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posted by Moose, 3 years ago
Our YouTube channel is back! After nearly four days of it being closed, we gained back our access and our database with over 1,200 uploaded videos, 57,000 subscribers and nearly 14,000,000 channel views.

Last Saturday evening (January 05th, 2013), our joinDOTA YouTube channel was closed without any notice in advance. We did not receive an email or notification stating a reason why it was closed. Just a single line of text was left on saying that the channel was terminated due to multiple claims of copyright infringement.

We were surprised to see that our channel was closed since we have all necessary permissions for the publication of the uploaded videos including their music. During the past days we tried to get in touch with YouTube through different communication channels, asked for the reasons to close our account and at the same time offered them to provide all necessary license agreements.

Today we can gladly inform you that our YouTube channel has been re-activated a couple of hours ago with a notification from YouTube that it had been wrongfully closed and that there were no copyright infringements or violations of their Terms of Use whatsoever.

All missing VODs from the last days will be available on the YouTube channel soon. We hope you have fun watching them and are sorry for the inconvenience.

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HSmokKe wrote at 09.01.2013, 12:09 CET:
JackMcGurk wrote at 09.01.2013, 12:13 CET:
Haha so not JD is so unprofessional but youtube are the unprofessional guys :D
cool_slowbro wrote at 09.01.2013, 12:16 CET:
fph123 wrote at 09.01.2013, 12:24 CET:
Nice GJ! :D
rognar wrote at 09.01.2013, 12:24 CET:
Master gabe has done his miracle. BELEVE PPL!!!!!
KrakeN.p2y wrote at 09.01.2013, 12:37 CET:
Yupster wrote at 09.01.2013, 12:41 CET:
Gerterface wrote at 09.01.2013, 12:45 CET:
Glad to see the mistake was on Youtube's end, and not JoinDOTA's fault. GJ guys for claiming it back :)
Maldin wrote at 09.01.2013, 13:02 CET:
Well done guys!
GambitNL wrote at 09.01.2013, 13:04 CET:
Google still lame.
Lagger- wrote at 09.01.2013, 13:07 CET:
time to go open a flaming thread about google xD
avivle wrote at 09.01.2013, 13:08 CET:
who cares ....... oh wait
dota2_vn_imba wrote at 09.01.2013, 13:21 CET:
Riot did it
Hangman wrote at 09.01.2013, 13:23 CET:

´´´´´´´´´ ´´´´

stop with that shit jóíndótá thats what its for, u need to use '
n0ma wrote at 09.01.2013, 13:52 CET:
Shaymin wrote at 09.01.2013, 13:53 CET:
Great :)
Chadi wrote at 09.01.2013, 14:01 CET:
Very very nice ! :)
dEarMrGeNesiS wrote at 09.01.2013, 14:01 CET:
cRUNcherNO1 wrote at 09.01.2013, 14:20 CET:
pretty bad that youtube didn't even react to any questions or said what exactly was wrong...
EnanoMaldito wrote at 09.01.2013, 14:34 CET:
Awesome news :D
Layne wrote at 09.01.2013, 14:40 CET:
I have to say that I'm impressed with this. So it was not jDs fault what is good to hear.
RevertiveRTn wrote at 09.01.2013, 14:42 CET:
dat useless thread..... :D
Tester007 wrote at 09.01.2013, 15:03 CET:
Google is so google. Copyright shit everywhere...
sodoMIXER wrote at 09.01.2013, 15:08 CET:
dota2_vn_imba wrote:
Riot did it

True that. It kind of feels like the try everything. They must be very frightened.
doubleutieef wrote at 09.01.2013, 15:16 CET:
i like it a lot

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