalize their lineup.

We contacted the manager of QPAD Red Pandas, uk James '2GD' Harding, who made the following statement:

The team have been doing trials for quite some time now. With an expected first tournament appearance for the QPAD Red Pandas in March, Waga and Sing want to make sure the final roster feels good long term. I can't blame them, since they are both owners of the franchise that also invest time and money into the brand, including supporting the other team members to be able to play Dota 2 as a fulltime career. It makes sense to take it slow and calculated.

Regarding the final line-up. The sad news first. As many have heard the captains have come to the conclusion to continue searching for players. Meaning CWM & NotAHax won't be joining. I can only extend a huge thank you to both Alex & Benjamin for their dedication during this period.

The good news now! Mini will be a permanent member of the squad, we're already looking into options to move him up to Stockholm to join Sing & Waga. Though we expect it to take roughly a full month from now.

The Drama news! Trialing member EGM was too handsome and good at his role, that Loda from NTH made a bid for him. EGM has decided to join as NoTideHunters 5th, we're also not sure he wanted to wear a full-body Red Panda outfit. Of course I fully support players following their goals and wish him the best of luck! Loda on the other hand! That move was so cunning he's most certainly an Evil Genius.

No Tidehunter Roster:

se Gustav 's4' Magnusson
se Jonathan 'Loda' Berg
se Joakim 'Akke' Akterhall
se Henrik 'AdmiralBulldog' Ahnberg
se Jerry 'EGM' Lundkvist

QPAD Red Pandas Roster:

se Niklas 'Wagamama' Högström (Captain)
nl WehSing 'SingSing' Yuen (Co-Captain)
se Hampus 'Mini' Olsson

Sources: ComeWithMe Facebook

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DarKoMan1a wrote at 24.02.2013, 09:14 CET:
hardandfunky wrote at 24.02.2013, 09:14 CET:
I hope Na'Vi rips NTH apart later today.
DKlee77 wrote at 24.02.2013, 09:15 CET:
So.... are we going to be seeing Lone Druid hard supports now?
ozyMan wrote at 24.02.2013, 09:15 CET:
Opperhoofd wrote at 24.02.2013, 09:15 CET:
One of the best players nth could have hoped for
GxSh wrote at 24.02.2013, 09:17 CET:
That's kinda surprising, I don't think many people would've guessed this outcome concerning NTH.

On the other hand, I'm looking forward to seeing Mini play again. Dat Wisp...

2GD's statement was also nice to read xD
Trock wrote at 24.02.2013, 09:18 CET:
james <3
Mindtricks wrote at 24.02.2013, 09:18 CET:
EE pairs with QPAD Red Pandas for their revenge.
mER wrote at 24.02.2013, 09:18 CET:
CWM for off-lane )
Ababoba wrote at 24.02.2013, 09:20 CET:
Loda destroys not only his own teams, but others teams too!
Evolik wrote at 24.02.2013, 09:21 CET:
Well they got their all Swedish team they wanted,now let's see what they can do.
Son Gohan wrote at 24.02.2013, 09:21 CET:
i think it was dumb to announce the team without having a stable 5 man roster, this tiail thing is the biggest bs i've ever seen.
kcfoy wrote at 24.02.2013, 09:28 CET:
1st* not first :(
Meepomancer wrote at 24.02.2013, 09:29 CET:
Good luck in the later match NTH. You'll need it.
chickenchaser wrote at 24.02.2013, 09:34 CET:
#fuckloda :D
Jaywalker wrote at 24.02.2013, 09:35 CET:
#12 Amount of publicity it has generated for QPAD has been phenomenal, and it will continue with each fixed member announced. Smartest move ever from a sponsor's standpoint.
lewildkinappear wrote at 24.02.2013, 09:37 CET:
Son Gohan wrote:
i think it was dumb to announce the team without having a stable 5 man roster, this tiail thing is the biggest bs i've ever seen.

So you think trialing ppl that will be moving to a gaming house and live together is bs ?
How about if you just pick random ppl and then disband after that ?
They'll be losing time and prob the sponsor.

Too bad, i already thinking that EGM would stay at QPandas.
Well, GL in NoLodaNoFun.

Elseway, doubt will see EE to QPandas.
sluske93 wrote at 24.02.2013, 09:38 CET:
DKlee77 wrote:
So.... are we going to be seeing Lone Druid hard supports now?

made my day :D
Kolossus wrote at 24.02.2013, 09:38 CET:
So thanks to 2GD, we all know that the rumor is true. nth will join EG as

Pity the NA boys have to be in the same organisation as a backstabbing, immature, washed-up and unprofessional wannabe hipster trash such a Loda.

I fret for you already.
waywardone wrote at 24.02.2013, 09:38 CET:
This is gonna be awesome. Both Na'Vi and NTH on a slump recently though.
Sun_Tzu wrote at 24.02.2013, 09:39 CET:
This is how sleep deprived I am atm: After writing that statement, James was all "did you like that last line? tell me you liked that last line, nudge nudge, wink wink" and I still just figured it was yet another one of his recent (admittedly quite funny) stabs at EG (those who watch the GD Show knows he's having fun at their expense near enough each week recently).

Only after posting this and seeing how people jumped on that line did I connect it to the whole rumour about NTH sponsorship that's been floating around since around DHW. :facepalm:

edited by Sun_Tzu at 24.02.2013, 09:44 CET
EnanoMaldito wrote at 24.02.2013, 09:39 CET:
Loda, ripping apart two teams in the course of 2 days.
Darkwish_inc wrote at 24.02.2013, 09:48 CET:
Gratz to Mini! Looking forward to what kinda shitty explanation Loda will be making. Time to salvage that image :)
Kv1st wrote at 24.02.2013, 09:48 CET:
"Loda on the other hand! That move was so cunning he's most certainly an Evil Genius." lol
chickenchaser wrote at 24.02.2013, 09:53 CET:

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