SMM Groups are out!

posted by Jaywalker, 3 years ago

SMM Grand National DotA Finals 2012 will finally get underway, with the groups revealed just moments ago.


This year, SMM will feature 32 elite teams across South East Asia, featuring top teams such as my MUFC eSports, th MiTH.Trust, ph Dreamz.Ledion and many more. A total prize money of $40,000 will be up for grabs, along with many sponsorred goods for the prestigious DotA grand final held in Malaysia.

Stay tuned as we bring you more updates of the group matches and details. Make sure you tune into au Toby 'TobiWan' Dawson and au David 'GoDZ' Parker as they bring you the best DotA games.

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magbanuamicah wrote at 14.12.2012, 06:22 CET:
Good teams, goodluck ph teams ^^ would expect more from you guys now :)
aMiYaKi wrote at 14.12.2012, 06:31 CET:
mufc, orange esports and invasion gonna win this :)
mukii wrote at 14.12.2012, 06:41 CET:
what happen to china teams??..gj Dato’ Dr. Ricky M.G Lim.
cRUNcherNO1 wrote at 14.12.2012, 06:42 CET:
no pacific.palit?
SilentZ wrote at 14.12.2012, 06:44 CET:
5ighting G7 ~~~ gogogo
MaDCaTxDota wrote at 14.12.2012, 07:15 CET:
G7 doesn't have a flag?
akire wrote at 14.12.2012, 07:48 CET:
aMiYaKi wrote:
mufc, orange esports and invasion gonna win this :)

your orange got destroyed btw
Buggyuggy wrote at 14.12.2012, 08:33 CET:
dreamz or mineski
handkick wrote at 14.12.2012, 09:46 CET:
phoenix?? ?frst time saw this team playing dota...can someone tell me the players?
xkieth wrote at 14.12.2012, 10:07 CET:
Mfw Pinoy dominating the scene. Why you no bring dota 2 in PH valve? Strengthen the already unwavered positions of Asian teams vs eu & us
Smacktrick wrote at 14.12.2012, 10:19 CET:
Wasn't IG supposed to be playing aswell? What happened? :(
xkieth wrote at 14.12.2012, 10:27 CET:
FLAPS_kv wrote at 14.12.2012, 10:53 CET:
2013 get ready for ph dota 2 ^_^

steam give us ph server pls for less lag
morliez wrote at 14.12.2012, 12:10 CET:
wow, someone still plays dota1? Well pinoys might finally win something when theres no real competition
Artisten wrote at 14.12.2012, 17:50 CET:
Just came here to write who the fuck cares? Write real news, not shit no one cares about.
akire wrote at 14.12.2012, 22:18 CET:
Artisten wrote:
Just came here to write who the fuck cares? Write real news, not shit no one cares about.

lol stop making ur life complicated you stupid human being. if you dont give a shit about this, then just dont go to this website. this is joinDOTA's web site, so they can post what ever they want. and clearly you care enough about this news to spread your bitterness.

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