New students arrive at Gamer University

posted by Blue_Knight, 3 years ago
With the departure of their previous Danish squad last month to the French sponsorship of3DMAX, the North American organisation Gamer University has wasted no time in picking up a new squad.

The former Peruvian team of Artyk Gaming will from now onwards bear the name of pe Gamer University, and while they may be unheard of on the international stage, they are participating in the current season of The Defense, and the organisation is confident that they have recruited a team with the potential to make them "proud in the end."

Team captains pe Ricardo 'Mstco' Román and Arturo pe 'Nova' Marruffo issued a joint statement on their new sponsorship:

We’re very pleased to represent Gamer University in the Dota 2 scene and excited to prove ourselves of this sponsorship. Getting sponsored is new to us all, but we’re looking forward to up the amount of practice over the summer and to see how far we can go. The main reason for teaming up with GU is to get recognized among the top teams to improve our practice. We aim to progress in various tournaments over the summer and hope that GU can aid us on the way.”

Furthermore, Gamer University owner Brandon us 'FireFlash' Ferris said:

I have been talking with Arytk Gaming for the last couple of weeks and spoke to a few teams from around the community and I feel that no team better deserves this sponsorship then Artyk Gaming. They have the heart and drive and effort to win championships if given the chance. I am proud to announce this sponsorship and I look forward to working with the team for what hopes to be a long time deal.”

Gamer University roster

pe Iwo 'Iwo' Bejar
pe Alex 'Masoku' Dávila
pe Arturo 'Nova' Marruffo
pe Ricardo 'Mstco' Román
pe Freddy 'SmAsH' Sina

Sources: Gamer University

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Balsam wrote at 15.12.2012, 15:04 CET:
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Royal Canin wrote at 15.12.2012, 15:05 CET:
In the second quote, first line you wrote Arytk instead of Artyk :)
DrunKin wrote at 15.12.2012, 15:05 CET:
Balsam wrote:
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Hello Balsam!

gl to this team
WoOz wrote at 15.12.2012, 15:05 CET:
felicitaciones a los perucas.. por antenadota los veremos

esperando qe los mejores de chile lleguen a buen nivel igual noma
Trolle wrote at 15.12.2012, 15:06 CET:
sweet, fres blood is always good. I wish there were more new teams now that dota 2 is coming,
IronGirella wrote at 15.12.2012, 15:13 CET:
Andi_ wrote at 15.12.2012, 15:19 CET:
Peru dota eh... GL I guess.
Loqo wrote at 15.12.2012, 15:22 CET:
I know some of them, hope they do well and make proud the SA scene!
Hiddenz wrote at 15.12.2012, 15:24 CET:
Balsam and Drunkin shall calm down already!!! :D
AntaKu wrote at 15.12.2012, 15:26 CET:
Los conozco a todos suerte chicos!
rubenxd0 wrote at 15.12.2012, 15:53 CET:
Gl Artyk!!
MeRusMePro wrote at 15.12.2012, 17:05 CET:
Balsam wrote:
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minoz wrote at 15.12.2012, 17:10 CET:

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ivanllm87 wrote at 15.12.2012, 17:31 CET:
Go Peru!
JohnnyDerp wrote at 15.12.2012, 17:42 CET:
ay si ay si, peruvian doto.
GL y con la fe.
Lorkito wrote at 15.12.2012, 17:56 CET:
wish them the best.
Vamos muchachos =)!!!
SqLISTHESHIT wrote at 15.12.2012, 18:24 CET:
megadeth00 wrote at 15.12.2012, 18:25 CET:
Great for South America, there's still some great players out there.
Uta wrote at 15.12.2012, 18:47 CET:
Balsam wrote:
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Fujimorii wrote at 15.12.2012, 19:21 CET:
what a plesant surprise thats amazing ,......... go Artyk , go GU , go Peru , go southamerica , go dota2!!!!

edited by Fujimorii at 15.12.2012, 21:24 CET
Dandana wrote at 15.12.2012, 20:11 CET:
I highly doubt they will do well :/ But that is only based on the stereotype that Peruvian dota is bad...kinda like Russian. But I sincerely hope they prove me wrong ;) Good Luck to the team.
Sllug wrote at 15.12.2012, 21:53 CET:
It's funny, every south american will now be known as Brazilian, just like Eastern Europeans are all Russian. Good lucks lads
Quinkerros wrote at 16.12.2012, 03:16 CET:
TE AMO PERÚUUUU!!! EG es un gran team. A voltear la página y dar lo mejor de ustedes a ver si para mediados del próximo año se vuelven un team del cual puedan hablar!! *-* xd
Uhrenmann wrote at 16.12.2012, 04:55 CET:
if they are good another sponsor will pick them up and GU has to search for another team again.
if they are not good GU has to search for another team again.
thefreeman wrote at 17.12.2012, 17:35 CET:
is this the same nova as the ex FNATIC player?

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