G-League Team Presentation: Vici Gaming

posted by Sun_Tzu, 3 years ago
cn Vici Gaming is a team we first brought to your attention some months back during a talkDOTA weekly wrap-up and the definitive dark horse candidate for the upcoming G-League Season 2. As tomorrow is Christmas eve, we had to save something special for last, and will be bringing you up to speed on world LGD.Int tomorrow.

XTT, Fenrir and sydm

Dota 2 Achievements:

- 3rd - Gosu Cup Asia III (2012) $200

Team History:

Vici Gaming was formed on the 21st of October, 2012. The organization is based out of Hangzhou, the capital city of the Zheijang province of China, where it's gaming house is located and where the players themselves have been living since the end of November. The team was recruited by their manager, former Panda player Fengdidi, based on a comission from his current boss, who has not been identified.

The team itself was formed from top ranked players on the Chinese Wc3 DotA ladder. They were not a previous stack, but individual highly skilled players who were plucked to form a brand new team. Of these, only sydm has some previous competitive experience with TyLoo. Notably, the teams carry player Cty attended a recently held 1v1 competition which was organized by 2009, where he matched up against several other top Chinese players including Ferrari, Sylar, Hao and Mu. Cty won this competition and took home the grand prize of $1,500 and made a big impression on the community, with some refering to him as the "boy genius". If one were to wish to see him in action, he recently also posted a 1400 GPM game on Alchemist in Dota 2, available here.

Vici Gaming qualified by taking out Noah's Ark, a former Dynasty Warriors team which made some waves earlier this year by taking games off the likes of TongFu and LGD.Cn in Wc3 DotA. According to their manager, the 2-0 sweep was an "expected" outcome.

How previously unknown are these guys really though? The only way to get a hold of the full names of all the players was via a contact of ours at G-League, and the only pictures available of the players were from their personal tencent accounts. The first group pictures of the team will be made available during G-League Season 2.

(Players ordered by farm priority from 1-5)

1: cn Tianyu 'Cty' Chen
2: cn Junjie 'sydm' Tong
3: cn Xuntao 'XTT' Xu
4: cn Chao 'Fenrir' Lu (Captain)
5: cn Linsen 'fy' Xu

Predictions for G-League:

A team, no more than a few months old, comprised of literally a random selection of (extremely skilled) pubstompers? You'd have to be ceritifiable to expect much from a premise like that. It sounds like every single Hollywood cliché sports movie. While we're at it, let's rename the team "Rudy" and have Sean Astin play the lead role and be done with it.

So why am I so reluctant to write them off? For one, these players aren't your average pubstompers. As mentioned, Cty previously showed he can tangle with the very best of Chinese Dota. There's a lot of raw, un-tapped talent here. Furthermore, they have the backing they need to develop that talent, and the organization is taking them seriously. This alone makes me want to take them seriously. On top of that, there's the "honeymoon period" of the team to consider, a period in time when everything seems to be going right and internal conflicts haven't truely come into play yet. All in all, this has me unwillingly looking to place them third in their group, with a potential upset allowing them to procced to semi-finals. One thing is for sure, this is a team I will be rooting for personally.

Because you have to be heartless not to love a good underdog story.

Any opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the editor's, and do not reflect joinDOTA as a whole.

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Sources: Vici Gaming tencent microblog

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DevilMouse wrote at 23.12.2012, 18:17 CET:
cant wait to see this new comers rape the top tiers team ;)
RyanEditor wrote at 23.12.2012, 18:24 CET:
This is the most interesting team to me
NvcnOrz wrote at 23.12.2012, 18:29 CET:
Amount of Chinese talented mid players is too damn high!
siddharta wrote at 23.12.2012, 18:44 CET:
hope they manage to make a splash! glgl
Deruz0r wrote at 23.12.2012, 18:56 CET:
well their names look pro
Lamora wrote at 23.12.2012, 19:07 CET:
I will root for this team, the concept used in the creation of the team makes it too interesting. Looking forward to their performance.
beamhardBC wrote at 23.12.2012, 19:19 CET:
the Team's carry's real name is CHEN!! the irony!
DerpLingT_T wrote at 23.12.2012, 19:36 CET:
hey op ,just post LGD.int intro , the thing that u so desperately want to ,no need to post these general information
MaDCaTxDota wrote at 23.12.2012, 19:40 CET:
Really well written, props to Sun_Tzu for this
Would not expect them to take down those powerhouses, but hopefully pose a fair challenge :)
RealTalkerrr wrote at 23.12.2012, 20:10 CET:
GPM 1.4k game ended at 37:27. Seems legit.
Silvermind wrote at 23.12.2012, 20:11 CET:
Sun_Tzu nice1,thankyouverymuch , sir!
Keep going .
BaLtheIz wrote at 24.12.2012, 05:29 CET:
"furthermore" needs no space/break in between as a word (as a collection of morphemes maybe it does).

edited by BaLtheIz at 24.12.2012, 08:03 CET
Levyn wrote at 24.12.2012, 09:35 CET:
Hey this team shares my birthday :D

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