Weekly Top 5 is back!

posted by Jaywalker, 3 years ago

It is long overdue, but joinDOTA: Weekly Top 5 returns today! A series of personal and work commitments made it hard for me to continue the series back then, however rest assured that this return will be one for the long haul.

For new readers, WT5 is a weekly feature where various casters will pick the best game(s) they have casted over each week, drop a comment and grant you a sweet teaser of their selection. 5 (occasionally more) games are presented in every feature every Tuesday.

Today's casters are au Toby 'TobiWanKenobi' Dawson, nl Jorien 'Sheever' van der Heijden, us David 'LD' Gorman, and us Aaron 'Ayesee' Chambers.

You can follow me @jD_Jaywalker for the latest updates on new Weeklys, upcoming interviews, and more.

All previously published WT5s can be found here. Let the games begin!

mousesports vs. Team Dignitas
The Defense, Game 3
Link to VOD
Sometimes you just feel like Phantom Lancer will take every game in the late game, but then some fancy Shadow Demon work and Lone Druid play happens and then you think, maybe the hero can be defeated. mouseports gave me this feeling with this breathtaking game.

Ice Climbers vs. Natural 9
4PL Cup #19, Game 1
Link to VOD
What started out as a standard match up between an Anti Mage and a Phantom Lancer ended up in something so much more as these teams never give up and fight till the bitter end to defend what is theirs. A game that had me on the edge of my seat till the throne went down.

Fnatic vs. No Tidehunter
RaidCall D2L, Game 3
Link to VOD
Gyrocopter has been getting a lot of face time in the D2L and elsewhere of late, both as a support and a carry. NTH in particular has led the charge in bringing Gyro to tier one status. In their last appearance in the D2L, however, they got a taste of their own medicine when Fnatic drafted the hero to give a little more punch to their aggression-oriented line-up of Nyx Assassin, Bounty Hunter, Lifestealer and Lina. What resulted was fantastic conclusion to an excellent series, which saw THREE Divine Rapiers on the field by the end.

Neolution.Orange vs. Team Zenith
SEA League finals, Game 2
Link to VOD
During a live interview, YamateH sarcastically declared that he left Orange because "Mushi is too f---ing pro." And so the stage was set for a climactic Orange vs. Zenith showdown in the SEA League finals a week later. Mushi was MAD, and in this exciting Game 2, he had an opportunity to direct that rage against YamateH and his new Zenith teammates. A tour de force by a true grandmaster of Queen of Pain.

Team Liquid vs. mousesports
RaidCall D2L, Game 1
Link to VOD
While Liquid has struggled to find the consistency they've been looking for, they still have no problem turning heads with creative drafting and thrilling performances when they're able to put the whole package together and play up to the individual talent they have at every position. This game's draft featured a Visage pick to sharpen up an offensive tri-lane, as well as a return of BuLba to Broodmother. If there's one lesson to be learned, it's a simple one... Midas first Brood can get REAL scary, REAL fast.

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mostwant3d wrote at 14.02.2013, 18:24 CET:
this seems pretty interesting
TheChiefomatic wrote at 14.02.2013, 18:24 CET:
its been a while! Gonna have a look at these games soon.
CzNutty wrote at 14.02.2013, 18:24 CET:
YamateH's "Mushi is too f---ing pro." interview link please :D
Maldin wrote at 14.02.2013, 18:54 CET:
No VP vs Fnatic.:(
EnanoMaldito wrote at 14.02.2013, 19:36 CET:
Awesome to see this feature back, good job!
denfilqattus wrote at 14.02.2013, 19:40 CET:
great to see this feature again! but jD if u dont have 5 games just give us less or even more :D
peps4short wrote at 14.02.2013, 20:19 CET:
oh sheever's name is quite long.. :D
Gcd wrote at 14.02.2013, 20:52 CET:
Team liquid vs Mouz is game 1 not game 2.
faiiz241 wrote at 14.02.2013, 22:58 CET:
denfilqattus wrote:
great to see this feature again! but jD if u dont have 5 games just give us less or even more :D


Really miss this feature for long time...
Frakenz wrote at 14.02.2013, 23:18 CET:
Yes! I've been waiting for this
Sun_Tzu wrote at 15.02.2013, 00:23 CET:
CzNutty wrote:
YamateH's "Mushi is too f---ing pro." interview link please :D


It's mostly in Chinese though. Top comment includes transcript.
LPguy wrote at 15.02.2013, 01:14 CET:
Looong time waiting for this to reappear. Was this the last one: <i>Weekly Top 5: 116 kills. 60 minutes.</i>?
AirHogs wrote at 15.02.2013, 01:35 CET:
Finally you bring this back, this is by far the best thing on your site in terms of delivering people quality vods!
Svyatoi111 wrote at 15.02.2013, 02:01 CET:
Finnaly Weekly top 5 is back!!!!
Verius wrote at 15.02.2013, 02:34 CET:
The last VOD links to game 2 of that game even though the description is about game 1?
Jaywalker wrote at 15.02.2013, 05:32 CET:
So sorry about the last VOD mixup, it's fixed now.
Yozi wrote at 15.02.2013, 09:56 CET:
MassZERO wrote at 15.02.2013, 10:47 CET:
WTF no Team Empire Funn1k??
DepressiveSky wrote at 15.02.2013, 11:16 CET:
Nice, I like this format... keep it up!
yuabyuob wrote at 15.02.2013, 12:06 CET:
the TL vs mouz game is not so good.. pretty one sided game
sodoMIXER wrote at 15.02.2013, 14:30 CET:
peps4short wrote:
oh sheever's name is quite long.. :D

Yeaha.. her name is just awesome!
musmatta wrote at 15.02.2013, 19:04 CET:
Loved these, glad to see them back !
deviNedota wrote at 15.02.2013, 19:27 CET:


after reading the comment of the first game i thought lone druid and shadow demon made mouz win vs 6 slot pl. sick game though
rainerpm wrote at 16.02.2013, 19:58 CET:
Plz continue !
No matter what happens :D
naaber88 wrote at 18.02.2013, 01:18 CET:
I have seen some on the livestreams and i can say, they were very good to watch.

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