Natural 9 join the Invasion

posted by Blue_Knight, 3 years ago
The premier team from down under end the year on a high note, as the reformed au Natural 9 temporarily become the Australian subsidary of Invasion.

au Invasion-N9, as they will now be known, become the second Dota 2 team of their parent organisation, joining their established Malaysian squad my Invasion-Red in the ranks up until the end of the year at least.

After reaching their peak as one of the dominant teams in the global scene around the turn of a year and securing themselves sponsorship from Absolute Legends as well as a direct invite to The International 2012, the team's fortunes reversed and they experienced a poor run of form throughout most of 2012.

Following the conclusion of the tournament in Seattle, the team parted ways with their sponsor and reverted to the N9 tag, and both au Trong 'Snoopy' Truong and ca Scott 'bLeek' Jensen left the team; but au David 'r1sk' Arnous returned to fill some of the gap.

With long-time member sg Justin 'xMusiCa' Yuen currently busy with studies, the team will persist with the roster they used for the G-1 Champions' League, with my Chan 'Winter' Litt-Binn and my Siew 'FzFz' Cheng Hor fulfilling their positions again again.

According to team manager au David 'GoDZ' Parker, the new sponsorship comes at the perfect time for the team as they get set for upcoming events:

Today, N9 are pleased to announce that we will be playing as Invasion-N9 for the rest of the year thanks to their support and sponsorship. They will help us prepare and train for the upcoming event, "The Asia" at the end of the year and with their support we are in a much better position to achieve all our goals. Thanks to Invasion for their help finish of this year with a bang."

Invasion-N9 roster

au Alex 'shatan' Chang
au Darcy 'Godot' Jose
au David 'r1sk' Arnous
my Chan 'Winter' Litt-Binn
my Siew 'FzFz' Cheng Hor
sg Justin 'xMusiCa' Yuen (Inactive)
au David 'GoDZ' Parker (Manager)

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Mizure wrote at 11.12.2012, 19:17 CET:
i bet tobi is happy.

Thanks for the hard work, EditorĀ“s and co
thirdstreet wrote at 11.12.2012, 19:19 CET:
winter from orange?
snajB wrote at 11.12.2012, 19:19 CET:
thirdstreet wrote:
winter from orange?

obliqq wrote at 11.12.2012, 19:34 CET:
their play with r1sk and winter is looking very strong, in G-1 at least!
Futte wrote at 11.12.2012, 19:52 CET:
Exciting to see Winther in a support, captain kinda role!
Always thougt he would be better as ingame caller than as a 3,2 or 1st position farmer!
TideisSyllainDiguise wrote at 11.12.2012, 21:47 CET:
Since when is Justin a chinese name lol
Futte wrote at 11.12.2012, 22:40 CET:
You know, Singapore is an english speaking country, right? Was once a british colony... They mix the western and eastern styles together
Nrg.Light wrote at 11.12.2012, 23:25 CET:
it is too sad that Winter left Orange... stupid
Nino_Dead wrote at 12.12.2012, 00:18 CET:
TideisSyllainDiguise wrote:
Since when is Justin a chinese name lol

you never heard of a guy whos first name is Daryl and is from singapore, he plays pretty well under the name of iceiceice...
vctrlw wrote at 12.12.2012, 02:08 CET:
Nrg.Light wrote:
it is too sad that Winter left Orange... stupid

If not mistaken, he's being loaned out but still with Orange
xShockZx wrote at 12.12.2012, 02:41 CET:
vctrlw wrote:
Nrg.Light wrote:
it is too sad that Winter left Orange... stupid

If not mistaken, he's being loaned out but still with Orange

Yeah he is still technically with Orange.
hyfreD wrote at 12.12.2012, 04:49 CET:
shatan lost his color ;(

edited by hyfreD at 12.12.2012, 04:54 CET
Aprior1.MoneY wrote at 12.12.2012, 10:08 CET:
GoDZ returns to competitive scene please, I love watching you play :D
stonedrhino wrote at 12.12.2012, 20:09 CET:
Good to see these boys with a sponsor once again, hopefully it won't just be temporary.

P.S. "again" is written twice at the end of the last paragraph.

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