Pacific.Emaxx wins SMM 2012!

posted by Jaywalker, 3 years ago

ph Pacific.Emax has defeated ph iZone.Gigabyte to be the champions of SMM 2012!

Pacific.Emaxx DotA wins SMM 2012!

Pacific had a 1 game advantage going into the grand final best of three series, and iZone knew they had to pull something amazing to get the game back in their favor. They decided to go with Bristleback, an unconventional hero pick to say the least.

The early game had some exciting action, with both teams exchanging a few kills. However, an overextention from Bristleback severely hurt iZone. Sensing their advantage, Pacific played aggressively to shut down the Shadowfiend. This proved to be a turning point in the game, as Bristleback managed to survive an entire teamfight and get an ultra kill.

The momentum of the game began to shift towards iZone's favor with a tanky Bristleback and Joven's high damamge Shadow Fiend. But overconfidence cost iZone four heroes in exchange of just two from Pacific during an engagement near the Scourge jungle. Pacific nearly threw the game away when Dragon Knight was stunned by Roshan as he tried to TP back to defend. However, four time GEST champions Pacific.Emaxx played calm and were able to use Dragon Knight's late arrival to kill off all of iZone's heroes.

The game was too close to call, as both teams had engages that were favorable. But the final 5v5 teamfight saw Pacific.Emaxx taking out all of iZone, and iZone calls GG. Pacific.Emaxx wins the entire tournament without a single defeat, proving to the best DotA team in SMM.

Congratulations to Pacific.Emaxx for winning SMM 2012!

Click here to view the complete bracket.

Final Standings:

1. ph Pacific.Emaxx - $18,000
2. ph iZone.Gigabyte - $8,000
3. ph Mineski - $5,000
4. ph Dreamz - $3,000
5/6. my Invasion - $1,300
5/6. my MUFC eSports - $1,300
7/8. my Orange eSports - $650
7/8. my Forbidden City - $650

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Puddingheads wrote at 16.12.2012, 08:15 CET:
yeee boi
bergstrom wrote at 16.12.2012, 08:20 CET:
i see many dota teams from europe/us sad that the dota scene died before dota 2 was completley done imo.
Dont get me wrong i love dota2 i just miss alot of heroes when im spectating well congratz too emaxx!
waitforit92 wrote at 16.12.2012, 08:23 CET:
bo3 finals with one game advantage. LMAO what a joke.
HSmokKe wrote at 16.12.2012, 08:24 CET:
dota 2 next yr
HyperTonic wrote at 16.12.2012, 08:24 CET:
Pyro.. wrote at 16.12.2012, 08:25 CET:
GRATZZZ decent prize pool :)
Khevy wrote at 16.12.2012, 08:27 CET:
Congrats to all 4 teams of PH and It's time to move, OPERATION CWAL!!!

Switch to Dota 2

PH need to focus on Dota 2 now.
nitro_05 wrote at 16.12.2012, 08:33 CET:
LDPx92 wrote at 16.12.2012, 08:50 CET:
Dang i was cheering for that bristleback. ;/
i Belive Pacific.Emaxx will switch to dota2 when they implement techies so the can use their solo mid techies and rule over dota2.
Anyways i cant wait for them to start using techies mid again. :)
Congo wrote at 16.12.2012, 09:18 CET:
damn i hoped for fav pinoy team
Seducer wrote at 16.12.2012, 09:28 CET:
What a great finals game.. Back and Forth favor..
dress2kill wrote at 16.12.2012, 09:45 CET:
lol its funny that SMM grantz 1 game to winner bracket champs even just best of 3 But on TI2 best of 5 Valve did not give 2 NAVI hahah UNFAIR to Izone....
chickenchaser wrote at 16.12.2012, 09:46 CET:
I am impressed by the Pinoys' level of play. If they switch to Dota 2 and after some months of practise, they can compete against the best of Dota 2 in my opinion.
eSportsOfSarus wrote at 16.12.2012, 10:09 CET:
Pinoys only won cuz everyone else is playing DotA 2 :P
Pyro.. wrote at 16.12.2012, 10:47 CET:
^ we should thank them then :) easy money for pinoys
koyuki wrote at 16.12.2012, 11:15 CET:
dat bristle, kinda sad, cauz basically the whole tourney was only 1 game each :/
markmagus28 wrote at 16.12.2012, 11:52 CET:
eSportsOfSarus wrote:
Pinoys only won cuz everyone else is playing DotA 2 :P

cause pinoy use their brains not their ego and now they take all the prices =P
DerpLingT_T wrote at 16.12.2012, 12:06 CET:
TI2 = donation to china
SMM = donation to phillipine

wtf asia . what in the world is that trend ? please stop that flow , show us what lies in ur arms and strenghts of that
Trigger27 wrote at 16.12.2012, 12:13 CET:
eSportsOfSarus wrote:
Pinoys only won cuz everyone else is playing DotA 2 :P

So if a EU or NA team wins a tournament. Is it safe to say "They only won because no chinese was in the tournament?" LOL
Threesixteen wrote at 16.12.2012, 12:17 CET:
couldn´t care less XD
Trock wrote at 16.12.2012, 12:46 CET:
i hope it will be dota2 next year more viewers/sponsors/money etc
ZebraYoshi wrote at 16.12.2012, 15:10 CET:
Awesome, hope to see ya'll in Dota2 now.
Nerthak wrote at 16.12.2012, 15:19 CET:
Trigger27 wrote:
eSportsOfSarus wrote:
Pinoys only won cuz everyone else is playing DotA 2 :P

So if a EU or NA team wins a tournament. Is it safe to say "They only won because no chinese was in the tournament?" LOL

Well, actually...
xkieth wrote at 16.12.2012, 16:30 CET:
still hate Pinoy Dota? srsly grow up and accept the fact that they are more passionate on the game than any other scene. Watch Godz's interview on Gigabyte Mineski Pro Gaming League, why Pinoy Dota is imcomparable to NA/EU scene.
Its about Passion on the game, prize money is a cherry on a cake for Pinoys.
Wilezra wrote at 16.12.2012, 17:20 CET:
Lots of NA/EU guys bashing on pinoys 'coz a lot of em are so proud of this achievement.
Lots of pinoys bashing the NA/EU (and other nationalities) 'coz their win is being undermined.
It's a vicious cycle.

I just want to congratulate the pinoy teams for their brilliant performance in the competition, and would like to implore them to finally switch to D2. More good games = more fun for the community to enjoy.

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