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posted by TobiWanKenobi, 3 years ago

Last week talkDOTA was missed due to World Cyber Games but it shall return tonight at 22:00 CET with a special guest most are envious of after he was able to lead his team to the victory at Dreamhack Winter 2012.

Our last mintue confirmed special guest is ca Jacky 'EternaLEnVy' Mao, the captain of NoTide Hunter, so remember to submit your questions for him as well as our normal panel, starting with your freshly returned from China host au Toby 'TobiWanKenobi' Dawson, and of course, the veteran playing pair of dk Troels 'syndereN' Nielsen and ee Clement 'Puppey' Ivanov, team captains of eu mTw and ua Natus Vincere respectively.

NoTide Hunter Champions of Dreamhack Winter 2012

After our weekly wrap-up we as always look to the community to see what is important to them, so remember to post up your questions for consideration adressing them to a specific panelist. For example: "@Puppey: Why is Twitter your new best friend?". Tune in here, tonight (Tuesday, December 4th), at the special time of 23:00 CET to catch talkDOTA live and see if your question is selected by the panel.

UPDATE: Have updated the whole article with the new guest and starting time.

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blaydinho wrote at 04.12.2012, 10:13 CET:
No real question, but pleeeeeeeeeeeeeaaase @Puppey record VOD's from your stream. Especially when you stream /w SingSing etc. .. funny as shit. But watching during the night (Germany) when you have to work the next day is next to impossible ;)
CrimsonEnd wrote at 04.12.2012, 10:13 CET:
How's china? and your impression of wcg overall
jellypea_ wrote at 04.12.2012, 10:19 CET:
@All: With the implementation of a Australian server soon, in what way do you think that would change the Dota2 scene? Would we see unique playing styles/strategies coming from Australia after being so isolated, like how China was isolated from Europe/US?
Twinkle wrote at 04.12.2012, 10:20 CET:
@Puppey and Synderen

What do you think of ZSMJ's return to dota and how good do you think he'll do?
imsopure wrote at 04.12.2012, 10:20 CET:
@All: What do you guys think about Medusa coming into the game? Will she encourage teams to go back to turteling strategies? Or do you think she will most likely not be picked at all?

@Puppey: Record your Stream, at least when u're casting promatches.

@Synderen: Did MTW use the time - not being at DHW2012 - for bootcamping for the Defense? What about MTW's chances in general? Since your team didn't perform well during the first real matches.
RyanEditor wrote at 04.12.2012, 10:23 CET:
@Synderen: Are you too sexy for your shirt?
E23qu31 wrote at 04.12.2012, 10:29 CET:
@Synderen and @Puppey
Do you guys feel that Death Prophet will be used in the competitive scene more ?
Bracer_Crane wrote at 04.12.2012, 10:31 CET:
@All: With so many very high level players currently without a team, e.g. TwiSta, SingSing and Merlini, and teams disbanding and reforming almost on a weekly basis, when will we, or will we ever, see the professional scene settle down?

@Tobi: Australia will have their own servers soon. How will this impact the volume of competitive players from down under? Will Dota 2 become the next big thing in the land of Crocodile Dundee or will it just stay as a pub community with 1 or 2 competitive teams?

^ Answered by zMuffinMan, but I still want TobiWans own opinion :)

edited by Bracer_Crane at 04.12.2012, 15:37 CET
Thardrian wrote at 04.12.2012, 10:34 CET:
@Puppey/Synd Why do you think Silencer is not picked? What counters it?
chimpion wrote at 04.12.2012, 10:38 CET:
@Synd and Puppey and EternalEnvy
As part of your preparation for any tournament games, how much research would you have to do for your opponents. Would you have to study a team's picking strategy and the heroes the team likes to play or would the dominance of certain heroes in the current version (ta/batrider/sven/wisp etc) make that less relevant and you would look at more of the gameplay of the team i.e how the team actually plays the game?

And in a bo3/bo5 game, in the breaks as captains do you feel obligated to review the previous game and discuss with the team or do you let each person have their own routine.

edited by chimpion at 04.12.2012, 12:20 CET
RelentlessSoul wrote at 04.12.2012, 10:41 CET:
@All: People are saying the standard of wcg is dropping,what do you think?
zMuffinMan wrote at 04.12.2012, 10:41 CET:
I can answer that 2nd question for you. It will help the Aus/NZ Dota community a lot by encouraging more activity and competition within our own scene which may lead to stronger players and teams but it won't do much help for Australia on an international level. All the same problems will still exist when competing with the best teams all over the world; high ping, time zones, high travel costs, lack of sponsorship.
Invasor wrote at 04.12.2012, 10:42 CET:
@ all: what do you think about ZSMJ's comeback and is it a coincidence that he's coming back along with the Medusa patch? :)
@ Puppey, Synderen: you already covered the question about if meepo would ever see competitive play and you said he only fits in very special situations... what conditions have to be fulfilled during the draft for you to consider picking meepo? can you make up a short scenario of when he would be a valid pick?
purotzkie wrote at 04.12.2012, 10:44 CET:

Can I have your razer blade? I cant play dota 2 in my computer. Cmon man. U got lots of systems there. Share the love for Christmas. Haha
Insatiable wrote at 04.12.2012, 11:01 CET:
How it feels to cast DotA 1 once again? Did it bring some memories and do you miss the heroes which are not yet in Dota2 ?
Trock wrote at 04.12.2012, 11:06 CET:
@tobi please talk about wcg. how was it for you? since for the stream viewers it was horrible to watch cuz of the 4:3 formatting, randomly watching people's faces during team fights, and not being able to see ban/pick phase.
EnDumEn wrote at 04.12.2012, 11:11 CET:
@all What's your opinion about nTh. Strengths and weaknesses? Was DHW12 a little bit of
Luck or are they one of the best in the eu scene from now on?
hedral wrote at 04.12.2012, 11:14 CET:
@all do you have any clue when we are going to be able to customize practice games more like no re spawn timers changing starting gold amounts and duplicate heroes etc i GOTTA STOP SHANNON THE SHIT CUNT IN SF 1V1
CompactSet wrote at 04.12.2012, 11:17 CET:
EDIT: Racist Comment *Banned 1 Day*

edited by TobiWanKenobi at 04.12.2012, 11:29 CET
Gerterface wrote at 04.12.2012, 11:17 CET:
@Tobi - Are JoinDOTA looking to pick up new shoutcasters in the near future? I know you've had some plans for aspiring casters, and I wonder if you could give us some information?
Manimon wrote at 04.12.2012, 11:22 CET:
@Puppey- how do you feel about free money?
forreading wrote at 04.12.2012, 11:25 CET:
@Puppey are you going to the Asus Open?
aLi.pOgOrUsH wrote at 04.12.2012, 11:28 CET:
der Esel nennt sich immer zuerst. :)
The_Kindly_Man wrote at 04.12.2012, 11:30 CET:
To all three: Do you see this current DOTA version as a step back compared to previous versions?

Honestly, it seems simplified and streamlined and mostly about 5-man doto, and player and hero skill is not as important as it was a few months ago.
It makes watching pro matches not as fun and playing pubs frustrating when every game has Drow, Cent, Magnus and/or Sven.
imsopure wrote at 04.12.2012, 11:33 CET:
wtf is wrong with the caption? it gets worse every time i refresh the site :D

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