The Defense 3 announced

posted by Moose, 3 years ago
With USD $20,000 up for grabs, 32 teams fighting for it and two new sponsors enabling it - ROCCAT and - the next season of The Defense kicks off with the search for the final 8 teams by hosting a large international qualifier!

First and foremost, we would like to give our new sponsors for The Defense, ROCCAT and a warm welcome. With their help, we were able make The Defense Season III possible and even raise the prize pool to USD $20,000!

For this season we have added some changes to the tournament format, like a tougher qualifier and a longer group stage, but also raised the total amount of teams from 24 to 32. We have invited 24 teams, and it is now up to you and your team to become one of the remaining 8 teams through the open qualifier.

The sign-up for the qualifier will start today, effective immediately and will have room for up to 512 teams.

The Prize Distribution (USD 20,000)





The invited teams are
(in alphabetical order):

ro Absolute Legends

br CNB Gaming

us compLexity

us Evil Geniuses

se evodota2^

eu fnatic.EU
us fnatic.NA

dk 3DMAX (Ex-GU)

ru iCCup

eu KaiPi

eu MeetYourMakers

eu mTw
ua Natus Vincere


se No Tidehunter

se Pulse eSports

us ROOT Gaming

fr ShiBa Gaming
us Team Dignitas

ru Team Empire

de Team Zero

de uebelst-gamynG

ru Virtus Pro

eu We haz Asian

The Qualifier

Anyone can compete in the Qualifier, but only the eight best teams can take a slot. If you and your mates think you have what it takes, hurry over to joinDOTA, take a deep breath, and sign yourselves up!

Sign Up!

Qualifier Information

  • Sign-ups for 512 teams starts November 12th

  • Sign-ups close November 25th, 2012, 23:59 CEST

  • Qualifier starts November 26th, 19:00 CEST

  • Qualifier ends November 28th ~23:00 CEST

  • Pool system until top 32

  • Double elimination grid from 32 teams onwards

  • Triple elimination grid from 12 teams onwards

  • Top 4 upper bracket teams qualify

  • Top 2 middle bracket teams qualify

  • Top 2 lower bracket teams qualify

Triple elimination means that there are three brackets (instead of two like in double elimination). Whoever loses in the upper bracket on day 2, moves to the middle bracket. Whoever loses in the middle bracket on day 3, moves to the lowerbracket. A more detailed explanation will be published on soon.

The 512 qualifier slots are first come first serve, so be sure to sign up as early as possible. They might be gone more quickly than you anticipated.

Everything else you need to know about The Defense can be found on The Defense website.

Last but not least, you can expect a nice surprise shortly before the official start of the group stage, so stay tuned for a small piece of awesomeness!

Sources: ROCCAT,

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ContinueINC wrote at 12.11.2012, 17:50 CET:
Teamcarry wrote at 12.11.2012, 17:51 CET:
gg cnb

edited by Teamcarry at 12.11.2012, 20:22 CET
daefox wrote at 12.11.2012, 17:51 CET:
Nice :P Good luck to all :)
Turbulence wrote at 12.11.2012, 17:54 CET:
great! big tournament!
MrCrim wrote at 12.11.2012, 17:55 CET:
oWn4g3 wrote at 12.11.2012, 17:57 CET:
Wow, huge tournament and interesting concept with the 3 brackets. Looking forward to it.

#5 -> Mortal Teamwork is invited ;)
Fant0mas1989 wrote at 12.11.2012, 17:59 CET:
well this will be epic
Moose wrote at 12.11.2012, 17:59 CET:
@ MrCrim: Mortal Teamwork = mTw :)
Miyagi-sama wrote at 12.11.2012, 18:00 CET:
ICCup and no mTw....OH WAIT!
mTw now flagged as EU team, not Denmark anymore... makes sense.
Well GL HF everyone.

Cheering for EG =D
Moose wrote at 12.11.2012, 18:02 CET:
Seems no one knows "Mortal Teamwork" - will edit the news for more understanding now! :D
Miyagi-sama wrote at 12.11.2012, 18:03 CET:
Moose wrote:
Seems no one knows "Mortal Teamwork" - will edit the news for more understanding now! :D

It's just that EU flag not being Denmark that confuses ^^
BLABLAFU wrote at 12.11.2012, 18:10 CET:
Thanks joinDota for directly inviting us (evodota2) to TD3. Came kind of unexpected. :)

edited by BLABLAFU at 12.11.2012, 18:13 CET
inf1nite.r]A[ge wrote at 12.11.2012, 18:10 CET:
no lgd. int ???
Bashruk wrote at 12.11.2012, 18:17 CET:
Don't tell me that the qualifier will be in one day... It means that most likely from 19 cet it will last till freaking 09;00 cet according to how much games there will be played. Either make it a few days in a row, or you wont get any good teams competing.
Nino_Dead wrote at 12.11.2012, 18:18 CET:
lol i see empire is invited now.. a few weeks ago i saw empire registered on the qualifier (when they were starting the starladder season) and i though how unfair for the other teams LoL ... i guess qualifier got a bit more even now
HolyMaster wrote at 12.11.2012, 18:19 CET:
#14. The qualifier will last 3 days. This important piece of information got removed somehow in one of the 42 updates of this news. Sorry, we fix it!

edited by HolyMaster at 12.11.2012, 18:23 CET
Anarchy0110 wrote at 12.11.2012, 18:20 CET:
Teamcarry wrote:
Evil Geniuses. really ?

So ?
hizz0 wrote at 12.11.2012, 18:21 CET:
inf1nite.r wrote:
A[ge]no lgd. int ???

you really think they would play in e/na tourney from china?
nixtje wrote at 12.11.2012, 18:26 CET:
Shame that is is Own3d, surely get more money for the tournament from twitch :(
CompactSet wrote at 12.11.2012, 18:28 CET:
No Chinese teams? Just another EU/NA circlejerk tournament. No thanks.
IzaNagi wrote at 12.11.2012, 18:28 CET:
inf1nite.r wrote:
A[ge]no lgd. int ???

They are in China.
How the hell can they compete with EU/NA teams?
You want games with 400+ ping for them on EU server?
aceofspadess wrote at 12.11.2012, 18:32 CET:
xialos wrote at 12.11.2012, 18:43 CET:
nice prize pool THANK YOU tobi

edited by xialos at 12.11.2012, 18:49 CET
Dajhaj wrote at 12.11.2012, 18:51 CET:
fnatic,navi,empire,eg top 4
Me4onyX wrote at 12.11.2012, 18:51 CET:
Y NO DARER??????

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