DotaBro: Open League Formatted Dota 2 Tournament

posted by PerplexD, 3 years ago
Interested in earning some money and notoriety before the end of the year? Well be sure to Sign up for DotaBro - A league styled tournament

From December 12 until December 30 matches will be going on via the DotaBro website which take the top 16 teams before the year ends and puts them into a tournament cleverly named "BroTournament". Each team earns a certain amount of points per match played/won until the final day where the top 16 are put in the BroTournament.

Higher rated teams offer more points for a victory over a lower rated team and you are often matched against a team in your rating.

The date and format of this "BroTournament" has not yet been announced but will most likely take place sometime after the new year

If you haven't already registered your team be sure to do so here. There is still some time before the BroTournament.

BroTournament Prize Distribution

1st place: $1,000 USD
2nd place: $500 USD
3rd place: $250 USD
4th place: $50 USD
5th place: $50 USD
6th place: $50 USD
7th place: $50 USD
8th place: $50 USD

Sources: DotaBro

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LG.BOSS wrote at 23.12.2012, 23:29 CET:
Puddingheads wrote at 23.12.2012, 23:30 CET:
yeah bro
Sokator wrote at 23.12.2012, 23:34 CET:
Finally article about this on jD. Have been playing some matches on DotaBro, very good thing, more leagues like this please!
nixx wrote at 23.12.2012, 23:39 CET:
personally like the idea behind it, tried to few days ago but never managed to find a game.. it took like 10 hours oO.. always pressing ready ready ready searching for enemy team waiting for nmy team.. never got a game ;/

hopefully they will improve it
Dimps wrote at 23.12.2012, 23:46 CET:
DotaBro is neverending and automated. Have been looking for teammates from Netherlands for casual noob play for a week already:
Will love to play some even games on the bottom of that ladder :)
It would be a way to have fun, and improve some team dota skills!
Gurkenhans wrote at 23.12.2012, 23:51 CET:
yeah bro, that's good stuff
jerooo159 wrote at 23.12.2012, 23:54 CET:
nice signing my team in right now!
Kyny wrote at 23.12.2012, 23:55 CET:
"DotaBro website which take the top 16 players before the year ends"

Shouldn't there be "take the top 16 teams before the year ends"?
Dimps wrote at 23.12.2012, 23:57 CET:
Yes, top 16 TEAMS will be fighting for 2k$ overall. Currently competition is not that high :P
dd669 wrote at 24.12.2012, 00:21 CET:
Barney Stinson Tournament
hnorgist wrote at 24.12.2012, 02:37 CET:
What is the point to do 10$/person prize?
ewankulang wrote at 24.12.2012, 02:46 CET:
hnorgist wrote:
What is the point to do 10$/person prize?

It's better than leaving with nothing.
CoolasFcuk wrote at 24.12.2012, 05:20 CET:
hnorgist wrote:
What is the point to do 10$/person prize?

It's worth of 2 day meals in some countries in europe
iontishina wrote at 24.12.2012, 05:25 CET:
It's better than nothing, isn't it? :)
aMiYaKi wrote at 24.12.2012, 05:36 CET:
S37hhh wrote at 24.12.2012, 05:58 CET:
these crap prize money should be increased by at least a factor of 10... then it will be worth it
markmagus28 wrote at 24.12.2012, 06:47 CET:
S37hhh wrote:
these crap prize money should be increased by at least a factor of 10... then it will be worth it

btw who are you? why not sponsor them to increase prize pool..idiot
Eurellum wrote at 24.12.2012, 10:06 CET:
should calm down. people make mistakes.

edited by PerplexD at 01.01.2013, 16:37 CET
sup3rthenoob wrote at 24.12.2012, 11:11 CET:
What happened if a US/europe team meets a Asia team? which server will they play on???
RealTalkerrr wrote at 24.12.2012, 11:40 CET:
Finding Enemy Team for 30 minutes now. What the shit.
iontishina wrote at 24.12.2012, 11:45 CET:
RealTalkerrr wrote:
Finding Enemy Team for 30 minutes now. What the shit.

it's mean that nobody looking for enemy right now. It's Monday, and people will come to play later!
RealTalkerrr wrote at 24.12.2012, 11:46 CET:
What time later?
iontishina wrote at 24.12.2012, 11:48 CET:
RealTalkerrr wrote:
What time later?

many people come to play within 2-3 hours

this is a completely new system, some people still understand the principles of operation. and that's OK
RealTalkerrr wrote at 24.12.2012, 11:53 CET:
Ok, I see. It says it started on Dec. 12 so I am wondering why there's not so many people finding match in this awesome system.
-rio wrote at 24.12.2012, 12:01 CET:
You guys should really stop hating stuff like this , be happy someone is actually trying to improve matchmaking, ofcourse it takes awhile, not so many people on this league YET, be patient. Credits for this, love your work!

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